Tyler Joseph’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings [2023]

Tyler Joseph is a famous American songwriter, singer, rapper, and record producer.

He is well known for being the frontman for the popular American musical duo named Twenty One Pilots with his bandmate Josh Dun.

Similarly, Tyler is popular for his unusual and unique tattoos with some religious meanings and beliefs of him.

Today, we will try to put light on Tyler Joseph’s tattoos and the meanings behind them.

1. Rectangle tattoos on his chest

tyler joseph's rectangle tattoos on his chest

Tattoo: There are four rectangle-shaped tattoos on the left part of Tyler’s chest and the right part has a rectangle with an X shape inside it.

The meaning behind them: Those rectangle tattoos show guidance to the artist’s life.

The shape X represents the shape hourglass meaning life is short.

2. Symbol on his bicep

Tattoo: Tyler has a symbolic tattoo on the inner side of his right bicep which is a letter C with an X.

The meaning behind it: Tyler revealed in an interview that he had this tattoo in honor and sweet dedication to his hometown in Columbus, Ohio.

3. Unique Symbols on his forearm

tyler joseph's symbolic tattoos on his forearm

Tattoo: There is a set of symbolic tattoos on the forearm of the right hand of Tyler which is,” •|i|• Ø i+! ]•[ “.

The meaning behind it: •|i|• means as ‘I will tell you what I can’, Ø means ‘but your mind will take a stand’,  i+! means ‘I sing of a higher love’, and the last symbol ]•[ means ‘let me know when you have had enough.

4. Pattern of unique shapes on his forearm

Tattoo: Tyler has a set of unique symbolic shapes on his right forearm.

The meaning behind them: The set of tattoos has been decoded as Carpe Noctem which has the meaning “Seize The Night”.

The artist has pointed out his sleepless and troubled nights on his many songs too.

5. ii like tattoos on the left bicep

Tattoos: Tyler has a set of symbols that look like ii on his left bicep or we can say the opposite exclamation marks.

The meaning behind them: The tattoo represents his faith as we can see a cross between the symbols.
Tyler Joseph Tattoos Meaning

6. Roman Symbols on his right bicep

Tattoo: There is a set of roman symbols ‘XI, III.XVI: XXXIII’ on the inner side of Tyler’s right bicep.

The meaning behind it: The roman numbers inked on Tyler’s bicep can be decoded as 43:16:33.

Many fans believed it is inspired by the verse John 16:33 from the bible.

In that verse, it says ” I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”.

Tyler got it inked so that he could reflect on his past actions and his personality.

7. Thin Bands on Wrist

tyler joseph's thin bands tattoos on his wrist

Tattoo: Joseph has a pair of thin bands on his wrist. Later he got three dots inked to it.

The meaning behind them: People who are suicidal or do self-harm use rubber bands on their wrists to avoid the bad habits from time to time.

Joseph himself was a sufferer to the case and he struggled a lot to get away from it.

It is quite obvious he used to suffer from self-harm through his songs.

So, the thin bands on his wrist are for him to remind himself to avoid self-harm and the difficulties he had to face due to it.

As for the three dots, they represent Me Vida Loca which means “my crazy life”, also they are related to the Holy Trinity which means God is One.

8. Tattoo of the name ‘Josh’ on his thigh

tyler joseph's tattoo on his thigh

Tattoo: There is a name ‘josh’ inked on the thigh of Tyler.

The meaning behind it: Tyler simply had this tattoo inked as an honor to his bandmate Josh Dun.

Josh also has Tyler’s name inked on his knee.

9. Bands on his bicep and forearm

tyler joseph's bands tattoos on his bicep and forearm

Tattoo: Tyler has two thick bands on the lower part of his left bicep and a thick band on the forearm.

The meaning behind them: Just like the thin bands inked on his wrist, the thick bands on the forearm and bicep symbolize the reminder of struggles and difficulties in the past days of Tyler.