What’s the Difference Between Bongs and Dab Rigs

The market for everything related to marijuana is growing day by day, and since more and more countries decide to turn the tables and drop outdated attitudes when it comes to cannabis consumption, there are more and more people who decide to modernize this whole story.

While it’s hard to believe that classic joints and bongs will go out of fashion, one should also open up to some innovations. You’ve probably heard about bongs and dab rigs, but couldn’t decide whether they are the same, something similar, or two things that don’t have anything in common. We’ll try to explain…

What is dabbing?

It’s really not a recent discovery. Some people have been using this method for ages, using two knives of butter on the fire … Then they would put scraped resin on the knives, until the heat created steam for inhalation … Fortunately, today we prefer to smear concentrates. And, the market is changing fast, every two days a new tool, new technique or technology seems to appear …

What equipment do you need for dabbing?

Necessary equipment includes: a pan, a blower, a nail, and a stick. A dab is the main accessory used for stings. A butane torch (held in the hand) is used to warm the nail; the nail is held on the (oak) platform and the concentrate melts … Then the stick diffuses the concentrate and presses it on the nail. Here, prepare for a good shot and bring yourself a few tips in advance. Dubbing involves the use of concentrates such as wax (resin) or crumbs and requires special equipment.

What about the bong?

Source: rollingstone.com

A bong (water pipe) is known since ancient times and is still one of the most common type of smoking devices. As a rule, it is a glass container with a partition for smoldering grass. It can be made of acrylic, ceramic, metal, bamboo or simply a plastic bottle (a homemade one). In addition, the materials from which it is made are completely harmless to health. This is the main difference in relation to improvised devices: when used plastic, which is then heated and emits toxic matters into our lungs. It is traditionally considered to be a weed smoking device, but it can also be filled with tobacco products – the effect will be stronger than a cigarette.

Since it has been used since ancient times, he word is said to come from the Thai word “baung” for a bamboo pipe used to smoke weeds. Today’s equipment looks much more complex than a simple bamboo tube, but they all come down to the same basic procedure.

How does it work?

It usually has a small container that holds the dried weeds. When you set fire to a weed, it burns. Meanwhile, while inhaling, water at the bottom of the bubble bong . The smoke rises through the water and then into the chamber before it enters the mouth and lungs.

So, now we know a couple of basic things about these two, but still we need to state all their differences…

1. They don’t use the same matter

By now you must have come to a conclusion that these two do not use the same matter. For one, you need herbs, while the other requires concentration.

By herbs we mean cannabis. It can be a hash or a raw flower, depending on your preferences.

On the other hand, concentrate requires slightly more time and a complicated process to be made, as we already illustrated in the first part of the article, where we were explaining the dabbing process. Hence you need a flower to extract the resin, which is further processed into a final product. The product differs in concentration and color; therefore it can be super hard or sticky, white or yellow.

2. They don’t have the same THC percentage

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Logically, since these two products are different in terms of how processed they are, they also contain a different percentage of THC. The natural, herb offers less percentage than the concentrate.

This also influences the amount you need to get high. Again, you’ll need a lot less concentrate to get properly high, than when using a herb.

3. Difference in design

Although they both look and function similarly, and beginners could mistake them for the same thing, they are not the same. What they do have in common is the device for water filtration, but they are made in a way to handle different substances.

So, when you take a look, the body is the same. Each one has a down stem going straight to a water chamber. Also, there are one or a couple of percolators to start the process of cooling. Then there’s also a neck and a mouthpiece because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to use it.

However, bongs have something else. Its neck has a slight opening in the upper part which you use as a mouthpiece. While dab rigs have an extension that comes separately from the body.

4. Difference in price

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The most obvious difference is the price. As you can see on luxeproductsusa.com bongs come in all price ranges and designs. So, for those with a tight budget, the logical choice would be to use a bong.

Dab rigs have a higher price. But if you are searching for a quicker way to get high, then allocating a bit more money for the equipment shouldn’t be an issue. It all comes down to a choice and preference on how you like to consume your weeds.

Ideally, if you really are a true hedonist, you would want to have both in your collection. One can suit better than the other depending on the occasion. Experience-wise, it’s a great investment. After all, these are considered to be two of the most important accessories which will bring you different experiences and broaden your understanding of cannabis in ways you can only imagine.