6 Ways You Can Save Money on Cleaning As A New Business

How much do you struggle when it comes to cleaning or maintaining your business? The truth is that business owners always need to be on the lookout for ways to reduce their operating costs, no matter the job or profession that they are in. This is why some people try to clean their offices on their own, which they believe results in saving money on a cleaning lady. However, is this the right move to make when it comes to your big or small business? Keep on reading and find your options and answers down below.

6 Ways You Can Save Money on Cleaning As A New Business

1. Time is money

If you’re trying to clean your office on your own there is a high chance that you’re losing your focus and that you’re not investing your much-needed hours in organizing your work. In fact, how stressful or time-consuming is your desk job or your certain position within your company? In the end, you might stack on a couple of hours as the year goes by, which results in wasted time. So, do the math, and think if you need to focus on your work and run it and assign some new tasks? In the end, time is money, right? Hence why booking a cleaning lady might be a better solution.

2. Think about the supplies

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Cleaning supplies cost a lot of money, especially if you plan on buying different kinds and types for your office. You might have to purchase floor cleaners, window cleaners, liquids for fabrics & furniture, spray & spritz bottles, you name it, the list just goes on and on. You could also need a large piece of equipment like a vacuum cleaner, and those professional kinds can go for $600-$1,000. They are good and sturdy, and they can get out the gunk easily, but can you afford several of them, along with their maintenance? Can you allow yourself to cash out as much money on cleaning supplies? And can you do a thorough job if this is your first time managing the clean-up of your office?

3. Budgeting is important

Do you know exactly when you’re going to run out of your supplies? Time is of the essence and you’ll need to sort out your shopping trips and align them with your budget and free time to run and manage your errands. How far away is a good store, and can you make this trip on your own, or will you be sending some of your employees for a trip? All of this can be tricky. Then you have to think about gas money and how much going to the store will cost you. In the end, covering all of this ground might be pricier than paying for a professional service. You should do monthly check-ups and plan out your budget in advance. This way, you will see how much money was being wasted or pushed in a certain direction.

4. Automate cleaning is good to book

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One study has said and shown that it takes two hours for one person to clean up and mop a 5,000-square-foot area. Think about your body and what it needs. Do you need rest for this amount of work? After all, covering this much ground on your own can be labor-intensive, costly, and potentially unhealthy. This is why most companies opt for booking automated and regular clean-ups.

PS: When it comes to booking automated cleaning you can also opt for regular purchases. Most often going for bulk purchases is seen as a money-saving option. Purchasing cleaning chemicals in 5-gallon sizes is less expensive than purchasing them by gallon.

5. New equipment is pricey

Just as computers and smartphones have vastly improved office efficiency, so have office supplies and cleaning devices. How many types of those fancy and giant robot vacuum cleaners have you seen? They are all over the internet, and everyone’s been trying to get their hands on one model. When considering new equipment, be sure to investigate different types, but think about your budget. If you can’t afford all the newest equipment you can always rent it out and pay for its hourly use. Luckily, a ton of cleaning ladies and bigger clean-up services already have some of the best equipment, all of which are included in the price.

6. Find the right distributor for you

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The cleaning contractor’s job is to know cleaning while the distributor and/or manufacturer’s job is to know products and solutions. The right distributor can help you with any type of additional costs. It doesn’t matter what your job or position is within your team and office, always try to promote safety while minimizing the potential for work-related injuries. This also applies to handling rough chemicals, which are sometimes dangerous for our skin and can leave burnt marks or irritation. This way, you will actually save money as a company by not having to send your employees to the hospital to get their wounds checked. Rather have a professional handle all of this since they are experienced, after all.

Where to get the help you need for your office cleaning?

Finding the right cleaner can be hard work, and oftentimes you might not know where to turn or who to book. If you have never worked with a cleaning company we can help you find the right pick for you, just click here. CleanersNOW was created to help you find reliable cleaning services for all your needs. Simply fill out a survey and let them know what service you’re looking for. Then, they will compare different prices from companies near you. You will be left with a couple of potential candidates and you get to check the right one for you based on reviews, profiles, and rates. In the end, you will save so much time and money by booking the right service, as well as a clean space.