7 Maternity Gift Ideas For First-Time Moms 2024

From embracing the new stage of life to juggling the changing body, lifestyle, and midnight demand of your baby for feed, new mothers have more than the obvious things to manage. The feeling of becoming a mom cannot be described in words, and it teaches you a new form of selflessness.

There is no age for pampering, and when a girl becomes a new mother, she deserves all the love and pampering. The pregnancy journey can be both lovely and challenging. So, it’s time for you to take the plunge. Sometimes, a bit of PDA does not do any harm. Hence, if your friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, or sister-in-law has turned into a first-time mom, here are some maternity gift ideas that they will love.

1. Sleep-on Eye masks

From early mornings to midnight entertainment marathons to put the baby to sleep, mothers go through many things which leave them tired. The tiredness is quick to come to the face, leaving the eyes swelled and puffy. So, what’s better than gifting the new moms cute eye masks to keep the eyes rested and reduce puffiness? It helps to calm the skin around the eyes and does not undereye bags or hamper them. They are available in different cloth materials and types. You can see what you like and gift accordingly.

2. Self-Care Kit

Source: cratejoy.com

Depending on the trimester the lady is in, you can customize a self-care kit for her and gift her. Also, if she has delivered the baby, you can gift something useful for post-delivery care and combine it with the baby hampers. Here are some things that you can consider putting in the hamper if the delivery has yet not happened:

  • Prenatal multivitamins
  • Some ginger drops can help in resolving the morning sickness problems
  • Back pillow
  • Maternity belly bands
  • Slide slippers
  • Wrist bands for relief and acupressure
  • Bio oil for stretch marks

If the delivery is done, you can choose anything amongst the following:

  • Disposable products
  • Ice packs for relief
  • Perineal sprays
  • Some skincare products like moisturizers and lotions
  • Wet wipes
  • Hair care products like essential oils, shampoos, and conditioners

3. Keepsafe Boxes

Once the baby arrives, there are so many things that parents, extended family, and friends gift to the baby and new parents. In all these big boxes and gifts, the small and essential items for the kids tend to roll over and reach some spot that is difficult to find again. Here’s presenting the keepsafe boxes. New moms are going to love it. Are you wondering what makes these boxes so special?

So, the thing about these boxes is that it helps mothers store all the little things in place. Also, if you gift it to a pregnant mom, it will be useful for her first and later for the baby. The box can help store the medical history reports and sonographies. It can store onesies, baby clothes, and other memories the mother would like to store.

4. Baby Record Books

Source: rockmyfamily.co.uk

Everything about the pregnancy journey, delivery, and raising the child with the person one loves is special. What if you find something that will help you record all these special moments?

If you are still wondering about the presence of something like this in the market, here’s introducing you to baby record names. From the name you decide for your baby to the first kicks, the name, and other special moments of your baby, this book will help you record everything. These have the oh-so-adorable vibe, and you can never get enough of them if you read them n number of times. These record books are age-specific; hence, parents can maintain them for as many years as they want until the baby grows up.

5. Pregnancy Dresses

Pregnancy is such a beautiful phase. Let’s not be boring while embracing and enjoying this phase to the fullest. So, if someone close to you is in this phase, it’s time for you to make her feel special by adding some beauties to the wardrobe. No matter how young or old a girl is, she won’t deny the addition of new clothes to her wardrobe. You can play along with some colors, prints, and patterns. Also, don’t forget to display some skills to capture beautiful moments in the dresses, with the lovely bump making its way into these pictures through the dresses. Some dresses that you can consider gifting to new moms are as follows:

  • Cotton midi dresses
  • Cardigans and blazers over tank tops
  • A-line dresses
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Printed tales
  • Denim dungarees
  • Cotton t-shirt dresses
  • Maternity leggings
  • Printed tees

6. Bath Oils And Salts

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Women swear by essential oils and pregnancy salts in all stages of their life. Hence, if you know anyone in this chapter of her life who wants to give her something, do it. It is helpful in different trimesters as it eases the body. It helps in body rejuvenation and also reduces pain. It makes you feel good, and the fragrance is pleasing.

7. Customized Stuff For The Baby

Customizations can never go wrong. You can get something for both the kid and mom. If you want to get some ideas, you can always turn to the use of the internet. Apart from that, you can give different kinds of toys to the kids and also can cater to their merchandise requirements. For example, if the expecting mother has already decided on a name for the baby, you can get that carved-on pouches and bags and gift them so the child can use them later on. There are so many other things that you can do customizations with. For example, the birth date, the gender, the conceiving date, and others. If you like the idea and want to explore a trusted source that can help you with this, you can click here.


Here’s hoping that this article was of some help to you and it helped you pick the right gift for an expecting or new mother around you. You can consider adding on some cute goodies like scrunchies, candies, and hair clips. They will love it for sure.