4 Best Tax Preparation Apps in 2024

Tax preparation software makes it straightforward for you to complete and submit your taxes online. It will even walk you through complicated topics like working-from-home deductions or notations for unemployment income as you complete the forms and enter your income and deductions. Both straightforward tax returns and complicated returns including several forms can be processed using the software.

TaxSlayer Self-Employed (SE)

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The best option for self-employed filers is TaxSlayer Self-Employed (SE), which offers outstanding customer support (including a priority phone line) and software that is simple and quick to use, even for more complicated returns. You can choose a guided interview, which will lead you step-by-step through the filing procedure.

The ability to electronically submit both your self-employed federal tax return and a state tax return for less than $100 is one of TaxSlayer SE’s main selling points. Other software, like TurboTax, may run you approximately $170 to file your federal and state tax returns, and they’ll charge you much more if you want professional tax help.

You have the much faster alternative of navigating directly to particular tax forms to enter your income and deductions if you don’t require any additional assistance. If it often happens that you can’t be in touch with tax preparation software all the time, you can install any mobile apps for early payday(paydaysay.com) on your phone.

H&R Block

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The tax software offered by H&R Block is a strong competitor in the congested tax software industry. H&R Block online tax software isn’t the most affordable of the tax software companies we researched, but it’s also not the most costly either.

Even so, it has one of the best free versions on the market, an intuitive and simple user interface, and the option to pay extra for on-screen human assistance. The free version of H&R Block also enables you to submit schedules 1 and 3 of Form 1040, which is a huge benefit since many taxpayers need to submit those forms to report things like deductible student loan interest, specific retirement contributions, alimony, lifetime learning credit, and the saver’s credit. If you want the program to estimate the value of certain claims for you because you don’t know how much to claim for them, you might need to update.


Another DIY personal tax preparation option that has been available for years is TaxAct. It thrives at being basic. One of the two greatest final reviews in this collection of programs is provided by this one, whose user interface and navigation mechanism guide users through the complexity of the IRS tax law. It delves deep, asking questions about your finances to help you locate all the deductions and credits you should get, much like TurboTax and H&R Block.

It’s also convenient that according to the IRS, you can pay your taxes online anywhere. TaxAct is best utilized by taxpayers with simpler financial situations, even if it is capable of creating complex tax returns. For W-2 employees who wish to itemize to reduce their tax bill but may not require the kind of assistance that TurboTax and H&R Block provide, it works fantastically.


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Because of its assistance with reporting sales of investment securities and monies earned, as well as other investment services contained in its broad variety of tax-filing products, TurboTax is the finest tax software for investors. One of the most well-known online tax preparation programs is Intuit’s TurboTax.

The software’s capability to input investment earnings and losses from various sources makes it a great option for investors as well. Only some taxpayers and uncomplicated tax returns are free to use with TurboTax. Therefore, those who work as independent contractors, business owners, or other types of self-employed people who receive a 1099 form cannot use the free version. Additionally, persons who have income from a farm, a rental property, or from stocks and bonds are not eligible to file a straightforward tax return.

Jackson Hewitt

A well-known name in tax preparation is Jackson Hewitt. Although this company is well-known because of its network of locations around the United States, it also provides online tax preparation software: Home Tax Pro Service. You have a few upgrade choices if you want professional guidance when doing your taxes. The internet software offers access to live customer care and online help. You may use a hybrid online tax preparation service, where you upload your paperwork and a qualified preparer handles the rest if you’re willing to pay extra. For taxes, Jackson Hewitt gives a lifetime accuracy guarantee. You may upgrade to get more audit support and security. If you believe you will be able to complete your taxes yourself but want the backup option of hiring a professional, a wonderful alternative is Jackson Hewitt.

The Operation of Tax Software

Filling out paper forms takes longer than using tax software to prepare and file your income tax returns. It maintains order, offers detailed instructions, and figures out how much you owe or how much the government owes you. Tax software automates a large portion of the filing process, which saves time and money and ensures that your return is correct and complies with current tax rules.

All you have to do is accurately enter information from your W-2s, 1099s, and other pertinent paperwork, as well as respond to a few inquiries about any significant life events that occurred in the preceding year (such as getting married or having children).


For some people, submitting taxes is difficult. For this reason, tax preparation software exists, which may greatly simplify the process of filing taxes. Every tax preparation program on this list has an accuracy warranty, so whichever method you choose to file with, the results should be the same. However, if you want to do your taxes independently, any software on this list should be able to handle the majority of your tax filing requirements.