5 Colleges & Universities to Study Theology

Are you interested in religious beliefs? Well, you should consider getting a theology major then. So, let’s figure out what it means in the first place!

A theologian is a specialist well-versed in religious cultural heritage, and the current relations between spiritual teachings and organizations. It’s important to know that the program doesn’t train clergypersons but professionals related to the history of religion, philosophy, and new religious movements, as well as justification of dogmas and rites.

Theologians can work in educational institutions, research centers, archives, and libraries. Depending on the chosen profile, they study religious texts and often cooperate with religious institutes. Does it sound exciting to you? Then, let’s move on to the universities where you can get such a degree!

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1. York St John University: Religion and Theology BA

Source: yorksj.ac.uk

Times have changed, but religion and theology still greatly influence many areas of our lives. And that’s influence unlikely to go anywhere. These fundamental concepts are constantly transforming as our society becomes more multicultural and multireligious.

On the one hand, it gives us many opportunities. But, on the other hand, it creates plenty of challenges. After all, not everyone respects and understands the religious views of others. But there’s certainly a way to fix this, and it’s education, of course!

As a Faculty of Religion and Theology student, you can belong to any religion or none. You will learn to be open-minded, doubtful, and always curious. Why do people follow a specific tradition? How to be more tolerant of other beliefs and practices? You will find answers here.

In fact, such a broad outlook and perceiving the world in all its manifestations will be useful even if you won’t work in theosophy further. Perhaps you will be so inspired to help others that you will find an educational startup to transfer knowledge. Or become a writer and explore the mysteries of religion (as in “The Da Vinci Code,” for example). Anyway, as you complete your degree, you will learn key concepts such as:

  • Major world religions;
  • Ethics and theology;
  • Religion and art;
  • Religion and globalization;
  • Religion and myths.

2. The University of Edinburgh: Theology MA

Chances are, studying theology in Edinburgh will be a real pleasure! It seems that the very air of this old city is filled with peace and surprising answers to the most daring questions. Thanks to the cobbled streets, ancient churches, cathedrals, castles, and the spirit of the past, you will certainly enjoy its calming atmosphere.

In Edinburgh, learning theology includes Biblical studies, Christian theology, ethics and philosophy, Christian history, and Islamic tradition.

The process will be very engaging thanks to the latest innovations, from tools helping you write better to head-mounted devices for augmented reality. There is also a wide range of courses to choose from. That is, you can focus on areas from this list:

  • History of Christianity and its challenges;
  • Bible texts;
  • Non-Christian religions;
  • Science and theology;
  • Art and theology.

3. University of Lausanne: Study of Religions BA

Source: studyinswitzerland.plus

Well, it’s hard to find a place with a more international atmosphere than Switzerland. Modern Lausanne is a picturesque city on Lake Geneva, and about 40 percent of its population are foreigners! Walking along the local streets, you can often meet natives of France, Portugal, and Italy. So isn’t it the perfect environment for college years?

The main goal of the Study of Religions program is to develop critical thinking regarding religion in general and the great religious traditions in particular (Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.).

The methods used are comparative history, anthropology, and sociology. And given that progress doesn’t stand still, maybe you are to use high-tech instruments for education quite soon. All in all, at the University of Lausanne, students analyze various sources and explore a variety of historical, philosophical, theological, and ethical currents.

4. University of Vienna: Protestant Theology BA

No doubt, Vienna can be called the heart of Europe. The city impresses with its beautiful architecture, majestic palaces, squares, theaters, and exhibitions. Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and many others worked here. Moreover, many parts of the city are UNESCO’s cultural heritage. All this contributes to your motivation to study ancient scriptures and comprehend the secrets of religions.

The bachelor’s program here consists of three semesters. During this time, you will learn the Old and New Testament, practical and systematic theology, the rules of religion, and pedagogy to teach the fundamentals of religion in schools. However, note that the training will take place in German.

5. Ludwig Maximilian Universität München: Study of Religion and Culture MA

Source: univero.cc

Founded in 1472 by Duke Ludwig IX, this school has gained worldwide recognition. In 2019, it took 32nd place in the ranking of the best universities in the world, thereby confirming its leadership position.

The Faculty of Theology has a strong research center and a wide variety of disciplines. Here, you will explore the history of the old and new Testaments, the literature of the Ancient Near East, and Ancient Judaism. As for the history of the church, it concentrates on the Reformation and Modern periods. Other subjects include dogmatics, philosophy, communication theory, pedagogy, and didactics.

Students greatly appreciate that the university offers an integrated approach to Christianity so that all three branches of Christendom are examined in detail. But, yet again, you need German to get enrolled.

To Wrap It Up

Getting a theology degree will help you combine deep professional knowledge with unique culture and a broad outlook. Of course, the theoretical base is only a part of what the university gives us. And by that, we mean upgraded soft skills. By learning theology, you will definitely improve critical thinking and public speaking. After all, working with ancient texts, you will absorb and reproduce a lot of information.

The universities presented above have an international academic reputation and the best teachers. Plus, they have a great influence on how the field develops. Therefore, if you are looking for schools to study theology around the world, you will surely find something for yourself.