Convention Day Three Recap

Tonight, the Republican National Convention shared stories from heroic Americans from all walks of life and continued to highlight stories of the hope and strength President Trump’s agenda has provided. 

And as Mike Pence accepted the nomination to run and serve as Vice President again, he emphasized the progress that has been made during President Trump’s first term and warned what a Biden/Harris administration would mean:

  • VP Pence: “we’ve taken the fight to radical Islamic terrorists on our terms on their soil”
  • VP Pence: “when it came to the economy, President Trump kept his word and then some”
  • VP Pence: President Trump “took unprecedented action” and launched “the greatest national mobilization since WWII” to combat COVID-19

Prior to VP Pence’s speech at Fort McHenry, the American people heard from more Heroes:


Civil Rights activist and hero Clarence Henderson, who participated in the Greensboro sit-ins in 1960s shared his heroic story and explained how President Trump has done “more for black Americans in 4 years than Joe Biden has done in 50.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem recognized the common American who is a hero, and reminded the American people: “This is who President Trump is fighting for. He’s fighting for you.”


Scott Dane, who represents loggers and truckers in Minnesota said the under President Trump, “we’ve seen new support…a strong back and a strong work ethic can build a strong middle class.”



Former Navy SEAL Rep. Dan Crenshaw said, “America’s heroism is not relegated to the battlefield. Every single day we see them”: nurses, parents who re-learn algebra, and police officers. 

Retired General Keith Kellogg said, “President Trump has reversed the decline of our military and restructured our national security strategy. With historic investment and vision, our military is now better equipped, better resourced and better manned than any military in the world.”

Second Lady Karen Pence thanked and encouraged military spouses.


Ambassador Richard Grenell spoke about how President Trump puts America First on the world stage: “I wish every American could see how President Trump negotiates on their behalf. ”

National Association of Police Organizations President Michael McHale reminded America that President Trump is “the most pro-law enforcement president we’ve ever had.”

Tera Meyer, whose son has Down Syndrome, praised President Trump for supporting school choice: “President Trump did not dismiss my son. He showed Samuel he valued him and was proud of what he accomplished. President Trump gave Samuel an equal seat at the table.”

Kayleigh McEnany reminded the America people how President Trump fights for the American people with pre-existing conditions.

Lifelong Democrat Jack Brewer reminded the American people that it was President Trump who passed criminal justice reform with the First Step Act and who has “made incredible strides to end mass incarceration and to give unprecedented opportunities for black in America to rise.”

Burgess Owens said, “This November, we have an opportunity to reject the mob mentality and once again be the America my great, great grandfather believed in. During the Trump Administration business ownership among blacks, Hispanics, and females has reached all-time highs. Those same groups enjoy record low unemployment and unprecedented prosperity. And we’re just getting started.”

Lara Trump reminded the American people that “President Trump is the law and order president from our borders to our backyards.”

Human Rights activist Chen Guangcheng, who was persecuted, beaten, and put under house arrest by the Chinese Communist Party for speaking out against their injustices, said, “President Trump has led” to “stop the CCP’s aggression.”

Written by Steve Guest, Rapid Response Director, Republican National Committee