Try These 8 Tips If Essay Writing Limits Your Creativity

Writing essays is a long, continuous, and never ending process in itself. No one wakes up one day and knows exactly how to write a perfect piece without breaking a sweat. Writing is a creative process. Any creative process also requires tons of practice and patience.

Quickly, you will find that some essays will be easier to deal with, and others will be an excruciating experience to write. Arguably, essay services like can help deal with most of the assignments and provide an example of why you struggle with papers. Writer’s block often happens when you feel that the essay limits your freedom and demands you to follow precise instructions. On the other hand, you can also feel stuck when you are given too much freedom.

Everything depends on how you are used to approaching your writing and what works for you. You need to give yourself enough space and avoid last-minute writing to overcome creative blocks. Here are some suggestions on how to use essay writing to your advantage.


1. Get the best advice from a professional

We all experience the dread of not understanding what to do with an assignment. Instead of waiting for a spark of inspiration and torturing yourself, try to find an essay writing service and order a paper. It may not get you through your course in the long run, but it will help you get through a challenging assignment that limits your creativity. It is one of the best ways to learn to manage assignments you don’t know how to write or research.

You can additionally ask for an outline. You can use it as a template for similar papers in the future. Some essays are there just to be written and forgotten. An experienced essay writer knows these situations well and won’t disappoint you.

2 .Meditate and breathe


Meditation, mindfulness, and breathing are students’ best friends during their college years. You can use a quick breaks system to breathe and focus or dedicate a specific routine for meditating. Specialists suggest starting your day with meditation, but you can meditate whenever you need to ground yourself. It will help you to avoid burnout and emotional overload when you can’t deal with something.

Once you adopt this habit, you will notice that many issues stop feeling like a catastrophe. The reason you feel you can’t get your creative zest is distress. When you are distressed, your brain can think only about surviving the life-threatening situation (even if there’s no such situation, it feels like it). No wonder essays sometimes feel like a nightmare – your brain can’t tell the difference.

Once you master the art of meditation, any task will look easy-peasy. When you have control over your ideas and writing process by calming your reactions, you get over creative block. Meditation and breathing are overall good practices to add to your daily routines. The results are not instant, but you’ll see the difference in the future.

3. Write everything down

One of the best ways to challenge your creativity if you are stuck is to write everything down. Many overlook this strategy and wait until they feel ready to start writing. As a result, nothing is done, and you feel frustrated. Instead, when you have a break, take a notebook with you or get an app where you will make notes.

When writing, many people jump right into the process. For some people, this approach is perfect as they have a vision of what points they want to make. For others, it only creates more confusion. Try to start with small steps and small ideas surrounding your topic.

4. Turn down all distractions

Sometimes, essay writing is not the only thing that can stand between you and creativity. The best way to restore your ideas is to eliminate distractions. Shut your smartphone down, cancel some of your plans with your friends, and concentrate on your goals. Don’t forget to have short breaks and snacks to boost your creativity.

However, if you are more of a team player, you can ask your friends to come over to brainstorm ideas. It still means that you won’t be watching movies or playing video games but studying. In some cases, having someone around who is productive can encourage you to focus on your writing and find the right idea.

5. Have more rest


Many students forget that their daily routines impact their creativity.  You might think it’s again a neverending lecture about not going out every day and being boring. Going out and socializing is significant for your creativity. Yet, you need to care for your health to stay at the peak of your performance.

If you don’t have enough rest, you end up with the worst creative block. Having a healthy routine, a balanced diet, and exercising will boost your creative thinking process. You will thank yourself for balancing your social life with healthy practices.

6. Change your perspective

What if something that limits your creativity can be used to boost it? Some people see more opportunities when they are limited in resources or time. It challenges them to find new ways out of the situation. All you need to do is identify the problem, access the possibilities, and apply the solution.

Everything depends on what holds you back. Strict instructions help you to focus on what your professor expects to see. On the contrary, a topic that is too broad is a chance to explore the subject from a less obvious perspective.

7. Get inspiration from another activity


It is always a good idea to switch your attention to different activities when you feel stuck. For instance, you can dedicate an hour or two to painting, learning a musical instrument, or crocheting. Whatever makes you interested can redirect your attention and give you additional sources for inspiration. The best solutions to problems come when you are focused on something different.

8. Do more research

Many people do quite a surface-level search in Google when preparing for writing. If you feel uninspired, it’s because you find the topic boring. When you consider a bit more research, you can turn even the most boring topic into something you will love to learn more about.

The bottom line

Unfortunately, not every essay will excite you and keep you glued for hours to Google. You can make it easier by looking for less-known facts about the topic and digging deeper. Yes, you also can pay for essay and learn from the paper you get.

There are plenty of ways to reignite your creativity when you feel stuck. The main point is not to give up when you feel pressure.