How To Save Money On Your Moving Expenses – 2024 Guide

Changing houses and moving towards a different location is a big process which can be equal parts exciting and stressful. It is important to choose the right way to manage everything. If an individual has bought a new home or is moving for their job, there will already be financial expectations to fulfill.

It is in their best interests to save some money in whichever way possible during the move. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend money on every little thing if it can be done yourself. In this guide, we will be mentioning all the ways to help you save some extra bucks before moving.

No Supplies

Try not to buy supplies because they usually add to extra cost. Usually, most of the things used in packing are already present in the home. If something is not present, one can easily get them for free if they were to be resourceful. A very common way in which money is wasted during a move is through buying extra packaging suppliers.

Since an individual does not move every day this packaging supplies usually do not get used for years. They are often thrown away to clear the clutter. One way to save up money will be to not by packaging supplies at all. Ask around among your friends, family, and neighbors if they have kept their packaging supplies.

You can easily get cardboard boxes from your local grocery stores. Since they usually get produce and other products you might also get a pick of the type of cardboard box and the size.

Choose the Off Season


There is an off season for moving which will help you save money if you are smart about it. Off season is any time between October to April. It is a time when movers will usually offer you discounts and other promotional offers. During spring and summer the moving companies increase their pricing because of high demand.

But if you have the choice of picking the time of your move, always choose the off season to save some money on the rental. If you would like to know the quote for your move, click here.

Do Not Take Everything

While packing, one has to prioritize the important things and leave unnecessary stuff behind. One thing to remember is that not everything you currently own needs to be taken to your new place. It is important that you sort through all of your things. In case you find something which is not needed make sure to sell or donate it.

They might be an entire list of things that you know have no use for anymore. It is better to leave them behind than carry extra stuff. The reason why we are asking you to remove the clutter from your packaging is because it will save space. If you are getting a truck rental it only has a specific amount of space. Taking unnecessary belongings will eat up into that limited space and you might have to pay for another rental.

Cancel the Regular Payments


The regular payments one makes during their stay at any place include the utilities. It is very common for people to forget that they have not canceled their account with the service. Set a reminder for the time when you will no longer beneathing the utility services and have it canceled.

For services like the cable, make sure to cancel it and open a new account in the new place. As a new user you will be getting many promotional discounts which also come with free installation. A free installation might not be possible if you choose to continue your utility and just switch the location. The same perks can be applied to the internet subscription.

Do Some Of It Yourself

We are not asking you to haul your entire furniture in your car and drive to your new home. But a lot of things can be done yourself without needing to hire professional help. Many people usually hire packers along with movers which builds up their cost. Packers usually would not know which stuff is important and what to leave behind.

They will pack everything regardless of its utility and it may increase the space in the rental track. We recommend doing the sorting and packing yourself so that you only choose the right things to pack and how to pack them. Only you know which thing will be going to the study and which one to the bedroom.

There are specific preferences based on which easy packing can be done. One cannot expect a stranger to know the details of their lives and pack just as they would have. Either you will have to give them a detailed note of everything that needs to be packed or you can just do it yourself.

The best approach for this would be to take a vacation of at least a week and short through all the belongings before packing. This will not only save money but also save you some headache when it comes to unpacking.

Try For A Yard Sale


Since we are talking about saving money, one way to get some of it in your pocket is through a yard sale. A yard sale is very common and extremely easy if you have a lot of unnecessary belongings that are in good condition.

Make sure to let all the neighbors know about the sale beforehand and use the word of mouth way to convey the news to everybody. Having great foot traffic will increase the chances of making multiple sales and getting it done faster.

The Takeaway

Be open to understanding that saving money will come with some extra work for you and your family. Doing something yourself can easily save up on money which would be used better later. Moving is a very stressful experience so try to establish a plan and work accordingly.