Why Trump Will Be The Best President?

The switch from Barack Obama to a New York businessman and a TV show star – Donald Trump, holding the US Presidency – was indeed interesting.

A series of Twitter conclusions followed it, and other aspects like the changes in the federal structure of the government, trending hashtags, rallies, hitting the headlines with his banned Twitter account, and he himself banning the drones of Chinese origin. Also, the second impeachment that the history of the US has seen, there’s a lot to digest. But, for a picturesque view, you need to focus on both sides of the coin.

Trump’s Past And The Casino Angle

Before moving forward with Trump’s series of beneficial and considerable decisions, let’s know something about his business life. He was the chairman of the Trump Entertainment Resorts, its new name in 2004.

Though the casino business was sinking then, he got many bonuses that helped him stay at the tip of the iceberg. The casino business played a prominent role in his comeback in the 1980-90s. So, it is always better to go through CasinoBonusesIndex to ensure profitability.

The internet has been flooded with memes taking turns to present their view on Trump’s accountability as the 45th President of the ideal country across the globe. Most of it is the criticism or the possibility of better decision-making to run the US government.

Let’s change the focus to explore the positives and discuss all those things that Trump got right in his tenure that ended in January 2024.

Peace Planning

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Peace is what the world needs at every corner. Trump’s tenure helped enhance US peace relations with many states and disputed areas. Jerusalem got the US embassy, and further, a peace plan was proposed with the intent to assist in targeting the aspects of economic development for Palestine.

However, there were many speculations regarding the growth of factors that would harm regional conflicts. Guess critics were too soon to pass on their judgments on Trump’s move.

The region emerged as a peaceful state, shutting down all these speculations and claims. Israel has established diplomatic relations with many countries like the UAE, Sudan, Morocco, and Bahrain. Also, passengers can opt for direct flights to Dubai from Tel Aviv.

Also, Trump has helped serve justice to one of the most wanted terrorists in Iran – General Qassem Soleimani. Terrorism itself is a crime against both individuals and the public. So, the step is, indeed, applaudable.

Barring Chinese Monopoly

Technology and inventions go hand-in-hand with developments in the Chinese region. Trump has a reliable contribution to building relations with the Western countries that have helped a major role in catering to the global technological demands.

China could have a global monopoly with the launch of 5G technology. Trump moved forward with strengthening Western relations and campaigning to build strong networks offering 5G technology.

The campaigns were able to secure various kinds of communications in different countries. The motive was helpful in the establishment of alternatives in a global competition like Nokia and Ericsson.

Another thing that Trump aced during his presidential tenure is coal emissions.

Coal Emission Reduction

Source: theguardian.com

Being a natural and non-renewable resource, coal takes hundreds of thousands of years to return to its quantum of presence. The replaceability is challenging; hence, there is a dire need to go for its judicious use.

During Trump’s tenure, the US could burn 586 million of coal. The amount was 15% less than the emissions of 2018.

Also, it was nearly half of the amount of coal burnt in 2009. Ironically, Trump had promised the exact opposite of this. But, as the critics say, his non-performance helped reduce coal emissions.

Reducing coal emissions is the need of the hour, and the US, being a developed country, is responsible for reducing its emissions. Instead, it should help developing nations with funding to meet the set objectives regarding emissions.

Student Relief

Many national and international students take loans to fund their studies in various parts of the US. Defrauded students have huge risks in their heads. They are the ones who seek immediate relief, and Trump helped them with the same.

Trump created a separate set of rules that helped borrowers fulfill their lending motives. These rules were different from the rules that emerged during the presidency of former president Barack Obama.

Implementing the rules introduced after the use of veto power in the legislation, all the deceiving and misleading students based on their job title and working hours will find it difficult to go for evidence supporting their claim. It will not be easy to get away.

Such a piece of misleading evidence violates the rules and enhances the government’s debt. However, with the new rules, the amount of federal lone borne by the government will reduce. Therefore, it can help in diverting funds to better prospects.

Reforms In The Criminal System

Source: ncsl.org

The law of crimes and related punishments governs the right of people against crimes of serious nature. The stats for the US state that not even 10% of the total population is serving their term in federal prison.

The presence of a federal system in any country and through the government is important as it sets the rules for the prison policy. It is important for law and order in different countries.

Trump had proposed prison reforms. They were foreseen as cautious, but later, they were considered humane. Offenses related to certain kinds of drugs have a reduced term.

Prisoners have different ways of qualifying for getting released early from prison. Also, the health and hygiene of both male and female prisoners are given proper priority. There are no overcharges and no exploitation in the name of care in prison.


Trump’s trajectory in the first three years as President was a sure-shot add-on to the booming American economy. Many things were right in his tenure. There is a possibility of overlooking them for many reasons, but, as a fact-check, his contribution to certain fields in the US history and economy will always remain countable.