Which Country Is Best for Citizenship by Investment in 2024

Having two passports is amazing. Laws in most countries allow you to have dual citizenship. But it is not an easy feat to achieve. All of us are usually born with only one citizenship, from our native country. Depending on where you live this citizenship can have many perks. If you are the US or Japanese citizen your passport is welcomed in most world countries. At the same time, some third-world countries don’t have many perks. Even European non-EU countries are not in a good position passport vise.

But, not all is lost if your goal is to attain a passport from another country. Of course, you can go abroad work, and live in some countries, and get their citizenship that way. That’s a long process, and it can take you up to a few years. In some cases in countries with strict immigration laws, this process can appear never-ending. So, what options you have left? One of the best ones is of course citizenship by investment. Do you know what this is? If you don’t, it is great that you have stumbled upon this article.

Here we are going to explain to you not only what it is, but also which country is best for citizenship by investment in 2024. Of course, we’re not going to only stay on one example, we are going to give you a list of places that are great for gaining citizenship by investing there. But first, let’s see what is this citizenship by investing.

What Is It?

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As its name suggests it is a way of attaining citizenship in certain countries. The countries we are going to list below offer programs that require you to invest in their territory, and in return, one of the perks of doing business there is going to be the right to receive their passport. Yes, this is one of the ways for you, or anyone, to become a global citizen. All you need to do is to pour some investments into the countries that have these programs. Now, it is important to understand that this is not a novelty. The first of its kind, a program that offered CBI was launched back in 1984 by St Kitts & Nevis. It is a great way to boost the local economy and attract foreign investors. The reason why many people opt for this choice is that the wait list is short, and you’ll get your passport in a matter of months. Of course, you first must invest. If you’re eager to learn more details about the requirements for this endeavor before we move on to the countries that excel in this domain you are more than free to visit https://imperiallegal.com/citizenship-by-investment.


Malta is an obvious choice. First of all, it is an EU country. Its passport gives out great perks and access to some of the world’s biggest economic powers. It is a safe pale to live and run a business. If you want to move there with family, it offers a great climate and Mediterranean cuisine. Above all else, it is an English-speaking country so you probably won’t have too big of a language barrier. Education and health are on a high level, and with a passport from this country, you can travel to more than 180 world countries. What you’ll love the most is the potential this small island has despite its size. The quality of life is on a high level, and you’ll have access to the EU both economically and geographically thanks to Malta’s position in the Mediterranean sea.

St. Kitts and Nevis

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No list of this type could be formed without the pioneers in this field in the form of St. Kitts and Nevis. Unlike Malta, where you need to live in the country to receive the passport and you need to do it for a prolonged period, this is not a requirement in this Caribbean country. Also, you will not be the only one who will receive this passport. In St. Kitts and Nevis, citizenship is intended for your entire family. Not only that you can choose the business you want to run n this country as options are abundant, but their passport gives you access to more than 150 of the world’s countries. You can trust this program as it was the first one launched and it is highly developed to this day. Also, let’s not forget; that you’ll be living in the Caribbean if you like. The climate of that region is unparalleled.


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Another Caribbean paradise on our list. Yes, you understand it by now. The countries in this region mostly have these programs. Their goal is to boost their economy this way, in addition to the tourism opportunities they undoubtedly have. Grenada looks to attract investors thereby offering very low fees for the entire process. The requirements to become an investor and later a citizen there are very low, and they’re fully open to cooperation. Their passport will allow you access to little less than 150 of the world’s countries. But, they have one large perk. Grenada is part of the E-2 treaty program signed with the United States. The only country in the Caribbean to have it signed by that matter. Also, the fact that must not be neglected is that they have open routes not only to the United States but also to Russia and China. Talk about the global market.

Antigua and Barbuda

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This is a fairly young program by the standards set by St. Kits & Nevis. Antigua and Barbuda launched theirs in 2012. But, they tend to attract investors, all the same, so attaining their passport has a few perks too. You’ll receive citizenship for your entire family, and access to more than 150 world countries. If you opt to live where the quality of life is great, there are no requirements for residency, so it is optional if you want to move to the Caribbean. It is a great choice, but we could say that for any country on this list, especially those that are from the Caribbean.