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Delle Bolton Wiki: Spouse, Career, Age and Full Bio

Delle Bolton recent picture

Who is Delle Bolton?

Delle Bolton is a popular American actress who is known for her incredible performances and works in Jeremiah Johnson (1972) and Mink (2002).

She was born in November 1948. Her birth name is Gloria Delle Bolton. She was raised in New York, United States.

She has given a huge contribution to the film industry. Delle is known all over because of her outstanding acting skills.

Till today, she is famous for her remarkable performances in Jeremiah Johnson.

Since Delle has a very low-profile life, she has not been seen interacting much with the public. So, there are not so many details about her life. She loves to enjoy her life privately.

Today, we will learn about Bolton’s bio, age, family, relationships, and many more.

Quick Bio

Real Name Gloria Delle Bolton
Nick Name Delle Bolton
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 1948
Birth Place New York, USA
Age 73 years old
Birth Sign N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Red-Indian
Religion N/A
Profession Actress
Height (approx.) N/A
Weight (approx.) N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color N/A
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sibling N/A
Spouse David Colloff
Children N/A
Net Worth $10-15 million USD
Profiles N/A

Delle in her movie character from Jeremiah Jhonson

Early Life of Delle Bolton

Where and when was Delle Bolton born? Delle was born in November 1948 in New York, United States of America. As of 2023, she is 73 years old. Her exact date of birth is still not known.

Because of her low profile, she is not much active on social media and with the public. Hence, information about Delle’s early is not much available.

Her educational qualification is also not known.

Check out below to know about Delle’s career and achievements so far.

Delle Bolton’s Career

Why is Delle famous? The popular American actress is famous for modeling and acting. She used to do modeling first. Then after some years, she stepped her foot into the acting field.

She started her career in acting for the role of the Swan in the Crow tribe in Robert Redford’s Jeremiah Johnson in 1972. Later, in 2002 she played the role of Townsend in Monk.

Jeremiah Johnson was directed by Robert Redford in 1972. It became the classic film of the year and was rated 7.6/10 by the IMDb.

Delle portrayed her role perfectly as Townsend in Monk which was the American comedian drama series released in 2002.

This struggling and hard-working woman stepped her foot in the film industry when woman empowerment was not given much priority at that time.

Still, today she is famous, irreplaceable, unforgettable, and loved by people all over the country and the world as well.

Personal Information

There are not many personal details about the actress available.

How much does Delle Bolton weigh? As a matter of fact, Delle’s body structure, still her height and weight, are not disclosed.

She has black-colored hair. She is of the Red-Indian ethnicity and is American.

Who are Delle Bolton’s parents? Delle has not revealed anything about her parents so there are no details about the actress’s parents. But, is known that she was from a well-settled family of businessman.

Who is Delle’s Spouse? Delle Bolton happily married the screenwriter David Colloff during the filming of Jeremiah Johnson in 1972. There is no information regarding her children.

Delle and her husband david enjoing

Bolton does not have any social media accounts as she does not have any interest in social media appearances.

You can know about Delle Bolton’s net worth down below:

Delle’s Net Worth

How much does Delle earn? Delle Bolton is a very popular and famous American actress. Her main profession is acting and modeling side by side.

So, the main source for her earning is probably is her successful career in acting.

She has an estimated net worth of $11 million USD which shows her as a rich woman.


The American actress who was particularly known for Jeremiah Johnson and Monk was born in 1948 in the USA. She struggled a lot to establish her career as an actress in the film industry.

Her incredible performances and hard work made her famous and respected people all over the world.

She is not attached to social media and the public as she has a very low profile life. And, no one knows much about her. After her movie, she completely disappeared and there is no information about her.

Because of her sudden disappearance, she was rumored as dead by many people. The exact truth was not verified then.

But there is also a rumor about the fact that Delle has not died and she is living her life happily.


Some unknown facts about Delle Bolton.

  • Born as Gloria Delle Bolton in 1948 in New York
  • She is 73 years old.
  • Delle Bolton started her career as a model first later on she stepped into the acting field.
  • The actress is married to David Colloff.
  • Delle is a renowned actor of the Red-Indian ethnicity.
  • Delle Bolton is non-vegeterian.
  • The famous American actress played her first role in 1972 as the Sawn in Jeremiah Johnson.
  • She starred in American comedian drama TV series as Mrs. Townsend in 2002.
  • Her estimated net worth as of 2023 is $11 million USD.
  • Learning, reading, surfing, and photography are some of the actress’s hobbies.Delle in her character from Monk

FAQs about Dell Bolton

Who is Delle Bolton?

Bolton is 73 years old popular American Actress.

What is her real name?

Her real name is Gloria Delle Bolton.

Who are the parents of Delle?

She has not revealed any information about her parents. It is not known who her parents really are.

Who is she married to?

She is married to a very famous screenwriter and actor David Colloff.

What is she doing in recent days?

The actress is away from the social media profiles. She has a very private life. Therefore, no one actually knows what she is doing these days.

What are her Education and qualifications?

There is no availability of information about her education and qualifications.

Videos of Delle Bolton

Her recent videos are not available because of her private life so here’s the video clip from her first movie.

Check out the video of Delle in her movie Jeremiah Jhonson down below:

Image credit: Google

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Bi Phakathi Wiki 2023 : Net Worth, Real Face, Wife and Full Bio

Bi Phakathi Face

Who is Bi Phakathi?

Bi Phakathi-commonly known as the secret Santa of South Africa, is a popular filmmaker, motivational speaker, and life coach who helps needy and unprivileged people.

He is mostly found in doing charity and help without revealing his identity and advertising.

The popular South African social media personality has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram and over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Phakathi has huge respect and massive fame to a great extent due to his unselfish and generous behavior. Because of this, he has been the most popular personality in South Africa.

But still, he prefers staying away from people keeping his identity confidential.

So, today we will be learning more about Bi Phakathi’s age, height, career, relationship, and many more.

Bi Phakathi enjoying at the lakeside

Quick Biography

Real Name Bi Phakathi
Nick Name N/A
Gender Male
Date of birth N/A
Age N/A
Nationality African
Ethnicity Black
Religion N/A
Profession Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Film Maker
Height (approx.) N/A
Weight(approx.) N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sibling N/A
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Net Worth $5 million
Profile @biphakathiyoutube,



Early life

Where was Phakathi born?

Bi Phakathi is a South African which is the only thing that is known about him. There is not much information about his birthplace and his life.

He hasn’t revealed his face yet but we can assume that he is a huge fan of Die Hard through his YouTube Channel.

Now, let’s dig in more to know about Bi Phakathi’s career and the achievements he has made so far.


What is Bi Phakathi famous for?

Bi Phakathi is praised and adored all over Africa and is widely known as Secret Santa for his work. He is a popular African YouTuber, social worker, and motivational speaker.

The great social worker Phakathi is also a good writer and has directed many short and full-featured movies where Guluva, The Teacher, Kwaito Beef are some of his popular movies.

Not only that, but Bi Phakathi has also directed some music videos such as Ricky Rick, Nafuwa, Nekama, and Joale Leka Mehla.

Phakathi is inspired by Bahamian Evangelist and Dr. Myles Munroe for living a life driven by purpose. So, his act of love and kindness has arisen from them.

He has Bi Phakathi Foundation where relevant organizations and well-wishers can contribute and donate for the cause.

Bi Phakathi shares his act of kindness and love on his YouTube channel and his page.

He started his YouTube channel in May at 1,2008 with more than 537k subscribers to date.

He has 243k followers in his Instagram account. Bi has over 35.2k followers in his Twitter account.

In one of his interviews, the popular YouTuber has clearly stated that getting lots of positive comments and love is the greatest gift of all his life.

He had given an interview with GrootFM and talked about his work where he had explained the situations he had gone through. He has been touched by the condition of people he has helped.

Phakathi hiding his identity

Personal Information

How tall is Bi Phakathi?

Bi Phakathi’s body structure, still his height and weight, age has not yet been revealed.

He is of black ethnicity and is African who believes in God and loves God.

Phakathi has a very private life and there is not much information about his personal life.

Bi Phakathi Face reveal

Despite being so popular on social media for his charity works, Phakathi hasn’t revealed his face in the public domain.

However, today we are exclusively doing a face reveal of Mr. Phakathi.

Check out the real image of South African Secret Santa below:

Bi Phakathi giving speech

Bi Phakathi Real Face /Image credit: HighPraise Media


Who is Bi Phakathi dating currently?

There is no information regarding his marital status.

He loves spending his life doing charity and social works selflessly.

His parent’s information is also not disclosed. But he posted his dad’s picture on his demise in July. He took a break to mourn for paying respects to his dad. Here’s the picture of his dad:

Bi Phakathi's father

In addition, Bi Phakathi is happily unattached with no one living his life happily helping many people.

Bi Phakathi Net Worth

What is the net worth of Bi Phakathi?

Bi Phakathi is a popular South African Filmmaker, motivational speaker, and life coach. He helps the needy and provides charity to them.

His viral charity videos are more popular on Facebook and YouTube. Phakathi has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million USD in 2023.

His net worth in South African Rand is 75781250 ZAR.

He tends to earn his income from his social media and the donations from his foundation as his videos get lots of views and attention from the public.

His generous and unselfish behavior has created a huge fan base and respect to a great extent making him the most popular personality in South Africa.

Let’s know some of the unknown facts about Bi Phakathi now.


  • Bi Phakathi is from South Africa who has a very secretive life.
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.
  • He started his YouTube channel in May at 1,2008 with more than 35 million views till today.
  • His most viewed popular video on his YouTube channel is “Homeless brothers are surprised by good Samaritan”.He was known all over the place through his videos.
  • This good Samaritan has established his foundation where everyone can contribute.
  • The interesting fact about Bi Phakathi is that his acts cut out the racial division in South Africa. He equally helps whites as same as he does with blacks without any discrimination.
  • And, he is a fan of Die-Hard movies as he has shared the cover of the Die-Hard movie poster on his YouTube account.
  • He does not like giving interviews however, he has done one where he has explained about his works and the situations he has been dealing with.
  • Along with helping needy people, Phakathi inspires people all over the world to help those who are in need.


Who is Bi Phakathi?

Bi Phakathi is Mr. Good Deeds who has been selflessly helping the needy and poor people.

How does he look?

He has a very private and secret life and he has not revealed anything about him yet. Hence, no one knows how really, he looks like.

What country is Bi Phakathi from?

Phakathi is from South Africa but his exact location is not available.


Phakathi has not revealed his face till now but he records and uploads videos on his page and channel which gets hundreds of thousands of views.

Here are some of his popular videos:

Image source: Instagram @biphakathi