Land of Promise – Celebrating a Historic Re-Nomination

Today our delegates have gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina for the 2020 Republican National Convention to formally re-nominate President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Michael R. Pence. This convention amplifies President Trump’s promises and the unbreakable hope of the American people. Together, we are upholding the longstanding American tradition of a party convention with the promise of making history.

As Americans have for every challenge in our 244-year history, when struck by the heartbreak of this pandemic, countless patriots answered the call and promised to protect and serve their fellowman.

Our health care professionals and first responders have been miracle workers through their unyielding resolve and selfless compassion. Our essential workers — grocers, farmers, teachers, transportation workers and countless others — are courageously keeping this country running.

Our American business owners have innovatively made PPE, taken drastic steps to stay or re-open and have taken care of their employees in unprecedented ways. Our families have navigated unchartered territory as working parents have sought creative solutions for childcare and alternative schedules that prioritize the safety of their loved ones. Our local law enforcement and American soldiers have continued putting their lives on the line to protect us.

Donald J. Trump

The men and women of our nation are standing in the gap for their brothers and sisters as they lift up the hurting and care for their neighbors, and they deserve a leader who will promise to stand in the gap with them over the next four years.

President Trump has never wavered in his promise to stand with the American people. He has championed the American worker through the Paycheck Protection Program and continues to fulfill his promise to keep America First. He acted early and decisively to mitigate potential harm and has continued proactive steps to protect and equip the American people during this pandemic.

Today, we celebrate the re-nomination of an American President who will be remembered in history as the one who kept his promises and paved a way forward even in the most challenging of times. The land of promise remains the United States of America, and with President Trump leading her people, we always will be.