8 Useful Apps for iPhone 14 in 2024

With the introduction of the new iPhone 14, people have been going crazy. It is because of the exclusive features that iPhone 14 has.

But even with inbuilt features offered by the iPhone 14, you might still need to install applications to have an enriched experience. Having additional applications is essential for safety and personal convenience for most people.

This post has listed eight useful applications you can use in your iPhone 14 models for a better experience. Let’s start!

What Improvements Will the iPhone 14 Have?

With a well-developed camera system and other features like SOS, emergency calls through satellite, crash detection technology, and better graphic performance, iPhone 14 is a killer smartphone.

The presence of the Dynamic Island feature allows iPhone users to work on multiple tasks by offering a merged screen presence. The new iPhone 14 is a suitable product for business executives and youngsters to entertain themselves in many aspects.

They eased the option of repairability in this new phone, making it a perfect smartphone among the other phones in the market.

8 Essential Apps for iPhone 14

Source: benchmark.rs

Here’s the list of the apps. I hope you find an app that would be useful for your everyday routine. We think all these apps are worth your attention.

1. 1password

The 1password application, a famous digital vault, is used to manage your passwords and secure your personal information in a digital storage space that other people, including hackers, can not access.

It keeps track of all your passwords and acts as a form filler while working on the internet. They haven’t got hacked yet, and the infrastructure protects the data regardless of the breach. Everyday hackers are getting better and better so modern problems require modern solutions even in the cybersecurity sector.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the favorite apps of all-time iPhone users. With the help of this application, you can relocate all your files and folders into the cloud system and share them with your team members for work-related purposes.

It provides an initial 2GB of free space, and you can purchase more in the future.

3. iCall recorder

Among many iPhone applications in the market, having a personal recorder app on your iPhone is essential for business and personal purposes. With the new iCall recorder application, you can record all your phone calls and analyze them later for various purposes.

For instance, you may record a meeting on call and re-listen to the recording to note important points. Or when you are on vacation, you can record the calls only to listen to them later more mindfully.

Similarly, you can also use it to record prank calls, or threat calls for reports and complaints.

iCall is probably the best call recorder app for iPhone out there. It has exclusive features for recording calls and downloading options that allow you to save the data for future usage. Check here for more information.

4. Strava

Source: apple.com

The Strava application is a well-known fitness application created and used by athletes. People use this application to connect athletes performing the same fitness activities like cycling, running, and other options in the market.

It allows them to share their track record along with their experience. It also provides you with a detailed analysis of your regular progress along with Global heat map features.

5. Adobe Lightroom

The concept of photography is not restricted to cameras anymore. The new iPhone 14 has an improved camera system and assists features like Adobe Lightroom to alter and edit the photos according to your wish. You can copy and paste your filters, create present and share photos directly to social media and

It has some advanced editing features that allow you to create the best shots with photo management. It is better than Adobe Photoshop and permits you to save photos without a save as an option button.

6. Microsoft Outlook

Like Gmail and other email applications, Microsoft has Outlook, which allows you to maintain a personal email account along with a calendar.

It is also a data management software that permits you to manage your tasks and contacts with email management in a single place. It is most suitable for people with hectic schedules on their backs.

7. Duolingo

If you are a language enthusiast, you can install this application to learn multiple languages in a single place. From English to Spanish, there are 30 plus languages available for you to learn from this American application. Along with learning, you also attend the test and gain certificates that support your future job. You can practice vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with this application. By the way, if you are a fan of Games of Thrones, you can learn High Valyrian in Duolingo too!

8. Giphy World

Source: kudaveceras.com

The current trend is more about sending GIFs rather than messages. So to support your interest in GIFs, you can install this augmented reality (AR) application for further Communications. It comes with a tutorial that allows you to understand more about the app and how to use your camera effectively by introducing GIFs.


All these applications given above are just a sample of what you can use to enhance your experience with an iPhone app. There are other iPhone applications that you can use to improve your experience and make it a better choice. With the safety apps like iCall recorder and digital vaults, you can make the experience better and safe even if you lose the iPhone.