Convention Day Four Recap

Tonight, the Republican National Convention reminded the American people of President Trump’s belief in American greatness, how he made America great, and how he is committed to restoring American greatness in his second term.

From aggressively confronting America’s greatest challenges like the coronavirus pandemic to undoing the damage of Joe Biden’s 50 years in DC, President Trump deserves four more years as president.

President Trump: “We launched the largest national mobilization since WWII” to fight the coronavirus.

President Trump: “We have spent the last four years reversing the damage Joe Biden inflicted over the last 47 years.”

And President Trump laid out his agenda for his second term from “expand[ing] charter schools and provide school choice to every family in America” to cutting taxes, creating jobs, protecting Medicare and Social Security, and to ensuring there are strong borders as well as equal justice for citizens of every race, religion, color and creed.

Prior to President Trump accepting the Republican nomination, the American people heard from more real American patriots.

Ja’Ron Smith shared, “Donald Trump knows that in the work of revitalizing
communities, America’s strength is America’s people. And I can tell you—he really cares. But, more importantly, he takes action. Name an issue important to black communities—and it’s been a priority for him: prison reform, re-building broken families, bringing jobs back to America—jobs in Cleveland, jobs in Detroit, jobs in Milwaukee. Jobs for the future and jobs right here, right now.”

Stacia Brightmon, a military apprenticeship program graduate said, “If you find yourself in a situation like mine, where you feel you have nowhere to turn, nothing to really fall back on, and feel like no one believes in you, go online to “Find Something” and see that President Trump believes in you.”

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes highlighted President Trump’s fight against human trafficking. 

Wisconsin business owner Debbie Flood reminded the American people that President Trump “actually fought for American workers and American craftsmen.” 

Alice Johnson highlighted President Trump’s criminal justice reform efforts explaining, “six months after President Trump granted me a second chance, he singed the First Step Act into law.”

Ivanka Trump reminded the American people that not only is President Trump the “champion of the American worker,” he rapidly mobilized the full force of government and the private sector” to fight the coronavirus.

And President Trump’s foreign policy successes from obliterating ISIS to standing up to China were highlighted too.

Carl Mueller, father of Kayla, who was murdered by ISIS said, “What a difference a president makes…the Obama administration said it was doing everything it could, the Trump administration is.”


Written by Steve Guest, Rapid Response Director, Republican National Committee