Essential Travel Tips for Toddlers for 2024, Including the List of Items to Pack

Things that have helped us navigate the difficult toddler travel years

We’ve always believed that among the toughest times we experienced with our kids was the early years of toddlerhood. at home and traveling. The memories remain fresh!

We never had any issues traveling, but it increased the amount of gear we had to carry around together (it’s kind of similar to babies but it’s weightier, bigger, and heavier. And it’s fun to chase a baby around!)

Essential equipment to move around with toddlers

If you’ve read out this post, you realize that toddlers have a mind that’s their own! Different strategies for keeping toddlers in a busy location will be the same. We’ll suggest the following items that we have tried with our three kids – however, we’re certain that they will not work for everyone!

Toddler harness / reins


According to, a cute, adorable character is sure to help your child become more accustomed to this vital item of kit for toddlers. Great for areas with lots of people. We haven’t gone out without one for a long time.

Collapsible Stroller

Take note of your child’s weight and height and hope that this purchase will last until the age of preschool. Don’t make any compromises with regards to your toddler being able to recline comfortably and also has a good-sized shade and storage basket, which are features we’d like to see in the best double stroller for infants and toddlers.

After you’ve grown out of the full-size baby luxury strollers that you’ve spent your entire life, it’s the right time to upgrade to something that is more practical, light, functional, and easy to carry while traveling.

Toddler Carrier

As of now, I’m guessing that a majority of you who are avid travelers have experienced the pleasures the baby carrier can bring. A lot of brands are now able to see children into the age of toddlers.

We’ve used our Ergo across continents for a long time however, with our son now being at the age of 4 (and to be honest it’s a very happy walker/runner, unlike the two previous ones that were a bit grumpy!) we’re now prepared to part ways with one of the most expensive pieces of toddler equipment we’ve never regretted buying.

Hiking Toddler Carrier


Those who are more committed to walking and hiking should consider this Deuter Kid Comfort Pro. It’s among the most expensive models on the market, and it’s also worth considering other options like the Deuter Kid Comfort II which is lighter but does not include the sunshade built-in.

Car Seats for Toddlers

Have they outgrown their baby’s capsule which is a perfect fit for their travel equipment however, are they not yet ready for a basic collapsible booster? This is a stage of travel with children that I’m sure will stay for all the way long after toddlerhood!

Based on your child’s stage and age, there are several options, but always accept the fact that it’s a continuous upgrade process (and it’s one of the biggest and least enjoyable aspects of toddler travel!)

If we can, we will attempt to arrange service pick-ups with a seat or rental car at the destination. However, as we are aware that traveling back home to Australia (where the laws regarding car seats are extremely strict) hiring a car isn’t economically viable after three days and a couple of children. Therefore, for several years, we’ve had the complete set of toddler seats in the grandparent’s home.

Toddler Neck Pillow

One thing that we observed after our children were out of their squishy capsules and moving into their proper car seats was how their heads would wiggle in the dark when they were tired! We’ve looked into and tested many different brands of head cushions to find the perfect fit

Be aware, should you intend to use them in your car seat, like they are designed to do on a plane or train, some of the adorable toddler brands are large. Microbead products such as the Brodzinski’s travel pillow we have found to be the best flexible to various kinds of positions and transport modes even though they look slimmer, they can still accomplish the job.

Away from home for a while

Just as you thought you were in your perfect routine, then you go back to the drawing board and switch time zones. There is no doubt there are instances when the most grueling jet lags we’ve experienced occurred in the early years of toddlerhood.


We have a complete guide to the battle against jet lag with children that you can check out here and the most important items I’m worried about when packing to combat the problem are:


This was my preferred to-do list for many years (still is!). It works great for 2/3 of children at the very least! Whatever place we may be anywhere in the world once there is the bedtime routine in place, the clock can be a good first indication to your child as to whether they are required to get up or not.

Black Out Curtains

Another factor that aids in sleep patterns and time zone adjustments is to keep a dark area. If there’s no way to guarantee that the location you’re visiting will be blackout-free it’s a good BYO solution if you’re able to manage the space in your luggage, as they can be a bit large.

Portable Toddler Cot

It’s not a guarantee that your chosen destination will provide the most comfortable sleeping arrangements for your child. Through these toddler years, we did search for apartments or hotels which could provide us with a cot, however often, especially when we were being with family or friends, this was not a choice, so we decided to invest early in a quality lightweight, portable cot (don’t be fooled into thinking that an enormous pen for play is the same!).

Portable high chair

It’s not possible to rely on every hotel or restaurant having an accessible high chair, so it’s a great idea to bring your portable high chair. They come in a range of styles, from clamp-ones to wraparounds that are bolstered with cloth for dining chairs, each one with its advantages and disadvantages.