Top 5 Shocking Brad Mondo Controversies [2023]

Who is Brad Mondo?

Brad Mondo (born on October 28, 1994) is a famous American hairstylist and a successful model as well.

He grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts. He is the CEO and creative of XMondoHair and XMondoColor.

Brad is a famous YouTuber who has his own channel. His channel consists of reaction and makeover videos.

On his YouTube channel, he has more than 7 million subscribers with around 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

In the same way, he has more than 8.2 million followers on his TikTok account with around 181k followers on Twitter.

Moreover, he is also a model who has appeared in different commercials and photo shoots.

He rose to fame and popularity through his hairstylist career and modeling career.Brad mondo posing with black shades

Today, we will be learning about Brad Mondo’s controversy and scandals:

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What are the top Brad Mondo’s controversies?

Below are some of the controversies and scandals that Brad was involved with:

#1 Vegan Hair Product Controversy

Brad Mondo is the CEO and creative director of his own hair products XMondoHair and XMondoColor. He launched his product line on March 14, 2019.

On his youtube channel, he uploaded a video regarding his products and introduced Glitterati as his first product.

Glitterati is a solution used for moisturizing hair, frizz minimization, and holding hairstyles in a position. It was mentioned as a cruelty-free and vegan product.

When Brad’s fans started using the products, they found that the ingredient used in Glitterati was Carmine.

Carmine is a pigment that is made from crushed bugs.

The fans even found that the Cruelty Company also has not claimed Brad’s products as cruelty-free as well.

After knowing the fact about companies fake logo, Brad’s fans got angry and upset.

They even claimed their refunds but did not get any responses.

Brad got lots of criticism from his fans because of his lie and unethical behavior.

Later in 2019, one of Brad’s fans posted on Reddit that Brad has removed the vegan tag from his product.

#2 Brad Mondo’s Twin Problem

Brad was born in Franklin, Massachusetts along with his brother Eric Mondo. Eric Mondo is just 1.5 years old than Brad.

Eric is also a popular American social media personality who has more than 109k followers on Instagram.

Brad and Eric both have the same identical features and appearances. Everything looks quite similar about them.

Brad often shares pictures and videos with his brother on his social media accounts.

In May 2019, Brad uploaded a video on his YouTube channel with the word “Twin” in its title.

The word Twin grabbed the attention of many people towards Brad and his products. It eventually provided him lots of subscribers.

When people started researching more about the Mondo brothers, they found that both the brothers were not the same.

The Twin thing was not real. Eric was not a twin brother of Brad Mondo.

Some of his fans felt betrayed and many became upset from the fact that they were not twins.

However, some of them took the thins in a sarcastic way too. Both the brothers did not provide any clarity and justification on this topic.

Brad and his brother in shipping costumes
Brad Mondo with Eric Mondo

#3 Snitchery’s Hair Fail

Brad Mondo is a popular American hairstylist and a successful model. He is well famous for his makeovers and stylish hair designs.

He has worked and collaborated with many celebrities.

In 2019, Brad decided to collaborate with a famous social media personality and a popular YouTuber Snitchery for her hair makeovers.

Snitchery has already dry and damaged hair. Brad followed all the processes of bleaching and started coloring her hair.

Brad tried to give a platinum blonde look to Snitchery’s hair but the result was not much satisfying.

In the end, her hair looked all dry yellow and it did not even suit her.

Snitchery posted a video of her makeover with Brad Mondo. But, in the end, both of them became nervous and disappointed.

After watching the videos, many people were outraged and they started questioning Brad’s hairstyling skills.

People were not satisfied with Brad’s skills since many times and the Snitchey incident proved them right.

Brad has previously warned her about the consequences and also stated that it was all Snitchery’s idea.

However, Snitchery talked about the whole incident and cleared that it was all her will through YouTube.

She answered all the questions related to the incident.

Despite all these incidents, Brad and Snitchery are really close friends till today.

#4 Brad Mondo Switched the Mannequins

After having a horrible disaster with Snitchery, Brad got lots of criticism and hate comments.

Brad even doubted his own hair product.

So, he decided to test his hair color. And, he uploaded a video testing his own color on a mannequin comparing with the box dye.

He used two mannequins and used box dye on one and his hair color on another.

After completing the experiments, he declared his hair color a win.

Many fans called out Brad for switching the mannequins.

They even accused him of trying so hard to make his products look best and lying about the whole thing.

Brad cleared out the matter on Twitter apologizing to everyone saying that the mannequins might have been unintentionally switched.

Fans did not even take his apology but even criticized him more.

#5 Cancellation of Brad Mondo

In 2024, when COVID started, his brother flew to him during Christmas. And he got COVID positive the very next day.

Brad tweeted about his brother being COVID positive on his Twitter account.

After all this, people even started giving him a tag of irresponsible human being and not giving care about other’s well-being.

Brad mondo with colorful hair

They started hating Brad Mondo But the fact was his brother was COVID affected not him.

People started various trends and threads as well on various social media about canceling him.

Despite these facts, many of his true fans supported him not blaming Brad because of the unethical and carelessness acts of his brother Eric Mondo.

Image credit: Instagram @bradmondonyc