7 Best Nightclubs In Sydney To Dance The Night Away

Every once in a while, people want to take a break from work, and they want to enjoy cool cocktails and appetizers, and let their hair down on the dance floor. After toiling for hours, a fun-filled night of music, dance, and hitting the bar is what exactly people want to have. For them, the nightclubs are the perfect place to enjoy food, drinks, and dancing from the evening till the early morning.

And particularly if one is in Sydney, a city known for its vibrant and exciting culture and lively nightlife, and have not visited the captivating nightclubs, they will repent forever. Also, if you are looking for a dancing partner to accompany you for the night, you can go to elitemodelescorts.com.au.

Here is a broad list that covers some of the most iconic Sydney bars to modern-day LGBTQ-friendly bars.

7 Best Night Clubs In Sydney To Watchout For

1. Club 77

Source: hospitalitymagazine.com.au

It is one of the most iconic and oldest running restaurants in Sydney. The club is located at 77 William Street, Darlinghurst in New South Wales. The club promises great electronic music and stunning disco jockeys along with a decor that is predominantly red-light lit. They are open all days of the week from 6 pm onwards; however, on weekends, the club opens a little later, at around 10 pm.

Club 77 has happy hours from 6 to 8 in the evening. The menu includes all-time classics like Cosmopolitan, Margaritas, Martinis, and Long island iced tea, and the dance floor sees regular dance-offs.

The staff is super-inclusive, and the flexible payment methods make it a great hangout for Sydney’s party lovers.

2. The Junction

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Another iconic nightclub of Sydney is the Junction, located at 195 Oxford Street, New South Wales, around the Bondi area. It is open from 5 in the evening to 2 at night. They specialize in Asian cuisine, and their spring rolls and baos are absolutely worth trying.

They are a multipurpose venue, and they run art exhibitions and late-night gigs apart from having a rocking live music counter that plays the chartbusters. The entry is free till ten at night, and the price suits the pockets of the party-goers.

3. Stonewall

Source: misterbandb.com

Located at Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, New South Wales, the Stonewall is a gay bar in the heart of Sydney. They are one of the pioneers of gay-friendly bars in Sydney. They have fun-filled activities tailored specifically for the LGBTQ guests, like a weekly drag show.

Apart from this, one can visit this place if they love karaoke nights and want to have a great time in a good ambiance. The club remains open on all seven days of the week from noon onwards.

4. Goros

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Goros, located at 84/86 Mary Street, Surrey Hills in New South Wales, promises to serve a varied palette of Japanese food and beverages for their guests. Their spicy Korean Kimchi and Tofu in tempura sauce are some plates one may relish.

The background music makes people nostalgic about the 90s era, and fun activities like Karaokes allow them to make some great memories with their group of friends. At Goros, one can easily redeem gift vouchers by showing the voucher to a staff member when making a purchase at the restaurant or the bar.

Goros can also be a perfect venue to host parties, and for throwing a party at Goros, one simply has to visit their website and fill in a form. The availability of ample parking space and disabled-friendly bathrooms makes this place a huge hit among Australians. Goros opens at around 5 pm and remains closed on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and some public holidays.

5.  The Cliff Dive

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The Cliff Dive is located in the basement of 16/18 Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. Cliff Dive is an underwater-themed nightclub. Being an underwater-themed bar, colorful fishes decorate the ceilings of the club.

Guests can dress up in their beach wear while visiting the Cliff Dive club. The music that plays here is a mix of different styles of music from Jazz to Rock. On Sundays, they have a special DJ event called KODE.

They offer an exotic tropical menu with drinks named Jungle Bird and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, and the food menu includes dishes like Rumble In The Jungle, which has assorted greens with mushrooms and feta cheese. In fact, their menu includes rums from the islands of the world like Barbados, Bermuda, and Australia.

There is free entry at the Cliff Dive before 10 pm. They remain open from 8 pm to 3 am. They have a spacious dance floor so people can dance the night away without stepping on each other’s shoes. The club has a reasonable entry fee of $15, and ample seating space ensures that waiting times are typically short.

6. Low 302

Source; broadsheet.com.au

The Low 302 is a cocktail bar at 302 Crown Street in Surry. The bar remains open from Wednesday to Sunday from 7 pm to 2 am and offers a wide range of dishes from South East Asian to Middle Eastern fares.

The Low 302 plays live music for its guests, and booking the place for a group event like throwing a birthday bash can be done by simply visiting their website.

7. Home

Source: concreteplayground.com

This place is large with enough space that can accomodate even a shopping mall. Here more than 2000 people can dance at a time. It has several club rooms spread over three levels and a terrace from where one can enjoy the views of Cockle Bay. It is situated in Darling Harbour, and the club remains open on weekends from 9 pm to 3 am.


These are some of the most exemplary nightclubs that Sydney has to offer. They have cuisines from all over the world; their special mocktails and cocktails have great ratings on Google My Business listings. Added to this, their ambiance, LGBTQ and disabled-friendly staff, and affordable price make them an instant hit among party lovers.