7 Tips For Renting Sound And Lighting Equipment For Your Next Event

Sound and lighting are such small words, but they have an immense impact on any occasion or event. They literally hold the power to make or break the vibe of an event. If you think that it is over-hyped, think about conducting an event with no lights or sound effects. How boring does this sound?

So, now that you are convinced that sound and light are necessary for different events let’s understand that getting your hands on the right one is important. Sound and light equipment helps various events in the following ways:

  • It caters to the technical requirements and delivers what the event managers and guests expect.
  • Sounds are important for various events like acts and performances, weddings, parties, etc. Also, sound systems are important for simple events and gatherings like birthdays. Ensure that you are getting the right size of the sound system based on the venue and audience.
  • Both of them help in enhancing the mood of the visitors and render an excellent guest experience.

The sound and lighting equipment is needed till the events last. So, it is better to rent them rather than buy them and let them deteriorate as you stop using them until the next event.

With all things sorted, here are some tips that will help you rent the best equipment for an upcoming event.

  • Don’t Shy Away From Asking Questions

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So, the first thing to know is that you will have many questions in your head while planning to rent the equipment. The questions will be more if you rent equipment for the first time. And so will be the fear of judgment. So, no matter how weird it feels, you should come out of your shell to ask any question. You will put money into the equipment and pay security against the fear of the damage that can happen on the main day; hence, all your queries deserve a proper answer.

Some common queries that you can add to your list of queries are as follows:

  • Does the equipment of choice fit the rental budget?
  • Does it suit the event space or not, and are the features in the right place?
  • Does any part of the equipment help with the installation process or not?
  • Is there any availability of color schemes or overall schemes?
  • Plan Your Lighting Designs

If you are planning an event, you need a solid plan. You won’t be able to rent or buy equipment until you have a strong plan. If you are struggling with the designing process and details, you can turn to using enhanced technology. Technology is important in lighting placements and the sound effects in place and with ease. However, if you don’t want to use some skills of your own, you can use a drawing or a sketch.

The idea behind going for layouts is that you can have a proper account of other things that should be at the event venue apart from sound and light products. It will also help you prevent potential mistakes that can happen without a plan or sketch.

  • Explore Your Options With LEDs

It is quite possible that whenever you reach out to a rental service provider, they will show you some LED light options. Too. They are an excellent option as they are environment-friendly and generate less heat compared to the traditional ones. Also, they offer a cost-effective approach. You can also think of combining traditional and LED lights. If you want to explore your options, you can check out here.

While selecting the rental service provider, you should also ask them about the cost. This is a major confusion whether the selected service provider is including everything in the rental amount or wants to charge for shipping, labor, and other preparation charges.

  • Know The Areas That You Are Interested In

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Events are unique, so the area of interest for the placement of the sound and lights should also be unique. For some people, the setup can be a simple stage. For others, it can be all huge and blingy. Hence, it can include dance floors, tables, bars, food and buffet tables, followed by others like the seating tables. So, once you have an idea about the interesting areas, you will be better positioned to choose the best rental source.

  • Play With Colors And Search For Similar Need Providers

Events can emit an off vibe if similar lights and warm tones are used at all places. Try to decode some of your recent visits and recall the kind of lighting and sound present at different places. None of it was similar to one other. Each event has a different venue, vibe, decoration, audience, and space. Hence, colors are a must. If you are in touch with a rental service provider for sound and lights, you should check what they have, and don’t forget to go for a trial.

But don’t forget to work on some strategies. Lights and sound are important to create an optimistic sense and dramatic vibe matching the occasion with their help.

  • Connecting Sound And Light With The Venue

You should keep in touch with the rental service providers and ask if they can offer planning assistance. Also, you can reach out to the venue and connect the equipment. It will help you see the connections and if you need to make any alterations before the final run. You should plan everything ahead of time so that there are no shortcomings.

  • Have As Much Fun As You Can With Them

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Designing and equipment usage is all things nice, and you should not forget to have fun with them. Don’t forget to be unconventional, as it will be the event’s highlight. Everything will be a no-no until you try, and once you do, creative ideas will hit you automatically.


Consider these tips before you rent sound and lighting equipment, for they will never make you make a wrong choice. Also, they will help your event be a hit!