Is Buying Bulk Ammunition Legally In The US?

Some countries believe that the easy availability of ammunition is the primary reason for the rise in crime; therefore, they place bans on its trading, making it hard to avail. But some countries with different mindsets believe that the easy availability of ammunition makes it easier for people to be safe. People can store it for their defence because people with malicious intentions get their hands on weapons illegally. So it’s better that people can carry weapons for their protection. So in this article, let us discuss ammunition policies in the US.

Where And How Can Users Buy Ammunition?

There are various rules and regulations to be followed before buying and selling ammunition, some of which are listed and discussed below in detail.



Finding ammunition in the US isn’t a big deal there are various stores where you can find them. In each town, some stores are licensed to buy and sell them, so you can find such stores and buy weapons directly from them by providing your IDs and verifying them. Some hardware stores also have licences to buy and sell ammunition, and some policies change, but users can still purchase bullets from Walmart after proving requisite documents. is a reliable store which could provide users with required ammunition.

Best Deals

There are standard rates for ammunition, but the tax policies depend upon various factors, so we can’t say that you will receive the exact pricing in all shops. Some shops offer more profits while others leave you in regret. The best way to counter such regrets is hit and trial; you need to reach each store, bargain your end of the deal, and then buy from the one with the best quality and lowest pricing.

Age restrictions

Various types of verifications are made when a person buys ammo, and the first thing which is checked is the age. If the person crosses the age bar of 18, he can legally purchase rifle and shotgun ammo; if he is above 21, he is legally free to buy pistol ammo. The pistol documents need to be presented to the shop owner, and he will check if your credential verifies. Then, only the shop would initiate the trade.



The bullets are filled with gunpowder, and various states have different regulations for the same, so you need to take special permission for the same. The trading and buying of bullets require an explosive certificate which ensures that the person is allowed to use them and would manage them efficiently.

Return Policy

These ammunition are ordered after serious checks and multiple level checks, so the return of such products is highly troublesome. The bullets are delivered through various merchants and channels, and then they reach the person himself at the end. The return of such products takes highly long routes, creating a hassle, and in many cases, the product might never return. The logistics for ammunition are different from the normal ones as the RDX inside the bullets gets stopped at their checker.


You cannot buy ammunition anywhere in the US; some states have severe provisions and policies. They ask for police verification and several other federal checks until the person can place the order. In some states of the US, buying and selling ammunition is strictly prohibited as it increases crime in the region.


Online Order

Managing a local gun store is a cumbersome task as a person needs to ensure that they always have enough stock, and they must go through documents and a lot of verification. So online management of this business is an excellent choice as a person can directly place an order on the online website, which will verify you through the federal gateway. This is a one-tap process and saves a lot of time for the user. Then this ammunition is directly sent to the person and only provided once the required ID is provided.

Order Limit

Currently, there is no limit in the states where ammunition is legal, but if you place a massive order for hundreds of rounds, it can create trouble. A particular department looks over buying and selling ammunition, and its red flags orders with high volume. So it’s advisable to make small orders.

People Banned From Buying Ammunition

There are specific categories of people who are banned from buying ammunition and are categorised based on their occupation, criminal history and much more.


Age Criteria

People under the age criteria of 21 aren’t allowed to carry weapons legally, and the government would take judicial action against them if found with a gun.


This includes a broad category of people, including fugitives, felons, drug addicts and marijuana users. People who consume narcotic substances (Medical purposes) or have mental disorders cannot be arrested, which is the primary reason they are not allowed to carry weapons. The list is further extended to the criminals with a history of domestic violence or aggression disorders as they can lose their conscience in aggression, so it’s preferred that they be allowed access to them.


Illegal Immigrants And Restarting Orders

Illegal immigrants from other countries residing in the US are not allowed to carry weapons as they can threaten the country’s citizens. The person with restraining orders displays that he poses a physical threat to a person, which is the primary reason they are not provided with weapons even in the case of emergency. This is further extended to the military veterans who were court martialed or dishonourably discharged from the army. The people who renounce US citizenship are not allowed to buy firearms in the country.


Ammunition is available to people to ensure they are safe against numerous threats, but sometimes people use it with malicious intentions. So the government has imposed multiple regulations to ensure they are not misused, and a series of background checks are performed for complete transparency. There are specific categories, and people who fall under these categories aren’t allowed to buy ammunition.