10 Best Muscle Building Foods for Gaining Lean Muscle

Having a lean muscular body is anticipated by many but is worked for by a few. But, all exercise without a healthy diet can waste all the pain. Some gym lovers prefer protein supplements to gain that muscle, while others prefer natural dietary changes. When it comes to matters of a fit body, it is best to consult a professional who can recommend the right kind of supplements and diet to get that sculpted body. You can visit here if you want assistance regarding muscle-building food as per your body.

One can make some tweaks in the dietary patterns to accelerate muscle gain by adding the following products to the diet :

  • Eggs

Source: healthline.com

Eggs are a rich protein source and fulfill the amino acid requirement of the body. While many trainers recommend eating only egg whites, studies have proved that eating a whole egg is more beneficial for the body, which fulfills protein demands as well as vitamins, iron, and zinc. One needs to eat at least three Whole eggs post-workout for a healthy body.

  • Beef

Fresh lean beef is a high protein source but should be consumed in moderation as it also has high cholesterol and fats. The beef varieties are also different when it comes to providing proteins. The cattle which have been grass-fed are an incredible protein source with fewer calories compared to others.

  • Soybean

It is one of the cheapest dietary protein sources and offers an almost equivalent nutritious value as animal protein. It is a healthy addition to the vegan diet. The soybean is consumed in its Whole form in Asia, while its processed forms are present in Western countries. The soybean is also rich in Vitamins, phosphorus, and Iron, making it a perfect fit for women who usually suffer from iron deficiency owing to menstruation.

  • Almonds

Almonds are one of the favorite tree nuts with a high consumption globally. They are rich in proteins, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin E, and fats. It keeps sugar levels in the body at an optimum level, assists in regulating blood pressure, and the antioxidants protect the body from diseases. In 28 grams of almonds, there are 6 grams of protein, contributing significantly to the daily protein requirements of the bodybuilders.

  • Sweet Potato

Source: greatbritishchefs.com

Although it is beneficial for everyone, it is a must to have in a bodybuilder’s diet. It is packed with carbohydrates that are essential for muscle building. It satiates one’s hunger and satisfies the cravings for sweets that one sacrifices for training. Its antioxidant properties help one get rid of toxins that hamper muscle growth. For those who want to gain weight, sweet potato is the option to do the same without gaining unhealthy fats.

  • Quinoa

One thing that stands out in quinoa apart from being protein, vitamin, and magnesium-rich, is that it is gluten-free, which makes it easy to digest. It is enriched with antioxidants and is often labeled as a complete protein and a must-have for people who work out. It is a rich source of carbohydrates and helps in body healing post-workout.

  • Greek Yoghurt

It has a high value of protein, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12 apart from other nutrients. It is available in two variants, flavored and unflavored. If you want to gain muscle or lose weight, it is recommended that you take unflavored yogurt. The flavored yogurt comprises additional fat and sugar increasing calorie intake and reducing nutritional value.

It is a boon for lactose or dairy intolerant people due to its low lactose content. Dairy products like yogurt boost gut health by being rich in probiotics, which holds true for greek yogurt too.

  • Spinach

Everyone was fascinated by Popeye, his muscles, and his can of spinach. It is enriched with Vitamin K improving bone health, Vitamin A improving immunity, and antioxidants to reduce inflammation and diseases. It is rich in fiber, providing adequate roughage to the body and improving digestion. Since it is low in calories, people can consume it in sufficient quantity without worrying about calorie intake. People need to supplement spinach with carbohydrate-rich food before a workout to make it more effective.

  • Chicken Breast

It has a very high protein content compared to the fat present, making it a good energy source for muscle gains. It is rich in selenium, zinc, iron, and vitamins and is a must-have in dietary routines. Its cooking versatility makes it a highlight for those who want to cut their diets yet have delicious meals.

  • Tofu

Source: badmanners.com

Another rich protein source for vegans, tofu supports a lean body with high muscle gain. It is a good option for reducing cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, and helps in weight loss. It is rich in isoflavones and is antioxidant-rich, making it a complete protein for vegan diets.

Are protein supplements healthy?

Many people prefer to take protein powders to fulfill their muscle-building requirements. These people include either those who are limited in terms of diet options or those who want to gain muscle in a short period. There are multiple supplements available in the market namely whey, casein, etc. These supplements can be a healthy addition to the existing diets of many. It boosts immunity, satiates hunger faster and for a prolonged period, reducing the necessity to consume more calories, fulfills the daily nutrient requirement of the body, and helps one recover from post-workout stress. A great place to start is https://bulksupplementsdirect.com/.

However, one needs to remember that artificial alteration of nutrient balance in the body without proper supervision can prove fatal. One should consult a professional dietician and trainer before consuming any nutrient supplements and have their intake in moderation.


The food items mentioned above hold not only for those who are gaining muscles but for everyone who wishes to be fit and happy. Focus on dietary patterns is essential to be healthy, active, and disease-free and strengthen the body from workout injuries. Supplementing these items with a hardcore workout regime will give you that sculpted body you crave in no time.