How to Transport Heavy Items and Furniture When Moving

We know that moving can be a real nightmare for you, and you are not alone in this problem. Just when you think about how many things you have to move from your old house to the new location, the headache begins. In order for this mission to be completely successful, you must create an ideal plan that will help you in the easiest and fastest way to transfer all the things you have in the home where you live. To prevent you from additional stress, today I have prepared some tips for you that can help you a lot to solve the problem of moving, especially when it comes to heavy and huge furniture. Through this article, you will manage to find the right solution, and transport your furniture without any trouble. So let’s get started.

1. Rent a vehicle


For small and tiny appliances, clothes, and decorations in the home, you can very easily transport them in your car. If it is a short distance in the same city, you can move these smaller items from the old to the new home in several trips. However, the problem arises with those bulkier items that you have, such as the seating set, bedroom closet, bed, tables and chairs, and so on. For these, you will need a larger vehicle that will allow you to transport them. For this purpose, you can easily rent a vehicle from companies that offer such services. The rental can be by the day or by distance and it would not cost you much.

2. Take measurements of the furniture

Before you start moving larger objects in the home, you must first look at their shapes as well as measure them in length and width. Maybe to get them inside you had a little help from the guys who delivered them to you. But now that you’ve made the decision to transport them to a new location yourself, you must first make a plan to get them out the door. Some of them are so big and heavy that you could hardly get them through the front door, so you have to think about the easiest way to do it without a lot of trouble.

3. Disassemble them into parts


If you have the opportunity for something like this, then the smartest thing would be to disassemble the furniture into smaller parts, because in this way you could much more easily transport it wherever you want. For example, the wardrobe, which can be too heavy, depends on its dimensions and the type of wood it is made of. It would be much easier if, for example, you remove the shelves or drawers, and unscrew the front doors. Thus, its weight will be reduced and it would be easier to maneuver outside and inside the premises of the new house. You can do the same with the sofa set, to reduce the weight remove the cushions and you will see how much easier it will be to lift it.

4. Make maximum use of the space in the transport vehicle

Renting these vehicles can be a huge expense on your pocket, so try to make the most of it while it’s available. The interior of a transport truck can be huge and enough to carry all your possessions. But you need to know how to use it wisely. Have you ever played Tetris? Arranging the furniture in the truck should look like Tetris, fitting all the pieces perfectly. This way you won’t end up with damaged pieces, as they would fit perfectly and not move during transport. And on the other hand, you will manage to save space, which will prevent you from an additional tour.

5. Protect the furniture


Although you would think that due to its size, it would be difficult to damage it, this is not the case. Even if it is hard-to-damage furniture, you still make sure to additionally protect it from any scratches and bumps. In such moments, you do not need additional stress. Before loading the furniture into the transport truck, get a protective plastic wrap or bubble wrap or you can use old blankets or sheets. Wrap the furniture with these materials to give it extra protection and load it into the vehicle.

6. Use accessories for heavy furniture

Today in online stores or regular ones, you can find additional tools for transferring heavy and bulky furniture. Such tools can be sliders that are placed under the closet or chest of drawers to make it easier to slide the furniture around the space without damaging the floor, straps that you put on your shoulders and help you lift heavier things like beds, washing machines, armchairs, etc. . Lifters on wheels that will help you with heavier objects in the home and the like. All these tools have an affordable price and you can easily get them in stores.

7. Leave it all to the professionals


If you don’t want to force yourself with heavy and huge furniture, and you would rather enjoy it than make plans on how to transport it to the new home, then we have the ideal solution for you that would save you from the troubles. You can enlist the help of the guys who would do this for you, and you can find these moving guys at We assure you that this is a company that offers impeccable service, and all you have to do is contact them and welcome your possessions to your new home. They have behind them a series of satisfied customers who have only words of praise for the professional service and affordable prices.

Moving can be an extremely difficult task, and you will need the help of someone else to complete it. I hope that through the above tips we have helped you to make your job easier and to complete the move quickly and easily. If you want to save yourself the stress and any injuries and damage to your furniture, we highly recommend you visit the link above and let the professionals do the work for you.