Destiny 2 for Beginners: Destiny Tricks and Tips

Destiny 2 is an intelligent game, at least on paper. It means players have to make calculated decisions with good timing and manage their gear well. Early on, it’s not clear, what you should do to improve in these directions, but with a few proper Destiny tricks, this job is simpler.

These tips are just common sense. You will learn the majority of it by spending enough time on your guardian. But let’s speed things up, instead. There are some basic principles, and you get to know them sooner than usual. After all, it’s more pleasant to play it if you know how to be good at Destiny at least to a degree.

Why follow these tips

D2 isn’t that hard, but it’s challenging enough. A fun part about the game is that you get to overcome challenges in cunning, fun ways. This approach makes playing easier, of course. But it’s also about creating a sense of accomplishment and making your runs meaningful and memorable.

The following rules are the Destiny 2 basics. Players learn them gradually and over time. They are easy to understand, too. It’s a shame, however, that you have to spend so much time before you’re any good. Until you figure out, how to make the game fun and engaging, it’s not as good as it can be.

Said basics are meant for new players. With 100+ hours in D2, you’ll know, whom to shoot and how to upgrade characters, while fresh arrivals might not. Bungie’s creation is similar to popular MMO RPGs, but more energetic & sci-fi. It’s familiar, but unique. Features like power levels and mods aren’t common in MMO.

Typical problems


Tips on what to do in Destiny, and how to figure it out, are very useful, if you’re new. The first 10-50 hours (depending on your cleverness) are a blank canvas, where players discover new things. They may be thrilling or painful. You often don’t know what you’re doing, which isn’t fun. The usual early-game problems might include these:

  • Min-maxing Issues

Min-maxing isn’t difficult in D2, there isn’t a linear skill tree. The buffs and strengths are obtained from loot, modifications, and so forth. You won’t screw up your builds nearly as much in D2. Still, players can make mistakes that will limit the efficiency of their guardians, like upgrading a low-tier weapon.

  • Game Behavior

Your on-the-spot behavior in achieving objectives and killing mobs is what determines your efficiency. Without thinking things through, you’ll likely be running amok, like most beginners. Understanding comes with time and skill, but there are hints and tips for Destiny 2 here, in case you want to learn it.

  • Entertainment

If you don’t use your wits and strengths appropriately, you won’t have much fun. There are other methods to make your gameplay more exciting, mainly by playing in a group rather than alone. Don’t think having fun here needs an elaborate plan. The game does entertain you better if you know if you use its mechanics and have a group of friends, however.

Building your character

Build-making is versatile here, and if you want some precise advice on that front, there are plenty of Destiny 2 game guides that might help. Following the current meta is a good way to be deadly, but you can create a build yourself. It can be anything, but if you want it to work, try following these guidelines below.

✓ Make effects work together. Your armor and weapons have modification slots and permanent effects. Extensive customization is what defines D2, so take your time on the gear screen. And whatever you pick, it’s not permanent. You can change the gamestyle at any time. Against each enemy, there is a Destiny 2 strategy.

Your playstyle depends on your modifications. If you want to be a tank, pick gear and mods that favor this role. If you want to deal damage of a certain kind, there are even more mods to reflect your personal preference. But do make sure your effects complement one another.

✓ Keep a lookout for good loot. You’ll need to hunt for weapons and armor to complete your idea of a build. Raids and quests offer rewards, and you can see, what those are. If there is a gun that makes your build even more fun, go ahead and claim it. It’s often a matter of completing an entire questline to get one piece of gear.

If you have difficulty getting the desired gear from a quest, a raid, or any other activity in D2, you can always purchase a Destiny 2 boost service here from a reliable provider. Essentially, you’ll pay some money in exchange for a completed activity of choice.

Never neglect an opportunity to get promising loot, especially if it’s no effort. Don’t forget about Xur — a shady vendor that appears on the Tower once a week to offer exotic weapons and armor. It’s one of the main ways, how to get good gear in Destiny, besides quests and raids.

Using your weapons wisely


Shooting widely into enemies without a second thought makes the game less entertaining and more challenging. Your weapons have plenty of strengths, contributed by permanent characteristics and mods. Constant effects and mods can change a lot in your gun. Anyhow, here are some Destiny tactics regarding weapons and such.

  • Elements

Take note of what element your weapon is using. There are three of them: arc, solar and void. A particular weapon will have one of them or none at all. An element typically comes in the package with the weapon, but sometimes you get to change it. Elements have one very important function on the battlefield — dealing with shields.

Enemies have shields in D2. White shields are breached with any damage, but some are elemental barriers. Solar is orange, void is purple, and arc is blue. They take reduced damage from anything, besides their corresponding element. So, if you see blue — shoot it with blue. Make sure that your group can counter each type, it’s a sure path to victory.

  • Bonus Damage

Some modifications let you deal bonus damage under specific circumstances. You can’t fit a lot of good mods into a weapon early on, so you’ll have to choose. You may find a powerful one that deals more damage from, say, the air. With it, it’d be wise to spend more time in said air. It’ll maximize your damage output.

Don’t forget the previous tips and let your mods complement one another, especially in this regard. If your weapon deals a lot of damage in the air, include mobility mods into your armor to jump higher and stay airborne longer. This way, you can create an infinite variety of builds.

  • Specialist & Heavy Weapons

Here’s what you need to know about Destiny’s secondary and heavy weapons. Secondary weapons are stuff like sniper rifles, while heavy guns are grenade launchers, swords and other dopamine-inducing weapons They are not only for your pleasure. Don’t forget to use them, and use them in good timing,

You can go ham when you want to blow up a pack of weak enemies at the early stages of the raid. It’s no biggie: more ammo is found later on. But make sure to have enough of it to exploit the weaknesses of priority enemies. For instance, you can defeat a tank with just your sniper rifle by shooting at the wheels.

Save powerful explosions and one-hit shots for tight corners, in short. But when in a tight corner, don’t hesitate. Blow everything up, if necessary. But because the ammunition for them is limited, it truly should be a necessity.

Playing in groups


Playing singleplayer is fine, but doing it with a group is on another level. Much of D2 content (especially raids and strikes) is done with multiplayer in mind, and you’ll have more fun playing it with a party. These are the best raid tips for Destiny 2 you can count on. A good group gives more joy than any cunning play.

  • Playing With Friends

If you find parts of D2 dull, try the game with your friends. This way, you get to share special moments with your pals, while increasing the deadliness of the entire team in the process. It’s much easier to strategize if all group members know each other and sit in the same group call.

The problem is getting your friends to play the game. It’s free, but the genre is not for everybody. It’s a sci-fi MMO shooter, and you don’t see many of them in the wild. Unless some of your friends play games, such as Warframe or Halo, it might be a challenge to get them to join you.

  • Finding Lobbies

Finding lobby members elsewhere is a faster way, but there’s no guarantee your new friends would be good at the game, or even mentally stable. It depends on where you find them. There are plenty of people looking for new party members over at Discord, Reddit, etc.

A search like that may be uncomfortable, but it’s not an understatement to say that playing with a party of familiar people, as well as talking to them the whole time, is a much better experience than singleplayer. You’ll sacrifice some comfort in exchange for a lot of fun. If it sounds right down your alley, give it a try.

In the end

This was everything about Destiny a beginner may need. These tips will make the game more entertaining and meaningful. You can have fun without them, of course. But if you neglect even these, you’ll likely just bash the enemies to death and play blindly, for the most part. And it’s boring.