What to Bet on in the Rest of 2024 – Comprehensive Guide

As the year rolls on, sports enthusiasts and betting enthusiasts alike have plenty of exciting events to look forward to. From the thrill of the MLB All-Star Game to the exhilarating action of the Tour de France and the intense competition of the UEFA Super Cup, the remainder of 2024 promises an array of betting opportunities across various sports. Let’s take a closer look at what to bet on in the coming months.

What to Bet on in July 2024

MLB All-Star Game (July 11)

MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game brings together the best players from the American and National Leagues for a showdown that captivates baseball fans worldwide. As the midseason classic, it offers a chance to witness top talent compete on a single stage.

From the power hitters to the crafty pitchers, the game presents betting opportunities, including predicting the game’s outcome or individual performances.

Tour de France (July 1-23)

Tour de France

The Tour de France, one of the most prestigious cycling races in the world, showcases incredible athleticism and strategy. Lasting three weeks, this grueling event covers challenging terrain and tests riders’ endurance.

Betting opportunities at Betway abound, with options ranging from predicting the overall winner to stage victories and even individual classifications like the King of the Mountains or the Points Classification.

The Open Championship (July 16-23)

The Open Championship (July 16-23)

Golf enthusiasts eagerly anticipate The Open Championship, also known as the British Open. This major tournament brings together the world’s top golfers to battle it out on iconic courses.

Betting on golf offers an array of options, including predicting the tournament winner, top finishers, individual round scores, and even head-to-head matchups between players.

What to Bet on in August 2024

UEFA Super Cup (Manchester City vs. Sevilla, August 16)

The UEFA Super Cup is an annual match contested between the winners of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

It is a clash between two top European football clubs, promising thrilling action on the field. Betting options range from predicting the outright winner to various match-related markets like goal scorers, corners, and more.

F1 Dutch Grand Prix (August 27)

Formula 1 fans rejoice as the Dutch Grand Prix returns to the calendar. The high-speed action and intense rivalries make Formula 1 races prime betting opportunities. From predicting the race winner to podium finishes and even specific driver matchups, Formula 1 provides a wide range of betting markets for motorsport enthusiasts.

US Open (August 28 – September 10)

us open

Tennis fans eagerly await the US Open, the final Grand Slam tournament of the year. The event brings together the world’s top tennis players, vying for glory on the hard courts of Flushing Meadows. Betting options are abundant, including outright tournament winner, match result predictions, set betting, and various player performance markets.

European Soccer Returns from Summer Vacation

In August and September, European football leagues kick off their seasons, bringing back the excitement of club football after the summer break. The top leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, offer a wealth of betting opportunities throughout the season.

From match outcomes to goal totals, halftime/full-time results, and player-specific bets, football fans have an array of markets to explore.

What to Bet on in September 2024

What to Bet on in September

NFL Regular Season (September 7)

With the arrival of September, the NFL season kicks off, bringing gridiron action back to the forefront. American football fans eagerly wager on games, ranging from predicting winners and point spreads to individual player performances, total points scored, and even novelty bets like the Super Bowl winner.

UEFA Champions League Group Stage Begins (September 19-20)

The UEFA Champions League, Europe’s most prestigious club football competition, starts its group stage matches. This tournament pits the top teams from various European leagues against each other, creating intense clashes and captivating storylines. Betting opportunities encompass predicting group winners, match outcomes, goal totals, and more.

Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix (September 3)

Formula 1 continues to thrill fans as the iconic Italian Grand Prix takes place. Held at the legendary Monza circuit, this race offers high-speed excitement and strategic battles. Betting options include predicting the race winner, podium finishes, and various driver and team-related markets.

What to Bet on in October 2024

NHL Regular Season Begins

NBA Regular Season Begins

Basketball enthusiasts rejoice as the NBA regular season gets underway. With teams vying for playoff berths, predicting game outcomes, player performances, and various statistical benchmarks offers a wealth of betting opportunities.

NHL Regular Season Begins (October 7)

Hockey fans eagerly anticipate the start of the NHL regular season. From predicting game winners to goal totals and player point totals, betting on the fast-paced action of ice hockey presents numerous avenues for wagering excitement.

What to Bet on in November 2024

ATP Finals

ATP Finals (November 12)

Tennis fans witness the season-ending ATP Finals, where the top-ranked men’s singles players compete for supremacy. Betting options range from outright tournament winners to match outcomes, set scores, and even individual player statistics.

NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race (November 5)

As the NASCAR season reaches its climax, the Championship Race determines the ultimate winner. NASCAR betting provides opportunities to predict the race winner, stage winners, and even head-to-head matchups between drivers.

What to Bet on in December 2024

What to Bet on in December

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draws (December 18)

Football fans eagerly await the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draws, which determine the knockout stage matchups. Betting on the outcome of the draws or predicting the winners of specific matchups can add an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

College Football Bowl Games

College football fans can look forward to a multitude of bowl games as the season comes to a close. From predicting winners to betting on point spreads and player performance, these games provide an exciting betting landscape.

As the remainder of 2024 unfolds, sports betting enthusiasts have an abundance of opportunities to engage in thrilling wagering experiences. From major tournaments and championships to regular-season action, each sport offers unique markets for fans to explore. So grab your betting sheets, analyze the matchups, and enjoy the excitement that awaits in the world of sports betting.