Top 7 Video Games Every Gamer Should Play Before He Dies

There are hundreds and thousands of games on the web. So when you try to look for some interesting games, you won’t be able to find them easily. Therefore, instead of simply searching for the games, you should choose to go with the title that will bring you the tried and tested games.

So here we are going to show you some of the most interesting games for different groups. You can find horror games and cute cake-making games too. And if you are looking for a place where you can download them easily, you will go here.

All you need to do is click on the link and you will see a page with many different games on it. You will select the game that seems interesting and download it easily on your PC.

1. Minecraft


If you are not sure what to play, you can go with Minecraft. It is a game that offers various gaming modes. And the reason for the provision of so many gaming modes is to make them suitable for everyone. So whether you are a pro gamer or have just started, you will be able to find a mode accordingly.

You will be exploring the maps and will also have the option of building a co-op adventure map along with your friends.

The best thing about this game is that you won’t need a computer to play the game. You can play it even on your mobile phone and tab. This is what makes it interesting for all age groups because not everyone can have high-end computers for playing the best games. But Minecraft gives you the option of playing an interesting game on different gadgets.

2. Pokémon


Who isn’t a fan of Pokémon? If anyone watches the series once, he or she is likely to become a fan. Even our Gen Z is quite interested in those special little creatures.

But the best thing about the Pokémon game is that there is not a single game but many versions. You will find various Pokémon games and all of them have their charm. The one that is currently on the hit list is “Pokémon Go”. It takes you on a quest to find the monsters and put them in your pocket.

Furthermore, it also makes you physically active. So if you think that you are lacking physical activities in your daily routine, you should definitely give a try to this game.

3. The Monkey Island


One of the ways to find an absolutely amazing game is to look for its history. Because if there are various versions of a game and it has been in the market for years, it means that the game has a market. There are people who are playing and enjoying it.

So one such game is “The Money Island” which has been in the market for almost 27 years. So you can relax with the quality because they have been offering the best one till time. If you have ever played this game before, you will be aware of the two most important characters of the game. They are; Guybrush Threepwood, who is the main character of the game. Then comes his arch enemy whose name is Le Chuck. They will be quarreling throughout the game.

One of the top games of this series is: ‘Tales of Monkey in 2011”. It is offering player-friendly controls. Thus, you will be able to master them in no time.

3. The Legend of Dragon


This is also one of the classic games but why is it again one of the favorites? Because of its latest version, which is quite fun for game lovers. You will get to enjoy many interesting characters and of course, there will be emotional story-telling. And how can we miss our dragons? Of course, you will also get to enjoy plenty of dragons in the game.

You can play this game on your PS1.

4. Super Mario 64


Super Mario is also a classic but it is also an all-time hit game. Therefore, if you search for this game, you will find plenty of versions. But what we are recommending here is, “Mario 64”. It is the first version of the game that is offering three-dimensional graphics. Thus, you will be able to explore the mushroom kingdom from an angle that has not ever been seen.

So you will be going to save Princess peach from the randy Dinosaur in 3D graphics. So if the graphics are this good, you can expect many more interesting things from Mario 64. And as for the system, you will be able to play it on your computer as well as PS.

5. Mortal Kombat (mega drive)


If you are looking for a fighting game, you will love this one. Street Fighter was a trendy game in the ’90s and here we have the latest version of that super hit game. So you will be using the amazing kicking and fighting skills of your character to defeat your opponent. You can see how much power you have got.

6. Pac-Man (Arcade)


This game does not need any explanation because who hasn’t played Pac-Man once? Of course, the new generation is likely to be unaware of this interesting game. That is why we are suggesting it here. Oftentimes, we get bored with our regular things and want to try something new. That is why, if you have things on your mind and you want to freshen up yourself, you should try playing Pac-Man.

7. Bioshock


This is a survival game but is much different from horror games. Your player will be under the water where there will be many inhabitants that have turned psychotic. So the player is going to fight all the twisted enemies and survive till the end. You will get to enjoy the underwater Utopia and also a rich story along with the twisted enemies.