Ways a Weighted Blanket Can Relieve Anxiety and Improve Sleep

There is no better feeling than laying down in a bed and wrapping yourself in a soft blanket after a hard and exhausting day. You can literally feel the support and relaxation a blanket is providing you. Many people describe this feeling like they are getting a giant comforting hug. A soft, warm, and cozy blanket can instantly help you reduce your stress level and calm your whole body and mindset.

At the same time, it allows you to rest and think about nice and calming things. However, not every blanket can provide you with this type of feeling. Have you ever thought about how the weight of your blanket is and how it affects your comfortability? If something like this has never occurred to you, it is time to start thinking about it. Many people do not even realize this, but the heavy and weighted blanket can actually provide more comfort and benefits to the overall health of the person than the lighter one.

By clicking here, you can now find a wide range of different weighted blankets that comes in different sizes colors, shapes, and materials. In addition to that, everyone can find something for their own taste and preferences. Weighted blankets are in most cases filled with tiny plastic pellets that are making them heavier. Some blanket types have just a few extra pounds on them, which is an ideal option to consider if you are having small children. On the other hand, there are blankets that can have even more than 20 pounds added, and they are referred more fore adult people.

How Do Weighted Blankets Function?

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Before we start talking about how weighted blankets can help your overall physical and mental health, let’s begin by telling you how actually these types of blankets are working.

Every time we are feeling huge stress and tension, our body reacts in a way that our heart beats too quickly. The moment when you experience something like this, it is highly significant for you to look as fast as possible how to relieve your stress and start performing some helpful mindfulness techniques including deep breathing, meditating, or something else that will help you slow down your heart rate.

Now, you are wondering what does a weighted blanket have with all of this? Well, actually, you can achieve the same calming effect with this type of blanket. In other words, just a gentle pressure on your body that a weighted blanket can provide you can help you immediately calm your overall body and nerves. This weighted blanket is activating the parasympathetic nervous system in our body that has the purpose to lower our heart rate and calming us down when we are feeling an adrenaline rush and a huge amount of stress.

So, the type of therapy that weighted blanket is using is pressure therapy. With a calm and gentle pressure on your entire body, your body will get a feeling of being hugged, held, comforted, or swaddled. This will give your mind a feeling that there is no type of danger around you, that you are safe and protected. In addition to that, your body will achieve complete relaxation. However, it is important for a very person to find a weighted blank of the right size and weight, so his or her needs can be satisfied completely. Only in that way, can ideal results will be achieved. Now, let’s see how weighted blankets can help you.

What Conditions Can a Weighted Blanket Help With?

A weighted blanket can help you with anxiety

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Since we are all leading very busy lifestyles that are often full of different stressful situations, it is completely normal to expect that we can feel overwhelmed by it and experience anxiety, even a panic attack. The feeling of constant worry and stress can cause very often an increase in your heart rate. At the same time, you can experience hard and faster breathing, tension, and many other symptoms that anxiety comes with. All of these are signs that your body is burning out and that it instantly need calmness and relaxation.

In case you are experiencing these feelings on regular daily bases that are disrupting your daily life, you actually have an anxiety disorder. What can you do in those moments when you are feeling completely helpless? Excessive everyday stressful and anxious situations can make you feel your body constantly feel stressed even without a visible and real reason.

According to your environment and what your body is feeling, your autonomic nervous system is reacting. This nervous system has the purpose of controlling basic functions in our bodies including breathing, digestion, sweating, shivering, etc. In addition to that, this system is preparing your boy for stress or for rest and this is called the fight response.

Every time you are experiencing all of the mentioned, you can take your weighted blankets. The gentle pressure that it will provide you will put your autonomic system into the other – rest mode. This will reduce all of your anxiety immediately and your heart rate and breathing will get normalized because you are going to feel safe and comforted. You will get an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

A weighted blanket can help you with sleep disorders

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You will be surprised to hear how many people are facing insomnia and sleep disorder. This is completely normal since people are every day under huge stress and tension. Everyday restlessness affects sleeping. In case you are the one who is experiencing every night this sleep problems and you are finding yourself how you are constanly turning in the bed and can not fall asleep, we can help you with that.

Primarily, you should know that according to the statistics 20 million Americans are having sleep disorders from time to time, while 40 million of them are experiencing long-term and chronic sleep disorders. We can all agree that this can be very frustrated and overwhelming since we are needing healthy sleep every night so we can be rested and prepared for the next day mentally and physically. When a person can not sleep well, he is not able to concentrate on anything and complete everyday tasks successfully.

If you want to end this problem, you just need to find a weighted blanket with the right size and pressure for you. With that gentle pressure that it provides, your body will be prepared for rest because your heart rate and breathing will calm. As a result, you are going to feel completely relaxed and you will fall into sleep faster than you realize. In the long term, this will help you to get enough sleep constantly and it will at the same time help you wake up feeling refreshed.