Subtitling Services: How They Can Benefit Your Business

The global market continues to expand, and its competition grows fiercer day by day as companies try to reach an international population. At the same time, many have started to realize the importance of using video content to establish brand awareness, improve website traffic, and, ultimately, generate sales. While growing an audience via video content can prove challenging to many, there’s no denying the format’s massive potential for marketing. Considering this: it’s paramount that you and your company make videos available and easily reachable by anyone.

Here is where subtitles can greatly benefit your business. By opting to use subtitling services to add text to your content, you can better convey your message to any community worldwide. The popularity of video content is an opportunity your company needs to tap into. If you want your message to reach as many people as possible, you’ll need to facilitate access for others who may not speak your language or those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Professional subtitling services are conducive to your business reaching new heights. In this article, we’ll look at subtitling, its purpose, how this highly-useful service can benefit your business, and how choosing the best professional subtitling service is the way to go. Continue reading to learn more!

What Are Subtitles?


Everyone and their dogs have seen subtitles at least once in their lives. They are that handy text appearing in films, TV, video games, and a range of other video content. Subtitles provide a text alternative for all the spoken dialogue in a video. They are often displayed at the bottom center of the screen. The idea of using subtitles is to translate the original language in a video into a different one or to provide text support for all spoken dialogue.

Subtitles provide an on-screen transcription and translation of the speech. They differ from closed captions in that the latter also includes a description of all relevant audio in the video, such as phone ringtones, explosions, ambient background noises, and so on.

Purpose of Subtitles

The primary purpose of subtitles is to make videos accessible to various audiences. For viewers that may not understand your language, they provide a gateway to comprehending your message. Research from the University of Southern California found that subtitles are central for non-native speakers and language learners when it comes to comprehension and retention.

Several sources online also cite that about 85% of Facebook users prefer to watch their videos muted. In sound-sensitive environments, subtitles enable individuals to understand a video’s content without turning up the volume. Additionally, around 20% of the world’s global population experiences some form of hearing impairment. Having subtitles at the ready improves their viewing experience significantly.

How Subtitles Can Benefit Your Business


By now, you probably understand how vital subtitles are in video content. They confer many advantages to viewers regardless of their background. It allows them to consume content in a way that’s more accessible to them. Let’s take a look at five things subtitles do to benefit your line of work.

Widens the Influence of Your Content

As previously mentioned, by adding subtitles to your videos, you increase the reach of your business on social media. With them, you can easily tap into the market of viewers who don’t speak your native language, those who are audibly impaired, and pretty much anyone that wants to use subtitles to consume their media content.

People are more prone to engage and stay until the end of your video if it has subtitles they can understand. Having subtitles in various languages can help you increase your business’s global influence.

Makes Your Business More Visible

Subtitling allows your brand’s message to be converted into searchable keywords. Search engines can then crawl and index your content better than if it were only audio and video. Subtitling allows search engines to analyze these files further because there’s now text they can interpret. Ultimately, using subtitles in your videos will make your video easier to search for and more reachable online, causing an increase in website traffic.

Enhances Accessibility

This advantage goes without saying, but everyone having equitable access to content is paramount. Consider the millions of people around the globe who are deaf or hard of hearing. Implementing subtitles means accessibility for millions of these individuals to understand your content better. Since content is increasingly consumed through video nowadays, including subtitles is a blessing for those with auditory processing problems.

Improves Video Engagement

A visual representation of dialogue is often the best way for viewers to remain engaged in your video. This aspect can help viewers focus on your content’s main ideas and increase overall enjoyment. Adding subtitles to your video content can make viewers more engaged with your brand.

Lets You Repurpose Your Content More Easily

Another advantage is that you can easily repurpose your content this way. Creating videos for social media and writing articles for your website or blog at the same time can be challenging. Subtitles can help your business by providing an easy venue for you to add text content to your website.

From your subtitles, you can extract specific parts of the speech or rework them as content for a website article or blog entry. Copying the entire transcription is an option, too, but ideally, you would want to rewrite things and adapt them better to the audience that reads your articles.

Choose the Best Subtitling Service for the Job


As you can see, subtitles are very helpful and should always be added to a video to maximize your social media reach. They can bring your business the benefits mentioned here and more. To get this done seamlessly, go online and search for a professional subtitling service. By working with one, you won’t have to worry about the extra time and effort necessary to add subtitles to your content.

Whether corporate ads, music videos, or even documentaries, GoTranscript is what you need for all your subtitling needs. The company has extensive experience in subtitling video files and has been in this field for years. Reach out today to bring all these benefits and more into your business.