What is the First Thing to Do on a Moving Day?

Whenever we are supposed to switch our residence, the most bothersome task ends up being moving. There are so many things to consider like which moving company to call, how much space we’ll need, the costs of transport, and other such concerns. The sole act of packing everything can be quite exhausting too, so some things we should do could end up being relegated to the last few days of the move. Here’s how to fill in the actual day of the move and things to do for it.

Things to do on a moving day

Moving can be a rather tense time for us. There are so many moving pieces and so many pieces to move that it can get easy to forget something. This is especially true for those who need to take care of multiple rooms within a single home. There will be so many bits and pieces to take care of that some general concerns can be forgotten.

The preparation could be done well, but you’ll still have to consider some things on the day of the move. There are quite a few things to get through, but getting acquainted with them could improve the overall experience, so it’s worth a look.

Get up earlier

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It’s always good to get up early during a moving day. No matter how much organizing and packing you do, there will still be something left to do. Even if it’s just double-checking on everything, it’s good to get some extra time to do so. Lacking those few bonus hours can really leave us strained for the time when actual trucks come over to get us moving.

The time to wake up will vary depending on a few things. Two major ones being the time the transport arrives and the usual waking hours for us. If you are an early bird, there’s rarely going to be a case where you’ll need to get up even earlier. However, if you aren’t and the movers will arrive soon after your waking time, it’s usually best to get a move on at least an hour or two back.

Go through the house

The best way to make sure you don’t forget anything is by going through the house and looking around the place. If there are any unpacked things, they will be immediately apparent, and any possible changes we may not have followed through with can be spotted before it is time to move. This can save us quite a bit of worry once we are actually putting packages into the truck. You’ll have ample time to think about any missing pieces beforehand.

With this last check, we will also get a nice grasp of all of the items’ positions. We’ll know where the most fragile stuff is, making it easier for us to stash it in a way where the chance of anything inside breaking is low.

By doing so, we will also start to form an overall picture of where the loading and unloading should start from. Though many will prepare ahead for this specific part of moving, it’s often easy to get our order messed up mere hours before the truck arrives.

In some situations, it is possible to end up with unpackaged items on the day of the move. However, this is no worry for some movers as they may offer packing and unpacking in the first place. One such is Easy Peasy Removals who are flushed with various extra services that truly make the moving experience easy.

Rearrange the boxes

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Speaking of loading orders, this may be the best time to shift stuff around. While other days may be spent doing other parts of the planning for a move, the day of moving is often best spent doing some finishing touches. Among those, we count stacking boxes in a way that makes it easier for movers to load in a while keeping the standard worry of fragile ones in mind.

Usually, you want to put the most cumbersome and durable items at the front. They will be the first to be loaded generally, and by edging them closer to the doors, we will save some time and effort when the actual move commences. The fragile items should be stashed last. Usually, if you don’t have too many of them, we recommend putting all the fragile items in a single room.

We should also use this opportunity to specify what’s going into which vehicle if we are using multiple ones to transport our items. While a single truck is frequently enough for a move, some people prefer to stash more sentimental or extremely fragile items in their cars. The decision of whether you’ll do so and which boxes will be stored in our car should be carried out at this time, or at least confirmed during it. If you have time remaining, it’s good to put those in your car too. Making it easier to finish packing later.

Get the movers acquainted with the details

While we may be fully acquainted with the layout of our house and what needs to be put where, the movers won’t be. It’s most likely their first time visiting our house and the actual order in which we wish to transport items is completely unknown to them. Therefore, it is on us to get them properly acquainted with every unique detail of our particular move.

By giving movers ample information, we increase the chances of having a perfect move. The movers will have an easier time orienting themselves and knowing which room to clear first with our given instructions. Of course, it never hurts to keep an eye out on them while they work because questions may arise at any point and being around with sufficient information is the best way to make a move easier. It’s much harder to accidentally make a mistake when you are around to direct them. It helps to have a few notes about any peculiarities of our household.

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With all those details cleared, our move should be quite a simple one. As you’ve seen, most that you’ll be doing on the morning of your moving day is optimizing the positioning of the packages and making sure nothing has been left behind. Double-checking is the name of the game, and it never hurts to be certain that we aren’t leaving anything behind.

The extra aid this will give the actual movers cannot be underestimated. By having a ready bunch of packages to carry and an overall plan to work with, the work will be quickly done. This will lead to higher satisfaction for both you and them.