Why Do Large Files Take So Long To Download?

If you want to download anything from the internet, it won’t take much time. Do you agree to it?

If not, there are chances that you are thinking of the time when you had a large file to download, and it was taking more than ever to make it to the download section of your laptop or PC.

It causes a lot of annoyance, and not to forget the time and effort you invest in downloading the file. But does it make any difference?

Not really!

Hence, instead of being annoyed, let’s consider the possible reasons and crack the solutions. Knowing the reason for the slow download and the steps that will help fix the issue is essential.

Let’s discuss the possible reasons behind a slow download followed by some things that you can do to enhance the speed of the download. For, file size is the last thing that should impact the download speed and vice versa.

Speed Of The Internet

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So, the foremost and the most predictable reason that hampers the download speed of large files is that the internet is not working at the desired speed. The speed or the network connection is an important consideration, and if there is any issue of such a kind that can bar the download from happening at, at least, the standard speed, you should pause it.

Apart from pausing the process, you should consider the file size you plan to download. If the file size is bigger than the usual size, followed by a disrupted internet speed, the time to download will only increase.

You should keep your internet service provider in the loop and look for the possibility of the plan upgrade options. There can be chances that once you upgrade your internet plan, the download speed for bigger files improves.

The Download Server Is Down

Moving on to the next possibility related to the server speed!

It can be low, too.

It is necessary to understand that the network’s connection download limit plays a significant role in the speed at which the download of big files will happen. The download speed limits are set at different places as done by the network provider.

Once you get your hands on the applicable limitations in your area, you will be in a better position to know whether the download of big files will be possible or not. If you know that the speed is not up to the mark based on the file size you want to download, you should regulate the downloading activity.

Also, take a break if you are downloading more than a single file at a time. Go for the download of one file at a time.

The Culprit In Computer Registry

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Sometimes, your laptop or PC is the real culprit behind the slow download of a large file. It happens because the device cannot get through and read the processes. There is a high chance that the Windows is corrupted and might have been storing unnecessary files for a long time. Before beginning the process, your laptop or PC must read all files and data.

This can impact the download speed, and other functions reduce their efficiency like no other.

Hence, it is essential to check the Windows and clean it within specific time intervals.

Virus Attack

You can consider a virus attack on your computer as something that can cause a lot of damage to its functioning. It can impact the download speed, too. Viruses can impact it and result in slow performance. If you think that any function of your computer is prone to potential malware, scanning is a must.

There are many anti-virus software that you can use for the scanning process. Getting rid of the harmful process is essential that will work as an immediate improvement in the download speed, no matter how big the file size is.

Too Many Files Or Too Many Downloads

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Downloading is related to the processing memory of any laptop or computer. Hence, you should check if too many files or programming are running on your device. You should also check if they are being streamed or downloaded, which can hamper the computer’s functioning.

When you open more than the prescribed limit of files or programs, the processing memory is used, impacting the download.

When they are not in use, you should close them as it will enhance the computer’s download functions. It does not matter whether the file size is big or small.

You should also note that too many downloads should not be done in one go. It will also hamper the downloading speed. Too many downloads can bog the computer processes and systems. It will also compromise the computer’s efficiency and run at a speed less than the expected rate. In simple words, too many downloads simultaneously mean that all functions are at a halt, and you can do nothing to improve the efficiency. Downloading is a systematic process and should be done accordingly. Consider doing it one file at a time, and that’s how you will get the desired files on your computer without any backlogs, reduced speed, or compromised quality.

Sources For A Quick Download Of Big Size Files

Apart from these potential reasons, you should know a handful of sources that can help you download files of significant size even if your computer is showing a problem in functioning.

They are a hub for helping in an array of things like unlimited internet, downloads, and also, download huge files. Also, they offer high-speed fiber connectivity. Hence, the efficiency is unquestionable. You can click here to explore these sources’ advantages in the store. You can download big files seamlessly, which will not impact your device’s functioning.


Hence, no matter if you have large files to download, there are many ways through which you can do so. However, consider the reasons that hamper the download speed and fix them so there are no future issues.