Public Proxies 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Internet Explorers

If you’ve ever heard the term “proxy server” and are interested in what it is, you’re exactly where you need to be! In this article, we will explain the basics, 101. A proxy server acts as a go-between for your computer and the internet.

Rather than connecting directly to websites and servers, your device first connects to the proxy server, which then forwards your requests to the appropriate destination. In some cases, this approach can help to improve internet performance while also providing anonymity and security.

So, what is a proxy?

Every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address, as you probably know. A network device is identified by a numeric sequence. Computers cannot communicate with one another without it, just as a postman cannot bring you mail if he does not know your address. Additional details about you are included in an IP address, such as the provider of your internet packet, or the general location of your device.

After establishing a connection with a proxy server, you end up with a proxy, which is simply a different IP address. They give you the option to change your location and identity when viewed by websites. Proxy servers are used by administrators for a variety of reasons, and everyone has one in their own home if they’re connected to the internet.

Different kinds of proxy types

proxy types

There are four types of proxies, such as:

DataCenter Proxy: A pool of proxies that can be utilized for web scraping activities because they are less expensive. Because of their extensive use, these proxies originate from cloud service providers.

Residential IP Proxy: Using these proxies, the webmaster is unable to determine if a website visitor is a website scraper or a real person. They are more expensive than Data Center Proxies and may result in legal concerns because the owner may not be aware that you are using their IP for site scraping.

Mobile IP Proxy: These proxies, which are IP addresses of personal mobile devices, are similar to residential IP proxies. They are quite expensive and may require legal consent because they are provided by mobile network providers, whose GSM networks you may be using to scrape the internet without the owner’s full knowledge.

ISP Proxy: These are static residential proxies that are used to locate actual users and are hosted by servers in data centers. ISP proxies may combine proxy servers from data centers and private residences.

Why you’re going to love proxy servers

1. You get access to geo-blocked content


Geo-blocked content refers to any online content that is unavailable to users in specific geographic regions. As a result, you’ve come across geo-blocked content when a movie or article says it’s inaccessible in your country. What is the best example of this? Well, businesses and governments commonly use geo-blocking for their own personal use and gain.

2. You can regulate your internet usage

Businesses and parents use proxy servers to track and manage their children’s or employees’ internet usage. Businesses may put up a proxy server to block access to such websites rather than redirecting users and politely requesting that they avoid visiting them while using company resources.

3. Better overall security


A proxy server that can encrypt data and web requests significantly improves security, ensuring that no one may access this information. In order to improve security, the proxy server can also block access to sites known to contain malware. In addition to these functions, individuals and organizations can connect the proxy server to a virtual private network and utilize a remote proxy server to directly access the Internet.

Users from outside the firm can join to the company’s network remotely using a virtual private network, and the organization can monitor how easily they access resources such as email or confidential internal data. In this case, they were successful in protecting their data.

What are the advantages that one may enjoy when it comes to proxy servers?

A few advantages of using proxy servers are as follows:

  • By serving as a middlemen between a client and the necessary destinations, proxy servers improve the security of a client. The client’s identity (IP address) is hidden, enhancing their privacy.
  • Incoming traffic is managed and compressed, saving bandwidth. Additionally, it protects the network against viruses and malware.
  • Behind firewalls, access to banned content is allowed. It increases access to geo-restricted content, lowers the chance of data breaches, and provides an additional layer of protection from hackers.

What you want to know: what is the key difference between a proxy and a VPN

While both proxies and VPNs serve to conceal your online identity and location, here is how you can tell one from the other:

VPNs consistently offer maximum speed, whereas proxy speed depends on the server you connect to. VPNs are well-suited for personal use, while proxies are more appropriate for large-scale data collection in business contexts.

VPNs employ robust encryption protocols, ensuring the highest level of data security. In contrast, proxies provide only medium-level encryption or none at all. Opting for a VPN guarantees your online activities remain virtually impenetrable, safeguarding them from potential interception.

With the use of VPN, you can conceal your IP address, whereas proxies merely obscure it from the destination site. With proxies, the owner can still see your IP address, whereas a VPN ensures complete privacy and security for your online actions.

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proxy servers

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