The Secret Gems of Rhodes Island in 2024 – Discover Them

Famous tourist spots come with many landmarks, which are often crowded with tourists and cannot be seen well. But many tourists are already committed to discovering hidden gems where they travel. For example, today we will talk about the beautiful places of Rhodes Island, which are probably known only by locals and a small number of tourists who have been there.

How to get to the hidden places of Rhodes Island?

You have many ways to navigate through the beautiful locations. You can rent a car through or rely on what the locals will advise you. Use public transport, rent a motorbike or ride bicycles.

Explore the surroundings. Maybe you will be able to go on foot somewhere and enjoy the beautiful views that this island offers you.

And of course, we come to the main part of our recommendations:

1. Fourni and Alyki Beach


These are two beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your peace while on vacation. There is only one small beach bar where you can buy food or drink, and you have the rest of the beaches to yourself.

They are located close to Monolithos village, for which we will dedicate a separate paragraph. You can park in the nearby castle and enjoy the view. You will see a sign for Alyki Beach, which is really beautiful, but we have to admit that Fourni will really blow your mind.

The Aegean Sea is known for its crystal clear water, which means you’ll be able to enjoy swimming, but also take some photos to post on Instagram.

2. The Valley of “Seven Springs”


This is a hidden oasis that if you don’t know about it, you won’t even be able to find it. It is a protected natural zone located 30 kilometers from Rhodes, near the village of Archangelos.

The whole area is beautiful, but the seven springs of natural water are something that all tourists should see. They all flow into one basin and form a lake. Of course, you can swim in this lake, especially if you are not a fan of salty seawater.

3. The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights


You certainly did not expect us to send you to visit an old city dating back to the 14th century, especially when you know that Rhodes has a very rich ancient history. But we recommend that you look at historical sights from more recent centuries, especially from the Middle Ages.

Of course, you can fantasize that you are at that time and just imagine the luxury of living back then.

4. Monolithos village


You remember that we have already mentioned this beautiful village before. It is a mountain village that is peaceful and far from the crowds of tourists. Although easily accessible, tourists rarely visit this picturesque village with authentic little white houses and a Greek Orthodox church in the middle.

There is also a forest nearby, where you can go for a picnic. So put this village on your must-visit list, and we promise you it’s worth it.

5. Feraklos Castle


Another beautiful place worth visiting. You can head to Agathi Beach and along the way see this castle that dates back to the Ottoman period.

From the castle, you have a wonderful view of Lindos, and as we already said, you can surely take some beautiful photos to immortalize these memories.

6. Eucalyptus Street


This street with huge eucalyptus trees is located in the Kolympia neighborhood on the Rhodes-Lindos road. This beautiful row of trees was planted by the Italians who occupied the island for 30 years.

The street is two kilometers long, which means you have enough to walk and enjoy the wonderful and relaxing smell. And of course, finish your walk in one of the nearby taverns, where you can eat wonderful food or drink delicious Greek coffee.

7. Visit Lindos


Lindos is not a hidden treasure of Rhodes at all, but it is one of the most authentic places you can visit. You will be amazed by the view and won’t be able to resist the beautiful minimalistic and authentic island architecture.

The sand on the beaches is of golden color, and if you climb the acropolis, you can see beautiful sea widths, of course, don’t forget to immortalize it on your Instagram account.

8. Limni Beach

Limni is a quiet beach that you should not miss. It may not be ideal when it comes to accessibility, and there are rocks in the water. But we are sure that you can forgive and overcome all that when you feel wonderful inner peace while listening to the waves.

9. Filerimos Hill

A great place for those who like hiking. When you climb this part of Rhodes you will have a panoramic view of many parts of the island.

As we have already said, the Aegean Sea is beautiful and it is worth spending an hour looking at it and its beauties.

10. Symi Island

This is a small island that looks like it was invented in a fairy tale. All the houses are beautifully painted in bright and pastel colors. Nature is almost untouched. We are sure that this is the ideal place where you would like to spend a lazy day without having to bother with anything else.

The water is one of the cleanest you have ever seen. Our recommendation is to wait for at least one sunset here. Local tourist tours often have day excursions to Symi.


Rhodes is not only famous for its ancient history, taverns, and beautiful beaches. We discovered 10 places for you, and maybe you already knew some of them. But if you didn’t know them, we’re sure you can’t wait to visit this historic island, where the spirit of ancient Greek history can still be felt today.

Do not forget that it was here that the Colossus of Rhodes was placed, which is one of the historical seven wonders of the world. Well, you already know the historical significance of this island, which is a favorite destination of many tourists from all over the world.