What happened to Sergei Petrove, the homeless guy? (Update 2024)

Who is Sergei Petrove?

Sergei Petrove, born on July 23, is a guy from The Invisible People.

He became famous after he was interviewed as a homeless guy at the age of 18.

The Video and the Interview

It was an interview video where he was featured.

He was in Salt Lake City, Utah during his interview with the host of The Invisible People.

Also, he was searching for a place to spend his night according to him.

In the video, he tells about coming from a wilderness program that is for troubled youth in Duchesne, UT.

As the interviewer goes on asking about how he became homeless, he tells about it.

According to him, his own mother has kicked him out of his house on his 18th birthday.

Also, he tells that his mother told him that now he is on his own as he is mature enough now.

It was the 23rd of July of 2010 when Sergei turned 18 and became homeless.

Similarly, he talks about how he wants to go back to California as it is his main goal.

Also, he wants to complete his high school education.

When the interviewer asks him about what are his three wishes for currently.

He tells him that he wanted to know whether his dad is alive or not.

Then, he wants to meet his sisters and get back home.

There were many comments of people who showed sympathy towards him.

They commented about how heartbroken and devasted they were to know about his situation.

Many wished him luck and prayed for his well-being in the comment section.

It’s been 11 years since that video was uploaded. People are curious about his current situation.

They even comment about how they wish for his good and hope that he is alright now.

Today, you will get to know about how Sergei is doing and what is his actual situation.

Let’s get into it!

sergei petrove update 2024

Current Situation of Sergei Petrove

What is Sergei Petrove doing as of 2024? Sergei Petrove seems to be well and healthy.

He is living his life at his best. He often posts photos of him in the gym, traveling around, and more on his official Instagram account.

Currently, he is residing in California, USA.

Is he still homeless as of 2024? No, Sergei is not homeless right now. As of 2024, he is not the homeless guy back from 2010.

He is currently living in California, USA.

Did he finish his high school education? Yes, he did finish his high school education back in 2012.

It has been over 9 years since he graduated from high school.

Did Sergei Petrove go back to his home? According to reports, Sergei was successful to go back home after leaving Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is the age of Sergei Petrove, as of 2024? As of 2024, Sergei is twenty-nine years old.

He celebrated his 29th birthday on July 23, 2024, with his friends and family.

Who is the mother of Sergei Petrove, the homeless guy from the video of Invisible People?

There is no information revealed about the mother of Sergei Petrove.

However, everyone is clear that his mother was the one who kicked him out of his house and made him homeless on his 18th birthday.

Relationship Status

Who is Sergei Petrove dating, as of 2024? As of 2024, we have no idea about Sergei Petrove’s relationship status.

We do not know whether he is single, engaged, or married.

Also, we have no information about his past relationships and linkups too.

We will be updating it for you as soon as we get any information about the dating life or marital status of Sergei Petrove.

So, stay tuned!

The career of Sergei Petrove

We have no clue about the career path of Sergei Petrove.

However, we will make sure to update it for you as soon as we get any information. So, stay tuned!

Talking about his social media presence, he has an Instagram account. Currently, over 10.9K people follow him on his official Instagram account.

Also, you can find his pictures of traveling, skiing, and enjoying his life with his friends and family on his Instagram profile.

Similarly, he seems to be a fitness enthusiast with many workout photos of him on his Instagram profile.

He is often seen flexing his muscular fit body in those pictures.

Also, he posts about food and talks about all the nutrition knowledge in the photos’ captions.

Not only that, he seems to love traveling around and clicking pictures of wildlife.

His Instagram profile is filled with pictures of wild animals and pictures of his friends and him.

Besides that, he has a self-titled YouTube channel too.

However, it’s been over six years since he has been inactive on his YouTube channel.

There are only two videos that were uploaded six years ago.

sergei petrove promoting budlight

Net Worth

How much is the estimated net worth of Sergei Petrove? As already mentioned, we have no clue about Sergei’s career path.

So, we do not have information about his source of income.

Similarly, we do not know about the estimated net worth of Sergei Petrove as of 2024.

However, we will make sure to update it for you as soon as we get any information about his career path and income.

So, stay tuned with us!

As for the present, all the viewers from the video seem to be really happy about the current state of Sergei.

They even comment about how overwhelmed they are to see him in a better place.

Everyone seems to be pouring love and support into YouTube videos as well as his Instagram photos.

Sergei became the perfect example for people to never give up on life and always seek the best.

As of 2024, the video which made Sergei famous has over 11 million views.

People still sympathize with him in the comment box.

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Check out the video of Sergei Petrove from Invisible People down below:

Image Credit: @sergethesplurge Instagram

Video Credit: @InvisiblePeople YouTube