Charlotte 2020 Logo Unveiled

The RNC logo unveil

Charlotte, NC – Today, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel unveiled the official logo of the 2020 Convention at the Spectrum Center where the Convention will take place next summer.

Joining her at the unveiling event was President and CEO of the Republican National Convention Marcia Lee Kelly and Chairman of the Committee on Arrangements, Toni Anne Dashiell.

Designed to showcase the passion of the city of Charlotte, the logo includes a red elephant, an iconic symbol for the Republican Party, along with five inset white stars in front of the Charlotte crown, inspired by Queen Charlotte.

“The convention logo reflects both the energy of this vibrant city and traditions of the Republican Party. We look forward to working with the wonderful people of the Queen City to host a historic convention that will propel President Trump to a second term,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna Daniel.

“The symbol of the Republican Party – the strength of the elephant, combined with Charlotte’s 
iconic crown symbol illustrates how proud we are that this logo will be a part of our city’s and nation’s history for decades to come,” said Kelly.

“Today’s announcement is just the beginning as we continue to build a wonderful event where we will re-nominate our President in August 2020,” said Dashiell.

Kelly also noted the logo will be prominently featured on all official convention related materials and communications from this point forward.  It will take place in history with the logos and symbols of the 41 previous Republican National Conventions.

The 2020 Republican National Convention will be held August 24-27 in Charlotte, NC.