Support For Republican Convention From All Around The World

The two biggest parties in the US are constantly competing and arguing over various topics. Since the US has so much influence in the world, it is not a surprise that other countries are sometimes involved by sharing their opinions or supporting one or another side. When it comes to Republicans, are known for being more conservative, but they are also trying to secure the free market and lower the taxes for all people.

Their view on online gambling is also very interesting. There is a small group of republicans who are against full legalization. However, the majority is interested in changing some regulations so this can also become a free market. Therefore, there is a chance that will are going to have the same regulations as New Zealand. You can check some great online casinos from this country at

When it comes to relations with other countries, there are some crucial differences between these two parties. For example, their opinion about the biggest allies and enemies in the world. For example, Democrats consider Russia as one of their biggest enemies, and the only country that has a worse status is North Korea.

They both share the same opinion about North Korea currently being the biggest threat to the US. However, Republicans don’t recognize Russia as such a big threat as Democrats do. For them, countries like Iran, Syria, Somalia, Cuba, and a couple of other countries represent a much bigger problem.

The opinions about allies are also different. The surprising fact is that Republicans consider Australia as their biggest ally, while the opposing party sees the UK in that position. Also, Democrats have much better relations with France and Germany. On the other side, Trump and his supporters consider Israel as one of their biggest allies, while that is not the case with democrats.

Interesting Changes in Global Plan


We can notice that these parties know how to turn their debates into a global issue. For example, Biden presented a plan where all countries will introduce a new regulation related to the minimum value for taxes, which should affect the economy and possibly prevent a recession. The focus of this law is on big corporations since it will significantly reduce their profits.

One of the first countries that rejected this deal is Hungary. Their president Victor Orban is a big supporter of Republicans and Donald Trump. Also, he is not interested in introducing a law that will increase taxes in his country. The support can be seen on both sides as well.

The party that held a convention in Texas last month is providing Orban with consulting and advice that is helping him to make his decisions. It is important to note that each member of the EU has the power of veto, which can be used to prevent the implementation of some new laws and regulations. Therefore, Hungary is actively blocking the attempt of Biden to implement the increased taxes law in Europe.

Who Supports Republicans?


The first thing that we will mention is related to the opinions of Trump supporters, which are much more conservative when compared to liberal opposition. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they have such good relations with Israel, which is known for being more conservative.

As you can see, Hungary is ranking very well on the list of its supporters. However, Russia represents the biggest surprise. Many people think that the situation in the world would not be the same if Republicans are the leaders at the moment.

That is especially related to the current war in Ukraine. Some people think that Trump might be able to find a better solution and secure global peace due to much better relations with Putin. However, it was never clear whether there were any ties between them.

Furthermore, there are some other things to know about republicans that will help you understand the difference in international support. While they are backing up the free market, and are against increased taxes, you have to keep in mind that these taxes would especially target big companies and extremely wealthy people. Moreover, it is not hard to understand why predominantly Christian and conservative countries would rather choose to support the Republicans.

Most Important Things to Know About the Convention


There were some crucial declaration issues at the latest convention in Texas. The first line is related to homosexuality, and it is stated as abnormal. Another part of the declaration is related to the results of the last elections, and this party does not recognize them as legit, which means that they don’t consider Biden as their president as well. There are also lines related to increased levels of self-governing in local areas, and prevention of gun control since people have the right to possess weapons due to Second Amendment.

When it comes to sponsors, there are some big companies like Pepsi and Verizon. However, it is not clear if there are donations from other countries. Therefore, we can only assume who supports them due to clear relations and differences on that point when compared to Democrats.

Last Words

The biggest change in global politics and relations with Europe is that there is an EU member with ties with Trump and other republicans. That is quite challenging for Biden and his partners in Europe since they are planning to implement new tax regulations, which Hungary is refusing.

Also, the surprise is that Australia is a bigger apply than the UK for them, but there are some major differences when it comes to other countries as well. For example, a huge difference in view on Slovenia, Russia, Israel, and many other places.

In that matter, it is not difficult to understand where possible international support is coming from. It is not related to funding, but to current global issues and how republicans and democrats have different views on problems and their potential solutions. The key difference is Russia since it is clear that Trump had much better relations with Putin than it is the case with Biden at the moment.