How Do You Know if a Swimsuit is a Good Quality?

The summer season has already started and if you haven’t already, it’s high time to go shopping for a swimsuit. You’ve probably visited stores more than once in search of the ideal model, and that adventure often took a long time. Every woman will agree that this item of clothing causes a lot of trouble. Just when you found the right upper part in which your breasts look perfect, you realized that the lower part fits so badly that it visually shortened your legs and made your stomach look bigger.

Finding the perfect swimwear for your body shape is often a big challenge, but it’s not impossible to accomplish. Fashion experts have decided to put an end to the stress that many women experience when buying swimwear by narrowing down the endless fashion offered to models that best fit a specific body structure. So, to start your search, it is important to first determine what body shape you have in order to determine which swimsuits suit you best. So, when you go shopping, the first thing you need to do is to decide which model fits your body best, that is, to find the one that will hide your flaws and highlight your best attributes.


The ever-popular stripes are something many people hesitate to wear, but they can actually help accentuate your features. Vertical lines will lengthen your silhouette, and horizontal lines will further emphasize the width, so choose them if you have smaller breasts, as they will visually increase them even by one size. In case you don’t want to emphasize your breasts, vertical stripes will be a great choice. Also, colors play a big role, so remember that darker stripes will reduce the width, while lighter ones will visually emphasize it.

When we talk about trends, you will agree that one-piece swimsuits are timeless, and if you choose the right cut and color, you will look like you just stepped out of Baywatch.

For women with large breasts, bikinis that tie around the neck are the best. Sporty and one-piece swimsuits with stronger bust support will also fit you perfectly. Avoid strapless bikini tops or tiny triangle bikinis that barely cover your breasts. If your figure resembles an hourglass, it is important to emphasize your natural feminine figure, and you will succeed best with a bikini that is larger around the neck. A pear-shaped figure is characterized by wider hips and narrower shoulders. Choose a swimsuit that will draw attention to the upper part of the body. Combine the colorful upper part of the swimsuit with a simple plain bottom part.


What else is important when it comes to choosing a customer’s costume? Quality, of course. In the past, a high price was synonymous with quality, but today you can find good clothing for a decent price. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the material. Modern swimwear is made of different materials. When buying a swimwear, you need to choose a model that will be comfortable and convenient. You can visit this website to learn more about it. To eliminate discomfort, you need to take into account the composition of the material and its properties. Some fabrics irritate the skin and are even chemically treated to shape.

While when buying most clothing items we choose natural materials such as cotton or linen, with swimwear the situation is a little different, we choose elastic materials that dry quickly, do not irritate the skin, and are practical to wear. It is usually polyester, lycra, microfibers, polyamides, etc. Lycra is a trade name for elastane, which is a highly elastic synthetic material. Although they have different names, Lycra, spandex, and elastane are the same material, and these fabrics can stretch up to 5-8 times their normal size.

In principle, the materials for making this garment usually contain about 30% lycra, which makes swimsuits comfortable and stretchy. Microfiber is comfortable to wear but loses its shape over time. Polyamide is a material that usually dictates a slightly higher price and is used to make elegant customer costumes that will last you for years. However, the most widespread are those made of polyester. What characterizes this material is its resistance to fading in the sun. The downside is that it dries slowly and loses its shape over time.


Many know that feeling of happiness and elation when they buy their new, perfect bath suit and want to wear it for years – but after just one season, it can look bad. Faded fabric, cracked seams, loose material – these are all swimsuit pains that have the potential to ruin our carefully planned beach looks and to prevent such a scenario, it’s good to know a few useful tricks and tips on how to maintain your favorite bra. In order for your swimwear to last a long time, the way you maintain it is also important.

Keep in mind that salty seawater and the sun destroy the fabric and it is necessary to wash it immediately after use. Also, the sand will destroy it over time if you are not careful. If we are talking about color, traces of use will be more visible on lighter colors, such as white, because they will rust over time if you do not take care of it. It would be ideal to rinse the bathing suit as soon as possible with cold water from the tap after each wear. That’s why it’s good to take a shower on the beach or when we get out of the pool, it helps the swimmer, not just the skin.

Currently, swimwear manufacturers spend huge amounts of money on swimwear design using new materials and techniques. This is especially important if you are a professional swimmer because hydrodynamics is key in swimming performance regardless of swimming style. Almost 90% of a swimmer’s energy is spent on overcoming hydrodynamic resistance during forwarding movement. Therefore, swimsuits could play an important role in reducing hydrodynamic resistance and related energy losses during swimming and can contribute positively to the final outcome.