How Long Does It Take for a Couch to Dry After Cleaning It?

Cleaning the house is necessary, as we want the things we have and the house, in general, to look exemplary. It is a place we spend a lot of our free time with those we care about, and it’s nothing unusual that we want that place to be neat. Now, some things you can clean easier and faster, but cleaning the couch is not one of them. Time is the biggest obstacle here, and many people simply don’t have time to wait for it to dry, which is why they tend to search for new ways to speed up this process, and these tips should come in pretty handy.

The average time of drying

It is difficult to say how long will one couch will need to completely dry after the cleaning because it depends on many factors. Yes, this might not be something you want to hear, but it’s just a fact and also something you should keep in mind when picking a couch for your home in the first place. Namely, some materials need less time to dry, and it is the same with the stuffing under them, but the average time that every couch will need is between eight and twelve hours. Of course, the best possible way to find out this is by asking this question when buying one, as those in charge of selling couches should know all the important facts about it, including this one.

How to speed up the drying process


Okay, this is probably the most common question, as we all want to get to the final stage as soon as possible, now more than ever before. As you can see, it will require half a day to get the couch into a usable state again, which is a lot, especially if you do not have another one to use during that period. Luckily there are some ways to speed up the drying process, but keep in mind that it is impossible to do it for an hour or two, no matter what you try. On the other hand, using a blow drier is probably the most common answer to this question, but many people make a mistake and use them with the heat on the max, which, even though it might speed up the whole process, will do more harm than good in the longer run. That is why you should always set the blow drier on a low heat rate if you really want to cut the waiting time for a couch to dry, as doing so will definitely dry it faster, and what’s even more important, it would not cause any damage to it.

Use absorbent clothes

Cleaning the couch is not an easy task since it will require some time, and you need to expect that it will be full of excess water once you finish it, which can take a lot of time to completely dry. Because of that, it is necessary to get rid of it, and the best way is to use absorbent clothes. Some of the paddles can be visible, and by using absorbent clothes, you will be able to get rid of them, which will speed up the entire drying process. Besides that, leaving too much water and paddles can cause stains, so it will be necessary to clean the couch again. In the end, to avoid double washing the couch, make sure to use absorbent clothes, as it is the only way to be certain that everything will go smoothly.

Use fans and hairdryers


Once you get rid of the excess water, you can use fans or even better hairdryers to speed up the entire process and get the couch into a usable state much faster. Depending on how powerful the device you use, it can cut the necessary time even a half, so it is the best solution for people in a hurry. Of course, this might not be the perfect solution, but it will do the trick and will not damage the couch. Another device that can also be useful is a dehumidifier, so if you have one or more of them, simply put them near the couch, and they will absorb the water. Once again, if you use blow driers, set it on low heat to avoid damaging the couch.

Take it outside

Okay, the solution doesn’t get simpler than this, as there isn’t a better way to dry anything than with natural heat, and people who live in sunny areas can take their couch outside and do precisely that, let it dry naturally. It is a great solution, especially if it is a little windy, because the combination of sun and wind will make the whole process much faster, and the best thing is that you do not need to do anything. Warm air and wind will do most of the work, and all you need to do is to place the couch outside, but even that isn’t that big of a deal if you really want to speed up this entire process. Of course, even here, taking precautionary measures is a must, and if you decide to try this solution, do not forget to cover the couch because it will protect it from UV rays and dust, as the sun can cause a color change, while the dust can make it dirty again.


Hire a professional

Although cleaning the couch can be performed at home, many people find it difficult, and they are not willing to wait until it is completely dry and back into a usable state. There is just too much work, and above all, it can be a really time-consuming job. Luckily for them, there are professionals who can do the entire job for them much faster, so they can relax and wait until it is done. They have vast experience and know precisely what kind of treatment your couch needs, so if you are one of those people who want efficient and fast results, and need a trustworthy company to make your couch looks new again, click here.