Are Cbd Pet Treats Safe For Your Pets? What You Need To Know

As the use of CBD among people became more widespread, the interest in its use in pets rose. Most users wanted to know whether their furry friends could benefit as they have from cannabidiol. As it is, pet owners from all over are using a variety of CBD treats. Some of them rely on recommendations from veterinarians.

Are these CBD treats safe for animals? Any animal owner who cares for their furry friend finds themselves wondering this before they make any purchase. Though there is a broad consensus on the safety of CBD products for animals, there is still limited research on the same. Below, we will cover some important things you need to know regarding cannabidiol and pets.

CBD Pet Market


Like other sectors of the CBD industry, the pet section has been growing over the past couple of years. The legalization of the growth and sale of hemp contributed to the same. According to Brightfield Group, a cannabis research firm, CBD animal treat sales in the United States amounted to $629 million in 2021. This number was 50% more than the sales recorded in 2020.

It is evident that users all over are embracing the benefits of using CBD for their animals. This increase in uptake is attributable to the investment in research and development of products that apply to various pets. As it is, there are several websites where pet owners can get their desired products and also consult veterinary services.

Also, pet humanization is another vital factor facilitating the increased uptake of CBD pet treats. There are estimations that the sector will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.8% between 2024 and 2030. Veterinary support is another strong motivator for the widespread use of these products.

Types of CBD Pet Treats

A quick online research will reveal several types of CBD treats for dogs, cats, and other animals. To find the right one at AskGrowers you need to be aware of the various forms they come in and also their potency. The following are some of the common types in the market:

Oils and Tinctures


As with human use, oils and tinctures are the most common CBD products used with pets. They are the best pet CBD treats for anxiety and stress because they are easy to administer. Oils and tinctures come in numerous flavours and potencies. Though most of them use safe ingredients, it is always better to confirm whether your dog or cat is allergic to anything in the product.

Most of these oils and tinctures come with a certificate of analysis which lists all the ingredients. They come with a dropper that allows you to squeeze the needed drops into your animal’s mouth. Another way of taking these oils and tinctures is by adding them to your animal’s water or food.

Infused Edibles

After buying an expensive bag of pet chews, some users wonder how to make CBD pet treats at home. Making infused edibles for your animals is more complex than with your own. Regardless of the price, infused edibles such as pet chews and biscuits are top sellers in the industry.

They come with pre-determined potencies, so dosing for your animals becomes more accessible. As with the oils and tinctures, some may contain compounds that your dogs and cats may be allergic to, necessitating caution. Before purchasing, you can consult a veterinary doctor or expert.

Infused Skin Creams and Topicals

CBD topicals are not only for use by humans. There has been an increase in demand for animal skin creams and topicals to help deal with inflammation and pain in animals. The difference between human topicals and animal ones is the potency. While human relief creams can go as high as 3000mg CBD, pet creams have as low as 10mg potency. This range is the recommended one for cats and dog use.

CBD Capsules


Pet capsules are also another type of CBD treat. These capsules can get added to food or fed directly to the animals. Capsules are less famous than the other types because it is hard to administer them to pets.

Safest Ways to Administer CBD Pet Treats

The one thing that determines how safe CBD treats are for your furry friends is how the owner administers them. When given in the correct dosage and the right way, CBD is quite beneficial to pets. The chances of overdosing are considerably high when the animal takes in a larger dose than needed.

Overdosing in pets results in many adverse side effects, from diarrhoea to lethargy. In a 2018 study, dogs took 130-270mg of CBD daily regardless of weight. This dosage resulted in severe side effects in the form of diarrhoea for all the subjects in the test.

It is essential to ensure that you feed your dog or cat the right amount of CBD. The recommended dosage for all animals is between 2-5mg CBD per 10 pounds of the animal. Larger dogs and animals like horses will need a higher dosage than smaller dogs.

Also, it is helpful to watch your animal for the manifestation of any side effects. It is always advisable to start with lower CBD doses and increase the same as your animal gets used to the product. Currently, websites such as exist in huge numbers. Before administering any amount, contact a veterinarian or expert to be better informed.



The increased use of CBD treats for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals are attributable to the rise in research regarding the product. Veterinarians and other experts have clarified the general uses of CBD in pets. As it is, animal owners are feeding the compound to their animals for health and recreational benefits. Since veterinarians consider them mainly safe, pet owners can add them to their animals’ food or feed them directly. The only significant caution needed is regarding overdosing on the products, as this leads to adverse side effects.

Denys Svirepchuk wrote this article. He is a widely informed cannabis expert who focuses on reviewing products and informing the general public about terpenes, strains and anything weed related. With his expertise in the marijuana field, he contributes articles that aim to educate people on the various uses and benefits of the plant, by-products, and more.