Your Surfing Hidden Paradise: Discover the Ultimate Oasis

If you enjoy surfing, the sun, and everything waterfront life offers, a hidden paradise awaits. Nicaragua has incredible potential whether you want the ultimate vacation or relocation to an alluring oasis. Still considered “under the radar,” there are countless opportunities to invest in property in this beautiful country. Learn more about real estate and travel opportunities in this surfer’s dream come true destination.

Ride the Wave

Like surfing, investing in real estate means riding the wave to get the best possible deal. After spending a day on the water, many travelers want to own vacation or full-time homes in Nicaragua. Find some of the homes available today on

Surfers travel worldwide to catch the most challenging waves. Living in Nicaragua means you’ll have amazing waves right outside your doorstep whenever you feel ready for adventure.

Nahaulapa is the spot many people prefer to visit, as it has waves for surfers of all skill levels. For those looking to move to the area, Playa Santa Maria del Mar should be on the list of possibilities. Here, you will find breathtaking beachfront properties and private waves for all who wish to surf.

Rocky Point is a great area to surf during mid to high tide. The left-hander is ideal for experienced surfers who are released from the barrel before reaching the dangerous reef.

The right-hand barrel offers a more relaxing ride. Nahualapa is excellent for surfers of all skill levels, while The Boom will provide any surfer with the ride of their life.

Retire in Comfort


Finding the right retirement location often means traveling extensively to discover hidden gems. One is Nicaragua, which is quickly becoming a preferred place for savvy retirees. Properties include dream homes, condos, and land for sale to make any housing dream a reality. So imagine yourself retiring in a surfing hotspot where having fun in the sun is always on the daily schedule.

The beautiful beaches are only one of several reasons you may wish to retire in this country. Living here, you can spend time in the mountains and time on the water. You will need to obtain a retirement visa and hold this visa for five years before applying to become a permanent citizen.

However, the cost of living is significantly lower in this country than in the United States, so a person’s money will go much further.

Healthcare is a concern for many older individuals. Residents of the country benefit from local healthcare programs. This country offers free universal healthcare, and it is ranked in the top half worldwide. However, individuals in small towns find they have less access to this care than those who live in bigger cities.

Men and women also have the option of using the private hospital system in Nicaragua. Prices within this system are much lower than those charged in America. The lower costs don’t mean the care is of lesser quality. Many doctors working within this system received their training in America.

Nicaragua has excellent healthcare when compared to other countries in Central America, which should be considered when you are looking to retire.

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Few things are more intriguing than natural wonders, and Nicaragua offers plenty of natural appeal. Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, there is never a dull moment when you live in this naturally wonderful country.

From waterfront activities to mountainous hikes, the opportunities for outdoor enjoyment are limited only by your imagination. Investing in real estate in Nicaragua means being surrounded by this natural beauty all the time.

People often don’t realize Nicaragua is home to the largest lake in Central America. Lake Nicaragua is home to some animals typically only found in saltwater environments. This includes sawfish and tarpon.

Imagine coming home from a day on the water with a freshwater shark caught on this lake. It could happen, as this shark is another animal found in Lake Nicaragua. Herons and other water-based birds can be found on the shores of the lake, as well.

Great Attractions

Great Attractions

With panoramic views throughout the country, there are also great attractions to keep everyone entertained in Nicaragua. Whether you live there full-time or invest in a vacation escape, there is never a dull moment in this delightful destination. Dive into the colorful local culture for dining, dancing, and delicious cuisine you won’t find elsewhere.

People often come to the area to see the Cerro Negro volcano, which is a short day trip from the Nahau area. This active volcano is a newcomer to the area, as it is only 173 years old. It hasn’t erupted since 1999, but scientists continue to monitor it today.

Those who make it to the peak have a 360-degree view of the surroundings. They can then try their hand at volcano surfing on the way back down to the base.

The Flor de Cana plantation distillery is another great attraction in the region. It is known for its Flor de Cana rum, which has earned over 70 medals in the past few years. The distillery was modernized in 1996 but still produces the amazing rums it has been producing for centuries.

Nicaragua isn’t much bigger than New York, which means a person can travel the country freely. A person can go from the Southwestern part of the country to the Northeastern region in a little over half a day.

Spend some time in the Corn Islands or visit the Somoto Canyon National Monument. There is so much to see and do in the country, you will never be bored.

Housing Options

The booming housing market in Nicaragua proves the largest country in Central America is quickly becoming a preferred location. Search for beachfront homes in desirable areas such as San Juan del Sur and the Emerald Coast.

You’ll find housing choices for almost every budget and preference, from grand colonial homes to cozy apartments.

Work with local professionals to find plenty of options in this gorgeous country. Farms, condos, and undeveloped land are other options to consider when considering a move to the area.

Land Available


Some of the hottest spots in the world offer few opportunities to create a customized home on the land you choose. Fortunately, Nicaragua has land for sale in waterfront and picturesque locations that make the ideal backdrop for your new house.

So, work with local experts to design and build a beautiful home nestled in one of the world’s prettiest destinations.

Plus, you can create the house according to your specifications to have the dream getaway in a place you can’t wait to explore every morning when you get out of bed.

If surfing is your passion and waterfront life sounds exciting, look no further than Nicaragua for your next vacation. Once you experience the sensational waves, picturesque views, and friendly vibe, you’ll want to return for more. Talk to a real estate pro about homes, condos, and land for sale in Nicaragua to find your ultimate dream house where all the pleasures of paradise await.