How to Buy the Perfect Lingerie & Underwear for Your Type of Body?

Every woman’s body is amazing and beautiful. Wearing lingerie can make your figure look appealing, sexy, and attractive. But you cannot buy it randomly without knowing your body type. The shape of women depends on the size of three main parts, i.e., hips, shoulders, and waist.

There is no role of weight in defining the shape. Before shopping, you must know your physique type and what type of lingerie will look perfect on you. The following write-up will discuss different types of body and how you can buy the perfect underwear and lingerie set.

It is necessary to analyze the shape and size of your frame parts to determine the perfect shape. When you determine the shape, you can easily buy the lingerie that will make you look more confident, sexy, and appealing. There is a massive collection of lingerie from which you can choose the perfect ones per your shape of body.

Lingerie Types

It is a special undergarment that is more appealing and sexy than essential undergarments. While searching for lingerie, you can find different categories in it. Click here to explore other types and purchase any suitable one. Before buying as per your figure, you must know all popular lingerie sets.

1. Bustier


It is a breast enhancement lingerie that pushes your breasts upward and gives them an enhanced look. If your breast size is small, you can prefer this bra set. Your enhanced breasts will look seductive and appealing.

2. Corset


The primary purpose of wearing a corset is to give a smooth finish to your waist. It is an ancient tradition for women who need to get a slim waist and enhanced upper and lower figure. You can get the contracted and seductive look below the chest to the hip.

3. Teddy


You can consider a teddy like a bathing suit where you must wear a single piece. You can get teddy style in materials like lace, leather, etc. In Teddy, you can explore different styles available with cuts on different sides. You can choose any color or design that you like.

4. Garter Belt


You can also call it the suspender belt. There is a belt made with lace which is wrapped on your waist. There can be lace or any other delicate material. If you want an enhanced look, you can prefer the leather belt and wrap it around the waist.

5. Baby Doll


It is an impressive lingerie set perfect for women with broad shoulders as it helps flatten them. A skirt is attached to the single piece, giving a flare look to the hip area. If you want a flirty look, you can choose the baby doll style.

6. Negligees


It comes in a gown design, and you can wear any sexy undergarments under the gown. The material is close to transparent, giving any woman an impressive and seductive appearance.

7. Camisole


You can prefer buying a camisole made up of silk or satin. If you have sexy legs, then you can show them off by wearing camisoles. The upper and lower parts are available in the same color, and you can prefer them on summer nights.

8. Chemise


It is like a short dress which you can also use as shapewear. You can prefer the shimmering silk material for a more enhanced look. It is suitable for almost every figure type, especially for women with long legs.

9. Body Stocking


It is a one-piece that looks like stockings that cover your entire body. You can prefer any transparent material like lace or fishnet. It is pretty delicate, and you must wear it carefully. By wearing it, you can reveal your entire figure.

10. Slip


You can prefer to buy a slip made up of silk and satin. You can wear any panties like seamless, G-string, V-shape, boxer, etc. A slip is a one-piece that looks perfect on broader shoulders with a small waist.

Different Types of Shapes of Body

1. Triangle

Women with a triangle-shaped body have wider hips with smaller shoulders. When it comes to appearance, it looks pretty balanced and sexy. It is necessary to pay attention to your figure upper part, i.e., breasts.

Therefore, you should prefer the bustier lingerie style. You must pick the lace or fishnet option as it can enhance the lower figure. It should be perfectly fitted from the breasts, giving the hips a smooth and flow finish.

2. Hourglass

It is a proportionate body shape with the same sized shoulders and hips. The waist here is small, and it is considered the perfect shape. You can choose any lingerie for this type of figure. The best options are corset, teddy, garter belts, etc., which are perfect for a slim waistline.

3. Rectangle

You can call it an athletic body without any curves. It is a slim body with the exact body part measurements. You must choose lingerie that helps define curves and gives you a sexy look. Push-up bras will help give your breasts a bustier look and enhance your upper figure.

4. Inverted-shaped Triangle

It is an opposite type of triangle body. Here, women have large shoulders and tiny hips. Now, you need to pay attention to the lower part of your physique. To enhance your hips and appear hot, you must choose lingerie that makes your shoulder small, and it is possible in a teddy. You can get a sexy and confident look if you choose the perfect lingerie.

5. Apple

In this shape, the bust size and hip size are large. Almost every lingerie type suits this shape. But if you want to get an enhanced look, then it is better to wear shapewear to make your curves appealing. It is better to prefer a baby doll for proper fitting.

Final Thoughts


You must know your figure’s perfect shape and size before shopping for any lingerie set. Make sure that you analyze your body and know the proper fitting. Right lingerie will help in looking sexy, confident, and appealing. Therefore, be wise while shopping for anything sexy.