7 Tips on How to Pack & Move In Less Than a Week – 2024 Guide

Moving is always difficult both physically and emotionally. This is something all of us have to do at least once in our lifetime and this is something all of us have issues with.

For most moving is not that difficult, you organize good, you pack everything, double and triple check and off you go. On the other side, this is a chaotic, pure hell that nobody needs or wants. There are workarounds when moving but not all of us use those. You can hire a company to get everything packed, shipped or transported to the destination or you can do that all by yourself – it all comes down to the amount of stuff you got, the length of the trip and so on.

If you are planning on moving, or if you have to move suddenly and you haven’t figured out a lot of these things we have some help for you. These guys here will help you out and show you what real moving professionals do.

Now without much further ado, we will get into the gist of the article and tell you how you can pack, prepare and move in under a week, no matter how much stuff you got.

1. Get rid of anything you don’t need

Source: sundaymovers.ca

When moving we all find out just how much junk we have collected over years and just how many things we are not using. A good rule of thumb says that if you own something you haven’t used for more than 3 months you probably never will and if you didn’t use something over 6 months and you forgot you ever had it you will never use it. This is where the trash can come into play and where all the things that fall into this category can go to. If you have clothes or other stuff that someone else can use you might want to consider donating to a charity or organizing a yard sale and put some of that money you earn toward that new place or alleviating moving costs. One man’s trash is others’ treasure make sure you remember that.

2. Make sure you got boxes

Now everything you need to move is yourself and boxes that will be used to put stuff in for ease of transport. All of us know where to get these and just how to use them, we will not explain that we will just tell you that we have discovered that you need around 10 boxes per room to pack everything you got. Now the size of the boxes is up to you and up to the amount of stuff you need to transport just make sure you got plenty of them. There is nothing worse when you are in the middle of packing up and you run out of boxes and you have to make do with whatever you got to rest. This is where the issues start and where you start having mental breakdowns.

3. Get a good moving company

Source: sundaymovers.ca

Now, this does not have to mean all of you need a moving company, because some of you reading this have only a few things of their own and do not need to waste money on a moving company. Most of you need several bags and boxes and you can transport everything in your car or you could rent a transport truck like U Haul and do it yourself and save big time. Those of you that don’t fall into this category need a moving company that will do everything professionally, from packing to putting into the trucks and moving to the destination. You want those that will guarantee the safety of your items no matter how long the trip is.

4. Pack upfront

What most of us do, because we are lazy and no one wants to pack, is wait for the last moment or last day before we need to go to start packing. If you give yourself enough time you will pack everything thoroughly and you can even manage to clean a bit before you leave for good. Never leave the bulk of packing for the last day because it will take a long time, it will cause you stress and anxiety and you will fall behind any schedule you may have. Pack a few days before you need to move, and when the D day comes all you have to do is get the boxes into the transport and leave.

5. Use vacuum bags

Source: 21oak.com

One of the biggest things we got with modern tech is those bags that can be sucked out of the air and shrunk down to nothing. The amount of clothes and other stuff those bags can eat up and allow you to suck the air out of them is incredible. These will be your life saviours especially if you have a lot of clothes that go with you and you don’t want to iron everything as soon as you get to your new home. Invest in those vacuum bags and you are golden.

6. Use what you got

One thing that most of us forget is that we have a lot of stuff that can help us transport our belongings safely and swiftly. We all have bags, suitcases, hampers, bins and similar things. All of those when secured nicely can be used to quickly transport plenty of things. These are just some of the things that are usually overlooked because no one likes moving and no one thinks about it that much.

7. Kitchenware

Source: thespruce.com

One of the hardest things to transport is the kitchen stuff. There are ceramics, glass, metals and other materials that are not that transport easy. You can utilize the things you have in your kitchen like kitchen rags, and towels combined with bins and boxes and pack all of those things easily and transport them without much care. There is a hack you can try on your ceramics like plates and mugs. You can go get those paper plates for kids’ parties and stack one ceramic and one paper plate on top of one another and that way preserve and care for your plates in transport. The same thing can be done with kitchen rags and towels and other glassware and ceramics.