How to Set Any Song as Ringtone on iPhone – 2024 Guide

Due to their longevity and many years of software support, apple phones have been a popular option among the population. Not only do they last long, but they provide the cool factor as a prestigious thing people are looking for.

In order to make your phone even more personalized, adding up a ringtone of your taste is essential. With lots of options the phone provides, some of them are not well known by the users, which is the case with the custom ringtones.

In this article, we’ll talk about how can you set any song of your liking as an iPhone ringtone. This should help you distinguish your phone from the others, and significantly improve your user’s experience. Keep reading and find out more.

Get the right program


To set up a song you will first need to install the Garage Band. Most of the phones come with this application already installed. However, in case you have deleted it, or simply do not have it, proceed and install it. Be sure that you have enough storage since this app takes up around 1.5gigs.

Open the app and select an instrument

As soon as you open up the app, you’ll be met with a menu of various instruments that you can choose from. You cannot simply select a song since this program was made for music to be created, not exported as a ringtone.

When it comes to the instruments, the one you select is not important. For that reason, choose whatever you want, even the first option you see which is the piano.

Use the editor and find a loop

We are not here to play any instruments or create music, for that reason, be quick to use the editor option. This is where most of the options are located, which brings us to the looping function located at the left upper corner.

The loop function lets you import an audio material so you can edit it, or create a complete song around it. With it, we can select the song we wanted and bring it inside the Garage Band.

Have the song you wanted to be prepared


To be able to select the song you wanted as a ringtone, you will need to have it downloaded on your phone. Be sure that you are downloading a song that has no protective mechanisms. For that reason, the track must not be from any streaming services.

You can use sounds downloaded from YouTube, or the best way to get the song is by using a ringtone download service. As suggests, you need the song to be of great quality and in the right format. In addition, the track needs to last no more than forty seconds.

Find the song in the music tab

Finding the song that you’ve downloaded is done through the loop function. From there, you can find the Music option and see the tracks you have on your phone. You will be met with a couple of options from which you should select Songs.

There are located all your audio files separated in alphabetical order? To find the track quickly, just scroll to the letter and you’ll have it right away.

Select the track and cut it

After finding the track, you have to bring it to the editor of the Garage Band. This is done by holding on to the song until you are able to drag the song into the editor. Be sure to place it on the second track, not on the piano track.

The track must not be longer than forty seconds. For that reason, we need to use the trimming function. Press on the soundwaves and adjust the sliders to the beginning and the end of the loop. Although this is imprecise, you can always zoom in and adjust everything accurately.

Be sure to understand that you cannot see how long the track has become. For that reason, look at your clock or use a stopwatch. If the song does not exceed the forty-second rule, you should be good.

In case you plan on putting a sound as a notification, it should not be longer than thirty seconds so bear that in mind.

Save it


After you are done adjusting the track as you wanted, it is time to save it. This is done through the triangle located at the upper left corner, click on the ‘’my songs’’ option and your clip is saved.

Next, you should hold on to your song until you are met with a menu where you should select the sharing option. After that, you should select the middle option which is creating a custom ringtone for your iPhone. You get to write a name for your track, so you can quickly find it later.

Set the track as your ringtone

As soon as the track gets exported, you have presented an option to quickly set it up as your ringtone. You can select from putting it as a standard ringtone, or making it a notification or a text sound. In addition, you can make the ringtone specifically for a person in your contacts, to make things even more personalized.

Your new ringtone can be found in the settings where you can access it in the future in case you change the tune in the meantime, or you want to use it for other applications at the same time.


There are other methods of creating your ringtones but they are surely more complicated and require the use of a desktop device. In addition, you will have to go through lots of converting and renaming of the files which are just overwhelming.

Since we are all looking for the simplest solutions, using the Garage Band is the easiest way to make your phone personalized and come up with a ringtone of your choice. You can use this method unlimited times, and you can even create a separate tone for most of your close contacts and know who is calling at all times.