Company in The USA: a Trend or a Necessity?

An excellent reputation, and good conditions for the development and expansion of the company – all this attracts more and more investors from all over the world. America opens up a large market for investors and gives them a chance to expand and obtain resident status in a short time.

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The most popular states to open a company are Delaware and Wyoming. Only these states are tax-exempt territories.

Delaware for business

The state of Delaware is not blacklisted offshore. Opening an LLC in Delaware is a standard American practice and does not cause a negative reaction from American or European partners. Information about the founders of the company is kept as confidential as possible. The registering agent is the only person who has information about the founders of the LLC. Information about the owners of the company is not transferred to the Secretariat of the State, nor to government agencies.

Wyoming for business

Wyoming for business

There are plenty of reasons why Wyoming is so interesting.

  1. There is no requirement to hire a resident of the state as a director or to involve him as a founder.
  2. Low tax burden. State taxes are the lowest in the country, but corporations still have to pay a 21% federal income tax.
  3. There is no corporate income tax, inventory tax, or franchise tax in Wyoming. It turns out that the company’s income is not taxed at the state level, and you also do not pay any fees for the fact of registration in the state.
  4. No bureaucracy. If you want less restrictions on your business life, then Wyoming is for you. You are not required to hold company meetings in Wyoming. In fact, you have the right to never set foot in USA. Additionally, there’re no minimum limits in the authorized capital.
  5. Liberal legislation in the field of circulation of shares. Shares in a corporation can be issued in exchange for “any value”, that is, they are allowed to pay for services or acquired property. By the way, their release is not limited by quantity or cost. You will not have to pay any fees for issuing optional shares. The main thing is to make appropriate changes to the local acts timely.

Benefits of company registration in the USA

company registration in the USA

Having decided to open a company in America, not in other jurisdictions, foreign investors should thoroughly study the tax system, laws and regulations of the jurisdiction.

It is worth considering right away that without the help of an experienced lawyer in a foreign country, it is unlikely that all issues will be resolved quickly and without problems. Moreover, in the States, the interests of the company must be represented by an agent who has a special license.

Consider the main advantages of USA for foreigners who wait for company registration in this country:

  • opening access to investment, venture capital, public markets;
  • possibility for immigration;
  • structure with convenient management;
  • possibility of trading in the American market;
  • obtaining a Green Card for the whole family;
  • ability to fully separate personal funds from the company’s money.
  • minimum taxes like in offshore spaces. There will be small taxes depending on the state.

Opening a company in the States is possible remotely turning to our experts who act as your representatives.

Organizational and legal forms

Most often, foreign investors choose the following legal forms of companies:

  • LLC;
  • C Corp.

Less common are partnerships, joint ventures and branches.

Opening an LLC is more suitable for small businesses with a small number of participants and no shares. Such firms are treated by the IRS as partnerships or LLCs. To determine status of the enterprise, you need to request Form 8832.

Speaking of C-Corp, this’s firm with shareholders that is more suitable for owners of large businesses. Such an enterprise must have a director or a Board, or additional tax commissions will have to be paid.

What are the benefits of doing business and making investments in the USA?

company registration in the USA benefits

If you are well prepared for investing and registering companies in America, not in other jurisdictions, you can get a lot of benefits from work.

  1. The US has some of the most technologically advanced cities in the world that are perfect for growing IT firms. These are New York, San Francisco and Austin in Texas.
  2. It is in this jurisdiction that the head offices of many well-known corporations are located.
  3. The government of the state is constantly improving the tax system.
  4. The US legal system is considered the most stable and progressive in the world.
  5. Entrepreneurs are given possibilities for immigration.
  6. American companies are considered very prestigious and have more opportunities to enter large markets and get profitable partners.

To open business-structure in USA, entrepreneurs don’t need to possess a specific education or work experience. The only exceptions are specific areas of work. In addition, you do not need to obtain a visa, all issues can be resolved through an authorized lawyer.

The country does not restrict external and cross-border work to companies founded by foreign entrepreneurs or residents. The firm can freely trade, export, import and produce.

successful business in USA

To open an enterprise and start a successful business in America, contact the experienced specialists of our company. They will help to collect all documents and register a company in a short time and without your personal presence. They can help register a company in any state. Also, qualified specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable state for doing business in order to ensure the most favorable tax rates and working conditions, and in opening account.

They can offer remote creation of bank accounts in the USA. For the purpose of remote account opening for the company, they act for the company in the role of financial director in the U.S. and open an account. To do this they make changes to the structure of the company with as little involvement as possible. They do not own any shares and have no claim to anything, but they are part of the company, which allows us to open accounts, trade accounts (Stripe, PayPal, PaymentCloud, etc.) and keep accounting.

Their partner in the U.S. is a professional financial director and can provide the process of introducing him to your company without the need to assign a share or claim the client’s company. A corresponding agreement is signed with the client.

Their partner is listed as a financial director with 0% ownership and can therefore open accounts. This is usually achieved by adding to the Operating Agreement that he is appointed as a financial director. It is possible to “transfer the account” directly to the client upon arrival in the US or to a trusted person. Someone has to be in the US.