Wet Room Shower Tray for Vinyl Flooring

The choice of shower tray should be based on the material of the floor in the wet room. This is one of the factors that will influence the selection of the right product, its practicality, functionality, aesthetic consistency, and quality of installation.

Vinyl floors are becoming more and more common in bathrooms. It has a non-slip surface, is easy to install, resistant to abrasion and damage, which is why it is very competitive with traditional tiles that are standard floors in bathrooms.

The vinyl floor also provides additional thermal insulation, which increases comfort when using wet rooms. A wet room shower tray for vinyl flooring is one of the solutions dedicated to bathrooms that have just such a solution.

  • Wet room shower tray for vinyl flooring—basic information
  • Shower tray in wet rooms for vinyl flooring
  • What should you pay attention to when installing shower trays in a wetroom shower with vinyl flooring?
  • Designed and tested shower trays in wet areas with vinyl floor

Wet Room Shower Tray

Wet Room Shower Tray

A wet room shower tray for vinyl flooring is a solution that has been properly adapted to this type of flooring. They have an integrated stainless steel linear drain and a special clamping system. This system is needed because it protects the edges of the vinyl floor from damage.

Each shower tray is made of the highest quality materials to ensure its stability, durability, and resistance to heavy loads. It is also a waterproof solution that protects the surface against water absorption and leakage. Therefore, it is a suitable solution for a wetroom shower with shower trays placed on vinyl floors.

This solution is also safe and suitable in rooms with electric underfloor heating options from wetroomsdesign.co.uk.

Such a wet room shower tray is built in such a way that its edges are thicker than the remaining surface covering the drain. Proper arrangement and a gentle slope allow the water to flow into the drain. The entire system, including the siphon, is secured with a special cover that has a decorative function, masks the contents of the solution, and ensures safety when using the shower.

Additionally, the set always includes a special hook that makes it easier to remove the cover and clean the siphon and the entire drain. Thanks to this, you can keep your bathroom clean and hygienic in a simple and quick way.

Shower Tray in Wet Rooms for Vinyl Flooring

Shower Tray in Wet Rooms for Vinyl Flooring

Wetroom shower trays are available in many sizes, so choosing a solution that suits a specific interior should not pose any problem. A properly selected shower tray will integrate very well with the vinyl floor, and at the same time ensure tightness and protect the floor against leaks.

This solution is also easy to clean and fully functional. This is an option that can be seen more and more often in new and renovated bathrooms. There are many design options that further increase the attractiveness of such a floor variant, with a shower tray dedicated to this product.

Such shower trays facilitate access to the shower, which is why this solution is safer than traditional, high-wetroom shower trays. The lack of restriction increases space and comfort while taking a shower. This product has been designed for bathrooms of all sizes and dimensions.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Installing Shower Trays?

Shower Trays Installation

The installation of shower trays in shower areas with vinyl floors requires precision and accuracy. Supporting a shower tray requires the use of the tray’s alignment with joists. It is important to purchase a complete set, with all the necessary parts and accessories to make the shower area safe, practical, and functional.

To ensure waterproofness and a high level of aesthetics, you should order a solution that will perfectly and precisely fit your bathroom. For this purpose, if the bathroom design is non-standard, it is best to order a product of non-standard sizes, made to order.

This set with a shower tray can be cut and adapted to the customer’s needs. The ability to adapt increases the durability of such a solution and efficiency for many years.

How to Select the Right Shower Tray

Choosing the correct shower tray involves several considerations to ensure compatibility with vinyl flooring and the overall design of the wet room:

  • Size and shape: Measure the available space accurately. Shower trays come in rectangular, square, and quadrant shapes to fit various configurations.
  • Drainage: Efficient water drainage is crucial in a wet room. Position the tray to align with the existing plumbing, if possible. Consider the drain’s design and flow rate capability.
  • Threshold: Opt for a level-access tray for better waterproofing and a seamless look. This setup is also ideal for accessibility purposes.

Installation Tips

  • Ensure the subfloor is level and stable. Use a self-leveling compound if necessary.
  • Before installing the tray, apply a waterproofing membrane. This layer is crucial for preventing water damage.
  • Use a high-quality silicone sealant around the edges of the shower tray where it meets the walls and floor. This prevents water from seeping through joints.

Designed and Tested Shower Trays

Designed and Tested Shower Trays

The right shower tray under a vinyl floor will give your bathroom a stylish look and add a modern touch. This solution creates a consistent, strong, and durable floor with an appropriately profiled slope that facilitates the flow of water into the sewage system and optimal drainage.

Such a shower tray placed under the discussed flooring material is a solid base that is very easy to clean and discreet. Some solutions can also be installed on a vinyl floor, but you need to make sure that the floor is even and well-leveled.

Vinyl is suitable for humid rooms, and more and more people are choosing this solution in their bathrooms. It is a base that is resistant to mold and moisture, and is also easy to clean and non-slip. To save money on professional cleaning supplies, consider using mild household cleaners that are effective yet affordable.

Installing an appropriate drainage system in conjunction with such a floor can be an effective and efficient solution.