What to Do if You Get Locked Out of Your Airbnb?

Traveling around the world is one of life’s greatest experiences. Getting to see new places, meet new people, explore cultures, traditions, and languages vastly different rom your own… is there anything better and more worthy of your time and money? Many people agree that a person is richer and more complete the more they travel. There is some truth to that because you can only become a citizen of the world and not just your country if you travel and actually see it. Saving money to go to a new place and counting down the days until your holiday starts are things that many do during the course of a year. That is not really great all the time because it actually means that you are only able to travel a couple of times per year at the most. That is not nearly enough to experience even a fraction of what the world has in store, which is why you should take opportunities more often. Luckily for everyone, traveling is much more efficient and optimal these days and we have to thank technology for it.

Modern Way of Traveling

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What is great about contemporary traveling is the fact that tourists no longer need to rely solely on motels and hotels, or even travel agencies. Thanks to smart software and applications that came with it, there are now options to go anywhere and easily rent apartments, houses, or rooms of the locals. This is done through a wide array of booking websites and apps, none of which are more popular and widespread than Airbnb. Everyone has heard of it but not everyone has used the service. It makes booking accommodation a breeze as you can pay digitally and you actually do not even have to meet the host. People rent out the place they have, whether it is a whole home or just a room. It is up to the users to pick and choose which of the options they want to take.

All you need to do is register and start your account, pick a place you want to visit like a town or a city, and you will be met with a map of available accommodation. And there is usually a lot of accommodation available no matter how small or distant a city is. There are also budget options and it matters not if you are alone or in a large group. This is the beauty of Airbnb, it is made to suit every budget, every party, and no matter how long you want. The host will be happy to rent the place anywhere from a day to as long 28 days through regular service.

One thing that you have to care about when using Airbnb are the house rules. Behaving accordingly and respecting the owner’s rules will mean a pleasurable experience. Anything else, and you risk hefty charges because it means you violated certain terms and conditions. Things like hosting parties, having more people over than you said you would, smoking, bringing a pet if it is not pet friendly, and damaging the property will all result in fines and penalties, as well as your account’s rating being lower. Everyone will be able to see what you did thanks to the review system as caution for other hosts.

But what about accidents? What is something nobody can plan for happens? For example, what if you lock yourself out? Well, that is a pickle that you do not want yourself in. Worry not though as in this article we tackle this exact problem Read on to learn more about what to do if you get locked out of your Airbnb.

1. Don’t Panic!

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First and foremost, you have to remain calm and remember not to panic. You need a clear head to think as well as to resolve to one of the following solutions we have for you. Nothing can be done if you start panicking. It will only make matters worse and more time will pass before you can go back in.

2. Contact the Host

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Now for the real number one thing to do. Obviously, since you got locked out another person’s home and have no means to get back in, you need to contact the owner, i.e. the Airbnb host. Send them a private message through the app or wherever you made contact with them to initially ask about their place. They should answer within a timely manner as they are used to receiving messages from clients. Explain them the situation you are in. If you are lucky, they will come and unlock the door for you. They 100% have an extra key at home for situations like these. They may already have a contingency plan for similar situations prepared, so just listen carefully to their instructions and do what they ask.

3. Call a Locksmith

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If you have no luck reaching the owner, if they take too long to respond and you are in a rush to the airport, or if they themselves are not in the country, there is another, more radical solution. All that you are left to do is call a locksmith to be your final chance at reaching back in and picking up your stuff. Now, mind that calling a locksmith does not mean that they will have to break in, bust the lock, or take such drastic measures. Oftentimes, especially with digital and modern locks, there is a way to open them without causing (too much) damage if you know what you are doing. While the security is tight, the right tools and the right technique could open the door.

Of course, they may need to change the locks, at which point it would be customary for you to pay for the whole thing. It is a delicate situation but it is the only thing you can do to ensure the safety of the home after you are gone as well as get your stuff. Leave the keys wherever you got the original ones and you will be done with it. When the owner finally answers, explain the situation, send them photos as evidence and proof, and they should not have any reason to doubt you. If you ever need expert locksmith services in or around Newcastle, UK, perhaps to save your Airbnb trip, make sure to check out LocksmithNewcastle. Having the absolute professionals by your side to take care of the lock the right way will help you save the situation.