How Do You Play Orphelins In Roulette – 5 Tips For Beginners

There aren’t many casino games that offer as much thrill and excitement as roulette. Yes, poker is the most famous casino game ever, but just like baccarat, roulette can offer a ton of excitement and also provide the best possible gambling experience. That is why we are focusing today on the strategies available for roulette, or, more precisely, Orphelins, so let’s check how it works and how one can use this betting system to win big.

Learn the rules


The first and most important thing for every beginner is to understand and learn the rules of the game they want to play. Although it’s one of the most popular picks among newbies, there are still some rules one needs to check. On the plus side, due to movies and tv series, almost everyone knows the basic concept of roulette, how it works, and how to play it.

On the other hand, if the goal is to win as much as possible, then we must add other factors, like choosing the right strategy for starters. Yes, regardless of what some might say, there are plenty of ways to increase your chances when playing this game and actually win big, but once again, it all starts with learning the rules.

The same thing is with Orphelins, as only when you truly understand how it all works can you realize why using this system can bring you big profits. Of course, the most common issue here is about why you need to learn something if it already brings you profits, but in reality, knowing when to stop or change the system is where you can really set a difference when gambling. That’s why we highlight the importance of learning the rules of the game and the strategy you plan to use, or in this case, Orphelins.

Choose the right roulette

Each player who wants to try Orphelins needs to understand that it is not possible to play them in an American type of roulette, and the type to look for is the French or Europe one. The reason for that is simple – Orphelins, or Orphans as some people call these numbers, are popular French bets (call bets) and can be found only in some casinos. However, if you want to try your luck by playing Orphenils but do not know where to find a reliable casino, visit, place a bet, and you are ready to enjoy.

Learn their position on the wheel


After understanding that it’s not possible to play Orphelins in the American type of roulette, the time has come to learn the positions on the wheel we should look at and the numbers we should choose if we decide to play this popular strategy. You have two sectors on the wheel and only eight numbers divided into them, but if you pay attention, you will see that one sector contains five of them while another contains only three. Regarding that, in the first sector, we have 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9, and in the second one, 17, 34, and 6.

Learning the numbers and their location on the wheel is important because it makes understanding the strategies much better. As you can see, even here, it’s about learning the concept of the strategy you plan to use, as the more familiar one gets with how it all works, the more profits one can gain.

Two strategies to choose from

Once you have learned the position of the number on the wheel, it is necessary to see them on the table, and that can get a bit confusing, as most tables have three rows, and you have two sectors and eight numbers located somewhere on them to find and memorize the location. However, it is pretty important, as it helps you understand two different strategies one can use to place a bet.

The first one is easy – we need eight chips, and we should put one chip on each number and wait for the ball to stop on some of them. It is called Orphelins en Plein, and beginners usually pick it because, as we have said, it looks simpler.

Luckily, another strategy available is not complicated too, but one needs to remember the location of the numbers on the table and split the chips into two numbers that are located one next to another. For this strategy, we need five chips as we need to put four split bets and one straight up, and it is called Cheval Version.

It is a much easier strategy to understand and apply, but in order to really make a difference to the monthly budget, one needs to keep track of all the numbers that pop up. If someone has ever wondered why they serve free drinks for players, the answer to this question is pretty simple actually, the more we drink, the more likely we will loosen up and make decisions we wouldn’t otherwise make.

Check whether casinos offer such bets


Okay, this one is more about doing that much-needed research than anything else, as the only way to find a reliable website with a low house edge for roulette is by going through reviews and checking all the details. As for how difficult the search is, it’s a pretty basic one, to be honest, as all that’s needed is to check the rules of the game and the difficulty of the wagering concept, and if it’s an easy one, the chances are high this isn’t an option.

Of course, the better the odds, the more profits one can gain, which is yet another aspect you should keep your eye on because thinking how gambling is just about registering on the website and enjoying your favorite game of chance will lead you nowhere. There is a huge difference between those who win big and those who just play and get a small piece of the gambling experience, and since this is something that can be pretty profitable, why not use all the tools available to win as much as possible?

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