How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Caribbean Citizenship?

It is not strange to hear that investors from all around the world are interested in investment opportunities provided in the Caribbean. There are so many great benefits that an individual can get by obtaining a Caribbean passport including security, global mobility, and most important of all – the chance to live and work in the US. If you are an investor, it is a great strategical decision to obtain Caribbean citizenship. It will offer you many financial advantages including relief from global taxation obligations.

The world economy is constantly experiencing changes, so you could never say – this is a good time to secure second citizenship. Therefore, now is just the perfect time to protect your family wealth from any financial and political pressure.

While you are in the process of searching for opportunities in the Caribbean, you should also take time to decide what you want out of your investments and get a clear vision. You must decide whether your goal is only financials, or you are seeking more out of it such as a pathway to the US. Once you define your goals, it will be easier for you to choose Caribbean citizenship that will fit your needs.

However, we can not neglect the fact that despite so great financial and investing opportunities, many people are dreaming about living on some beautiful Caribbean island. Even though this is such a small land area, it surely offers big things to the foreigners that make them want to reside there.

This incredible island holds the most amazing natural attractions and preserved ecological wonders. This means that you can enjoy paradise on earth. Adding to that appealing tropical climate throughout the whole year and diverse culture, you have a place worth investing in. Since Caribbean citizenship by investment comes with so many great advantages, we wanted to list them.

Safety and Security Are Provided


Logically, everyone wants to stay safe no matter where the person is living. We have good news for you, since no matter whether you are obtaining Caribbean citizenship for living there or to invest there, you will enjoy a peaceful place without worrying about your family’s security and safety. However, we are not talking only about physical well-being.

This is a place where your family can fit in, without any type of discrimination. You can have a promising future! There are a couple of countries that are offering citizenship by investment in the Caribbean including Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and finally Grenada. We mentioned to you some of the most powerful economic regions in the Eastern Caribbean region. These are all attractive lifestyle destinations.

Cost-Effective Investment With the Cost-Effective Citizenships

If you had a chance to compare Caribbean citizenship by investment with some others that are offered in other areas, you have noticed that the Caribbean stands for one of the most-effective options that you can consider. For example, if you decide on a Dominica passport, you can expect that it will cost under $140,000 with all fees included.

When it comes to Antigua, it offers citizenship for the main applicant and a couple of o more qualified dependents for about $180,000. The same prices are for other countries. The minimal fund contribution is $100,000. Caribbean countries offer various benefits to those investors willing to join hands with them for the purpose of economic development. Passport validity goes from five to ten years depending on the country you choose.

We have good news for you since different companies are offering guides about obtaining Caribbean Citizenship. You can find the entire process about the service and all important information onĀ


Investment can be your goal of income because tourism is the most crucial thing when it comes to the Caribbean economy. Therefore, if you decide to transform the real estate investment into a rental property, you are going to obtain both second citizenship and a consistent passive income. Best of all, this money is going to pay you off the amount of money you have invested in a short period. The combination of obtaining a second passport and investing in property in this country can be one of the wisest things you have done in your life.

You Will Enjoy Minimal Requirements

So, as we mentioned nations such as Grenada, St. Kitts, Nevis, and Dominica are not even obligating citizenship by investment program applicants in order to stay on the island to obtain citizenship. The only exception is Antigua and Barbuda that has requires at least one time visit in the five days that goes for the first five years. You can just spend short holidays and enjoy this incredible island and its beauty, which will result to achieve their requirement. When it comes to the fundamental qualification, these countries only require people to be of legal age, which means 18 years old and above. The other requirement is not to have a criminal record.

You Will Get Tax Benefits

For the investors that want to get a second passport, we have good news that refers to the tax benefits. If you decide to become a permanent resident in Dominica for instance, you will enjoy a wide range of different advantages including minimal taxation that does not include gifts, inheritance, wealth, capital gains, and foreign income tax. After that, there is a tax advantage as stipulated in the double taxation treaties Dominica. They are signed with the Caribbean Community and the US. The next benefit refers to the no restriction on capital and profits. Finally, you will get a full exemption, such as corporate tax incentives, import duties, and export allowance.

Global Mobility


One of the main things that are attracting people to obtain Caribbean citizenship stands for greater global mobility that passports from other regions can not provide. When you have such freedom of movement, you will also get greater opportunities for business growth. You will be able to easily trade and make agreements overseas.