What is the UK Family Visa Processing Time?

Making sure that you and your family are prosperous and in the best possible situation is something that every person wants to achieve in their life. Thriving on all fields and living in a place where you see a positive future for the kids does not seem like a lot to ask for, but still hundreds of millions of people never get to experience it. Hundreds of millions more are looking to make a permanent move from their home country and immigrate somewhere better and more promising in an effort to pick things up and create a better life for themselves and the ones they hold dear. It takes a lot of courage and a huge sacrifice to pick everything up and leave but oftentimes people do it because it is still easier and more sensible than staying. When that moment comes, there is no looking back but only forward and the question arises of which country to aim for and immigrate to.

Choosing the UK

One of the countries that is the most welcoming as well as the most popular as an immigration destination all over the world is the United Kingdom. Due to its colonial and imperial history and the amount of exploration it has done in the past, the UK is connected to many areas in the world and has ties with many countries, regions, and peoples. Therefore, when the citizens from these places feel the need to look for a better life and go somewhere else for work, they instantly think about the UK. It also helps that English language has established itself as the main foreign language on the planet so where better to go than where it originates from? There are many great things about living and working in the UK but in order to even go there, let alone live there with your family, you will need the right visa.

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In this article we talk about moving to the United Kingdom and how to obtain one of the most popular types of visas that exist, the UK Family Visa. It is not an easy process and there is a lot that needs to be done. People are usually most concerned with the processing times and how long it takes for the visa(s) to be done. Worry not as we have all the information you need right here. Read on to find out more about this and be sure to also check out https://imperiallegal.com/media/articles/fiancee-visa-or-marriage-visa-what-visa-you-need-to-marry-in-the-uk.

What Is It and Who Can Apply?

So what is the family visa and how is it any different from other visa types that exist? What does is cover and most importantly, why is it the right choice for you? This visa category issued to people who would like to make a permanent move and start a family life in the UK together with their whole family. The family includes the partner and the children, as well as other immediate family members in certain situations. There are different ways to get a family visa for the United Kingdom which offers a lot of different possibilities depending on the specific scenario in which candidates find themselves.

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First of all, one can get a family visa if their spouse or partner is already a resident of the United Kingdom. This is the most common way through which families are issued these documents. Parents and children of UK residents can also get family visas without an issue, which is great because multiple generations of the family can to the same country together. Widowed partners of former residents can also get it, as well as separated spouses and partners. Sickened, disabled, and/or elderly relatives who require long-term care from a resident of the United Kingdom are also issued family visas.

While many different types exist, one must still qualify for a visa before they can even think about applying. The rules and guidelines are simple and they make sense. Mainly, if you are already in the country and either have a work visa or a student visa, you cannot get the family visa. In addition to this, if you are currently living inside of the country on a visitor visa and can only spend 6 months at a time in the UK, you are not eligible for the family visa. Marriage visas do not apply to this rule, nor do there exist limitations if you are waiting on a divorce to be processed or a family matter to be resolved.

What is the Average Waiting Time?

Now that you know everything about the family visa in the UK, let us talk about the processing time and how long you will have to wait to get it. When you submit your application online, there are two scenarios. You can either attend a visa application center where you need to have your fingerprints scanned and photograph taken, or you verify your identity through the UK Immigration App. When one of these two things is over, the processing starts.

Family UK visas typically take longer to process than most of the other visa types. It generally takes around 24 weeks for a decision to be made and for the immigration authorities to get back to you. This means that from the moment you finish with all the paperwork and once you submit everything, it takes the authorities between 5 and 6 weeks at least to process everything, evaluate you and your family members as possible candidates, and get back to you with an answer.

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It is a long time to wait but there is a lot to unpack as well as numerous candidates to go through. If you are sure that things will go well and that you should have no trouble getting the documents in the end, these 168 or so days are plenty of time for you and yours to plan the trip and to figure out the logistics of the move. It can be a blessing in disguise too since you will have enough time to get all of your affairs back home in order before you leave for good.