6 Questions to Ask the Estate Agent When Buying a House

Moisture, scams with documentation or registration in the cadaster, and similar incidents and accidents that potential real estate buyers may encounter, however, occur more often today. That is why it is very important to be thoroughly acquainted with everything that a property inspection should include, which primarily applies to all those who have taken the purchase of a house into their own hands. Of course, if you are buying an apartment through a real estate agency, then that care will be taken over by an agent who has these checks in his little finger and does them on a daily basis.

However, just to make sure he does not miss something that is of great importance for you to know, here are the questions you should ask him concerning the real estate that interests you.

1. The service fee is the first question to ask

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If you’re hiring a real estate agent you want to know what the fee for their services is, and how experienced they are in finding houses that interest you. Above all, you want to know about their offer. Click here to see how it should be presented.

After this is set and agreed on, move on to finding a house that could be on your purchase list, and start exploring more about it by asking questions stated in the rest of the article.

2. Ask to check the land registry excerpt

It is a document that is the only real proof of ownership, and which consists of (1) an inventory sheet in which the property is registered, (2) a title deed or title deed that will reveal the real owner of the property, and (3) bill of lading, documents that will immediately show you whether the property is mortgaged, rented or leased, foreclosure or, say, the right of repurchase or first purchase.

This is a public document that you can access on the land register or via the web (review is free), by entering the cadastral parcel of each property. Here, in addition to the mentioned information, you will also learn about other important characteristics of the property, such as the description and area of the property.

To make sure that the ownership papers are in order and that there is no mortgage, we strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer who will check all the paperwork in detail. Because even the land on which the house is built can be mortgaged!

3. Ask to Explore real estate history

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Not only the current owner is important, but also the previous ones. Be sure to check if the selected property has changed owners before, and in that case ask the seller for a certified sales contract and be sure to photocopy it!

The pitfalls you could fall into here are other ways of acquiring real estates, such as inheritance to a lifetime or lifelong maintenance contract. So always insist on determining how the property got into the hands of the seller.

4. Check the condition of the property

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If you see that some part of the property is in poor condition and you are aware of that and for that reason, the price of the property is lower, then fine. However, a potential trap here is buying a “cat in a bag”. You can already assume that these are properties that look beautiful, but it is questionable how well they are made.

If you are afraid that you may fall for such a scam, take a construction expert who will “sniff” the condition and age of installations, the condition of chimneys, main valves, and even the condition of floors and tiles, electric and gas boilers, carpentry, etc. Don’t forget to investigate whether the floor is built of wooden beams or a concrete blanket. It is also always good to find out when the renovation was last done and when the electrical / gas/plumbing insulation was changed. In addition to insulation, ask about the condition of the facade, and the energy certificate that every house for sale should have will help you. Also, check the condition of the roof.

Finally, ask the seller if the house will have any renovations soon if it’s a duplex. Of course, this is a good sign that the neighbors are in agreement and that the house is being maintained, but it is also a sign that the bills for paying the reserve could increase.

5. Looking for an original floor plan

Especially if you want to tear down some walls to get a better room layout or a popular open space, be sure to look for an original floor plan where you can easily spot which walls are load-bearing. If necessary, bring an architect or some other expert with you.

6. Are all utilities paid?

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Yes, this is true even for those houses where no one has stayed for a while. Although it is common practice to read the balance of all meters on the day of concluding the contract or the day of handing over the keys, in order to make a transcript of overheads to a new owner.

Remember, the seller is the one who is obliged to pay all overhead costs until the handover of the keys. When selling your home, you can also add your property to different listings online so you can reach a wide number of potential buyers. eXp Realty is one exceptional platform, look at this site to know more.

Our home is the most important place that reflects our life and personality. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to decide which house to buy and under what conditions. When you decide to buy a house that reflects you, other details should not be neglected. In this process, you may need to consider all the details and study them carefully when making decisions. Because even a small mistake made during the trading process can pose significant risks for both the buyer and the owner.